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Miranda Kincaid

Position: Tenth Grade ELA Teacher
School: Louisville High School
School District: Louisville Municipal School District
City, State: Louisville, MS

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Miranda Kincaid was nominated by J. Leathers, a fellow educator from a neighboring district.

Leathers met Ms. Kincaid when she presented at a workshop to train local educators in best practices. From that point, it was easy to see how intelligent and patient she is when working with adults.  She is always gracious and provides them with any assistance they may need to take back to their classrooms. 

Ms Kincaid is a huge advocate for her school, and always encourages people to teach at Louisville High School. "She speaks highly of her students and loves her school.  I don't think there is another person who could do a better job of advertising how wonderful her school is," Leathers said. "Teachers like her are rare and I know that she has changed the way I approach teaching.  I am more excited about the possibilities and I want to thank her for that."