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Annettea Mills

Position: Kindergarten Paraprofessional
School: Belair K-8 School
School District: Richmond County School System
City, State: Augusta, GA

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Annettea Mills was nominated by a colleague, Tera Fulmer.

Ms. Mills is an amazing woman who lives and breathes for the students and educators of the Richmond County School System. Her dedication is like no other. Ms. Mills gets up early every morning to meet students at BelAir K-8 for PrimeTime. She ensures that students are completing their homework, eating a nutritious breakfast, and conducting educational and social problem solving with one another. Every second of her day is spent mentoring the youth of Richmond County. She also hosts PrimeTime in the evenings.

Ms. Mills serves as a paraprofessional in the Richmond County School System, currently working in kindergarten. She runs the lunchroom - a well-oiled machine - with one other adult. She serves as the lead paraprofessional in Richmond County, and hosts monthly meetings and trainings for other paraprofessionals in the county. Ms. Mills was recently chosen to build a professional learning handbook and course of study for all paraprofessionals in the state of Georgia.

She is the first to arrive and the last to leave school each day. In her time off, she focuses on her non-profit, S.O.S. which stands for Save Our Schools. This organization mentors youth in the Central Savannah River Area.

"Paraprofessionals are woefully underpaid members of the education community, and to have someone like Annettea give her entire heart and soul to the Richmond County community is a blessing," said Fulmer.

Comments (5)

Candace Dunaway Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Mills deserves this for all her unpaid support of the kids of the CSRA and beyond! Hope she wins!!

LaShondra Randolph Posted 11 months ago

I hope she gets this award.

Sean Wright Posted 11 months ago

She has done a wonderful job with my children.

Terry Pinckney Posted 11 months ago

Great teacher and a wonderful person.

LASHANTEL PINCKNEY Posted 11 months ago

Mrs.Mills is indeed A "Cut "Above The Rest! We are so blessed to have this fantastic educator working with our students day in and day out. Mrs. Mills enthusiastically fosters a positive learning environment for the Diamond Lakes " GEMS " daily as she greets all 550 of them as they depart from breakfast to begin their instructional day with a positive phase of encouragement and a high dose of good old fashion support wrapped in her loving spirit. She seems always to find time to listen to her students without judgment and speaks to them with genuine respect which they ALL quickly return. Mrs. Mills has an exciting spirit, yet uses a calm voice to project acceptance and set up activities that encourage students to get to know each other beyond their outer shells through her Anti-Bully work. She makes positive statements as often as possible and provides students with opportunities for early success in her technology lab, so they want to learn more and long to come to school. In short, Annette Mills conveys the attitude that she trust, respect, and believes in all of the students’ ability to achieve beyond measure !!! MILLIE CHANGES LIVES EVERYDAY IN EVERY WAY AT DLE!!