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Mystic Henderson

Position: Science Teacher
School: Etowah High School
School District: Cherokee County School District
City, State: Woodstock, GA

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Mystic Henderson was nominated by a colleague, Jeremy Armstrong.

Ms. Henderson has been teaching science at Etowah HS for a number of years. On a daily basis, she helps her colleagues with labs, forms and suggestions to help their students succeed.  She has been the driving force behind Science Olympiad, Science Bowl and other science clubs. She volunteers at sporting events, tutors students, and has been a mandated reporter for students in need.  With several nominations for Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Month, her excellence and professionalism are recognized as exemplary, not only within the science department, but in other departments, as well.  Her cheerful demeanor and warm personality put others at ease, and her sense of humor often lightens the atmosphere. She is loved and respected by her students, and well-respected by her peers.

Comments (8)

Unknown Student Posted over a year ago

Ms.Henderson, I never got to thank you for your help. I was in your chemistry class, but as a student I failed to ask for help because I didn't know how to ask or reach for help because I thought I'd look dumb. I passed the class w C's, but its okay. You pushed me to ask questions, but I refused.Thats my fault. When I saw you were nominated you really deserve it because you are a LIFECHANGER. God will use you and sculpt you just how He already is :) - Isaiah 64:8 Thank you for your smiles and the jokes you shared to the class :) I wish you the very best because you deserve it. Teachers like you are indescribable and different because you are like a best friend to everyone.

Joyce Monforte Posted over a year ago

I have known Misti for many years. She is my niece and a very dedicated teacher. She is a single parent and has raised her son Alex who is above awesome. She treats her students fairly and with respect. If they need her help she is there for them in everyway that she can possibly be of assistance. I have watched her grow into a wonderful young woman! She is well worth this honor of being chosen!

Maureen Posted over a year ago

I have the honor of working with Mysti and know that she is one of the most caring, selfless people I know. She is other-oriented and brings joy to everyone she works with. I am proud to call he my friend. #LCOY

Nancy McLean Posted over a year ago

I have known Misti for many years. I can say without hesitation she is one of the kindest people I know. She would gladly give you the shirt off her back. She cares tremendously about her students and does everything she can to help them succeed. I am proud to call her my good friend!

Ana Pettit Posted over a year ago

Her dedication to her students is evident in all that she does for them on a daily basis. She is deserving of recognition.

Brian Heglund Posted over a year ago

Mystic is the most selfless, giving, loving coworker I've ever had. She tutors students who have no home, who have been abused, and who are too sick to come to school. She has led summer bridge programs for students who need extra support making the transition to high school. Mystic helps run Shop With An Eagle, which provides gifts and money for financially insecure families and their children. She also organizes collection efforts for fellow faculty who have experienced tragedy. Mystic has changed more lives than she will ever know. #LCOY

Beth Power Posted over a year ago

Ms. Henderson was my daughter's Chemistry teacher several years ago. My daughter strived to get an A in the class just because she enjoyed the class. My son who is now at the same school and plays football. I see her taking tickets at most of the JV games. She always lets her students know that she is there if they need anything even a shoulder to lean on for them. I do believe that Ms. Henderson is part of the reason my daughter is going to college to become a teacher.

Shara Deal Posted over a year ago

Mystic is an Dedicated,dependable,awesome teacher and mom. She’s such a kind person who is excited to share her knowledge with her students! She goes beyond the classroom to help students at Etowah gain confidence in their abilities. I have the prevlage to volunteer with her every year for Shop with An Eagle! This program provides a very Merry Christmas to whose families in need in our feeder schools. Such a JOY to be around her! Excellent choice for Life Changer of the Year!