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Marion Fox

Position: Kindergarten
School: Payne Elementary School
School District: District of Columbia Public Schools
City, State: Washington DC, DC

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Marion Fox was nominated by her spouse, Malcolm Fox.

Ms. Fox has been an educator for nearly 27 years. She has a passion for teaching that goes beyond many peoples’ expectations. She has taken a strong interest in the development of students and parents by providing emotional and academic support that is essential to enriching lives both within and outside of the classroom.

Mrs. Fox not only invests her time with students and parents, but she is also dedicated to ensuring her students have a well-rounded education. She uses her own paycheck to purchase classroom supplies and fund trips and parties.
Many parents consider Mrs. Fox the epitome of a kindergarten teacher. She helps her students have a positive attitude toward school and learning that will remain with them as they progress through elementary school and beyond. While Mrs. Fox has devoted countless hours to her students, she finds enough time to contribute to her community, church and family, volunteering her time, knowledge and experience for the people she cares about the most.

"Mrs. Fox is one of the most beautiful, genuine and caring personalities in the DC public school system," said her nominator. "She truly exemplifies excellence as an educator. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Mrs. Fox has accepted the position of a Kindergarten educator to loop with most of her previous Pre-K students last year and has remained a Kindergarten educator this year. While this may not seem as much of a challenge to some, Mrs. Fox has decided to do this with one year left in her career. For her, it has always been about the children."

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Imani Fox Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox goes well beyond her duties as an educator. Her passion for her children is manifested through her work and enthusiasm in the classroom each day. Her upbeat personality and lessons really make the difference in her classroom. To be able to teach is not just a job, but a gift that only few people can truly possess. What I love the most about Mrs. Fox is that she not only works with her students but their parents as well to provide the most optimal experience for their children. Her ability to build a relationship with the students and parents gives the children the support they need in class and at home. Mrs. Fox is one of the best educators in her field. A true life-changer. As your step-daughter, I am so proud of you. You are more than deserving of this reward. I remember going to your classroom; I would just sit and watch in admiration. There aren't enough words to describe how amazing of a teacher and person you are. You inspire me. I love you!

Norina Dixon Posted over a year ago

Marion Fox's dedication to teaching for almost 27 years is a true testament to her passion and care for her students. Her commitment shaped childhood lessons and experiences that will impact students' lives for years to come. Thank you for your sacrifices in dedicating a life to serving children and making a brighter future.

Narissa Cooper Muie Posted over a year ago

What an absolute blessing you are to so many. I am so glad our son was able to experience your teaching magic. You expose and encourage our kids to so much. From kiss the brain to challenging words of the day, the list goes on and we just love your passion. Not only is Mrs. Fox a teacher, but she makes each of her students feel like they are a part of her family. So much so that our son would sign his name and add Fox to his last name! When you do something you love, it shows. Continued blessings to you and a heartfelt THANK YOU from The Muie Family!

Deirdre Duffy Posted over a year ago

How do you begin to measure an educators greatness? Well for Payne Elementary School Parents we simply observe both past and present students in Mrs. Fox's class. You'll see how she changes lives simply doing what she loves. 2 years ago my grandchild was placed in Mrs. Fox's class and I watched as my then 4yr. old begin to blossom. My grandchild had become nonverbal and had never held a pencil, but within a year she was speaking again, spelling and writing her name, and greeting her fellow classmates in both English and Spanish. Mrs. Fox never made her feel different and often encouraged her to "never give up". Their bond became unbreakable. If you ask my grandchild her name she'll very proudly say her last name is Fox. Mrs. Fox helped my little caterpillar transform into a butterfly that continues to soar. That aren't enough thank yous I could give to show my appreciation and gratitude for all she's done and continues to do. Next year Payne will be a bit different for my butterfly, no Yaya Fox to help with homework or to sit and share lunch with but I know she'll always be there supporting, encouraging, and inspiring all of her babies to never give up.

Chekico Waddler Posted over a year ago

I want to thank you and appreciate all the hard work you’re done so far. You are a beautiful woman/teacher and Continue to succeed and prosper! Thank you again for all your help this year.

Anna Hylton Posted over a year ago

I have only known Ms. Fox for a couple of months and already she has changed my life! With her soft spoken ways, her constant dedication to her students, and her patience, she has shown me what a truly effective educator is. She has reassured me when I began to wonder if my three year old should even be in school. Using her extensive knowledge about child development, she contributed to my feeling confident that my child was who and where he should be. I am grateful that Ms. Fox has crossed our paths. I believe that with all the love and care she has brought to children over the last thirty years she definitely deserves this award.

Jason Ward Posted over a year ago

Ms. Fox consistently displays the investment and dedication to her students that I would want to see in a teacher of my own child. She maintains high expectations of her students and does an excellent job of creating community within her classroom with her students and parents. Ms. Fox is a friendly and welcoming teacher. As a school administrator it is very rewarding to have teachers like Ms. Fox in the school who consistently uses field trips to make real world connections for students to the things that they are learning in class. Ms Fox epitomizes excellence within teaching. I am extremely honored to have her as a member of our staff.

Tammy Douglas Posted over a year ago

I met this beautiful woman a few years ago through a friend. She then became a friend to me instanly. She welcomed me in her home on several occasions. She is a very sweet and caring woman. She talks so much about teaching and the love she has for all of her kids that she teaches now and in the past. She keeps in touch with them from the past as often as she can. Her stories that she has shared with me made me wish my children had her as a teacher. I have now moved to another state and I continue to follow her on Facebook and texting. This woman will forever be in my life. I'm not sure if I have ever told her, but I do love her and her family very much. I wish them well in their future.

Almahdi Amtoun Posted over a year ago

Certain individuals have a spirit of service and giving to others — Mrs. Fox is certainly one of these individuals! Thank you for all that you do and your commitment to truly making a positive impact on the community. You are an inspiration to those around you.

h Posted over a year ago

Marion is a true inspiration to the children and a blessing to the parents as she puts children first!

E-Jay Smith Posted over a year ago

Marion has proven to be stellar as in individual, educator, mentor, and with everything she gets involved her. She gives 110% to those that have been bless to be in her presence. When I think of a life changer Marion is the first to come to mind. To be willing to put her efforts into children beyond school hours is amazing. Let’s honor Marion’s success with an award that is a descriptor of beautiful personality.

Sharma Wright Posted over a year ago

Marian Fox is a kind and compassionate person who works hard at everything she does. She is well deserving of this award!

Tangie Stevens Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is awesome!! She took care of my baby as if she were her own. She gave me pointers to boost my daughter's reading skills and she loves all of her students!! She's incredible!! If I could vote for Mrs. Fox a million times I would!

LaWanda Inman Posted over a year ago

I have known Marion over 30 plus years????!! She is one of the most dynamic and resourceful individuals I know.The fact she has a passion for children and has devoted her time speaks volume about her character, in addition to being respected by her peers and loved by her parents and students. You often hear the negative about DCPS and Ms. Fox is the star shines the brightest. She never complains and has poured such energy into each student to ensure they reach their fullest potential. She is more than just a life changer! Iylana may fix lives, but Ms. Fox changes lives!??

jerome Nelson Posted over a year ago

I think she has the most beautiful personality that anyone can have she's kind she's caring she's respectable I never seen it without a smile on face me personally I want to wish you all the love and care in the world and I pray for her God bless you

Terry White Jr. Posted over a year ago

Marion Is a Awesome teacher and she is great with children. I had the pleasure one day of delivering food to her class and was blown away with her interaction with her class. Mrs.Fox is well deserving of this award for her hard work and dedication to the young minds of today .

Nadine Mason Posted over a year ago

Marion is a great educator i nominated her with the highest recommendation she deserves it

Sophia Waymer Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t be more happier for this Women of God and for her continuing love for education for the children of Washington DC! She’s an example of whom teachers should model after!!! Congratulations Mrs.Fox on your nomination again for this outstanding award!! I pray that you be honored with all honors on your last year of teaching your babies! To God Be The Glory

Beverly Smith Posted over a year ago

My niece Ms.Fox has been an educator for over 28 years. She has a passion for teaching that goes beyond what is expected. She has taken a strong interest in the development of parents, as well as, her students by providing emotional and academic support that is also essential for beyond the classroom that enriches daily living. Ms. Fox not only invests her time with her students and parents, but she is also generous with a portion of her salary to ensure her student get a well-rounded education to include extra learning material for her classroom, trips and parties. I have read notes from some of the parents, of Ms. Fox students, expressing how she is the epitome of a Pre-K teacher, how she helps her students shape a positive attitude toward school and learning that will remain with them as they progress through the higher years. Although she has invested a lot of her time to her students, she finds time to contribute to her community, her church and her family by volunteering her time, her knowledge, experience and monetary support. Ms. Fox has one of the most beautiful, genuine, and caring personalities you will ever meet. She exemplifies excellence as an educator and as an extraordinary, phenomenal woman that goes over and beyond to meet the needs of others unselfishly in her personal life.

Carlos Alarcon Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is totally deserving of this award. My son is in her kindergarten class. I am constantly amazed at the things he is learning at such a young age and at how happy he is go to school every day and Mrs. Fox is a big part of that with the caring and organized way she maintains the classroom. She is wonderful with the children in her class, but goes the extra mile even outside of class and in aftercare. My two girls, who are not even in her class, are always excited to see Mrs. Fox because of how engaging and caring she is to them outside of her regular class duties.

Heather Alarcon Posted over a year ago

We have been so blessed to have our son in Mrs. Fox's class. He loves to go to school, and comes home with stories of funny things Mrs. Fox said, eager to work on projects she has assigned, beaming with pride if she gave him a compliment. In the first few weeks of kindergarten our son has astonished us with all that he has learned, but the best part is he is having a great time, loving learning. She has fostered his joy in curiosity, and softened his frustration with having to expend more than a little effort to learn something. I noticed the other day that she has a big sign up n class that says, "Mistakes are great because they mean you are TRYING." We've heard our son say that, when something is harder than he expected. He has so much more patience with himself. Thank you, Mrs. Fox!! Mrs. Fox truly engages with her students. She is full of energy and brightness, and wants to connect with the kids where they are. Even my other two daughters, who have not had her as a teacher, will run across the playground to give her a hug whenever they see her, because she makes every child feel welcome and special. I am crossing my fingers they will get to have her as a teacher, too.

Caite Gilmore Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is the definition of a great kindergarten teacher - kind, joyful, invested in her students and their families beyond the academic year, and sensitive to the individual needs of her kids. Watching my son grow under her care has been incredible and I am grateful.

Ashley Rios Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is the most caring, passionate, loving and dedicated teacher I have had the pleasure to encounter. She has given her all to every child that has had the pleasure of being in her presence. Thank you so much for everything you are for our children!

Caite Gilmore Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is the definition of what a good kindergarten teacher should be — kind, joyful, invested in her students and their families well beyond the academic year, and sensitive to the individual needs of her kids. Watching my son grow academically and social-emotionally under her care has been incredible. Thank you Mrs. Fox!

Andrii Kruglashov Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox makes our son feel home at school. She is kind and loving person. I am grateful to have her in our life.

Erin Haselton Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox has been a wonderful first teacher for our son. She’s warm, caring, empathetic, and invested in the success of her students and their families. She’s very deserving of the Life Changer Award!

Meghann Olshefski Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is a wonderful teacher! My daughter loves coming to school every day. I love how Mrs. Fox brings joy and laughter to the classroom. You can tell she really cares about her work and her children and she pushes them to be their best selves. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings.

Stacey Heisler Posted over a year ago

My family and I moved to DC from Colorado a few months ago which meant another new school for our daughter. We are a military family so this happens a lot but this time I was feeling a little more anxious about how my daughter would adjust to her new school and new teachers. Mrs. Fox put all of those fears to rest the moment our daughter walked into her classroom. She was loving, patient and took the time to console my daughter (and many others) who just needed an extra hug that day. When I see how happy my daughter is to go to school everyday, it brings tears to my eyes! This is all because of the dedication Mrs. Fox brings to her classroom every single day. She is an absolute, bright shining light for the children who are lucky enough to have her as a teacher. Keep shining Mrs Fox! We love you!

Capucine Posted over a year ago

To sum it all up Ms. Fox is one of the BEST teachers and person I know. She goes over and beyond with her care and love! It has made mommy hood easier for me, and she is a life changer!

edwin rios Posted over a year ago

She is an excellent teacher!

David Mcdowell Posted over a year ago

Mom: I am so excited that you were nominated again, for this award. I remember as a child you made learning fun. You are very patient with my children and your class students. I love the way you bring your classroom to life. You show how creative you are when you connect the outside world to your classroom. You are also easy to talk to; when you communicate you make each person feel like they are important. I am so proud of you! Congratulations on your nominee!

Jericha Morgan Posted over a year ago

Mommy: Do you remember when you use to recite this to me as a child? I would give up and you said if I buckle down I could do anything? Well you were right. Who knew I was reading your plight in life. You always buckle down to do anything for people. That is why you were nominated for this award. I am super surprised that you don;t have many more comments here. Congratulations love you! It Couldn’t Be Done BY EDGAR ALBERT GUEST Somebody said that it couldn’t be done But he with a chuckle replied That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried. So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin On his face. If he worried he hid it. He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn’t be done, and he did it! Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that; At least no one ever has done it;” But he took off his coat and he took off his hat And the first thing we knew he’d begun it. With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, Without any doubting or quiddit, He started to sing as he tackled the thing That couldn’t be done, and he did it. There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, There are thousands to prophesy failure, There are thousands to point out to you one by one, The dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, Just take off your coat and go to it; Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.

Veronika Velch Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is an amazing teacher. When I brought my 5 y. o. son to her class I was very concerned. My boy didn’t speak English and didn’t understand anything. Mrs. Fox has been so incredibly good to him that he runs to school every morning. She helped my son with adaptation, arranged ESL and reading classes. She knows how to do her job. Very professional and supportive! I don’t have enough words to express how grateful I am for everything Msr. Fox has done for my child.

M Gerald Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is a very dedicated and genuine teacher! She is a hands on teacher who I have witness her in action. She makes every child feels extra special. She makes a deposit into their lives that they can take with them throughout their school years! I am very thankful that my grandson and granddaughter had an opportunity to learn and experience the teaching of Mrs Fox. She is an awesome educator who teaches with love, passion and understanding that each child is different and each child is a genius! Mrs Fox is a blessing in so many ways. She is a motivator! Thank you Mrs Fox for the deposits you have made into lives of many! Thank you for loving us all unconditionally! Thank you for being you! You will be missed!

Jaki Davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox is an exemplary educator! Her passion is exhibited every day in her classroom. She loves her scholars, and the love is reciprocated from her scholars. She is a pillar in the educational arena and deserves this auspicious nomination! Keep doing what you! It’s isnt going unnoticed! I’m proud to be a fellow educator!

Lisa Simpson Posted over a year ago

My my my......there is no better words to describe Mrs.Fox she has a heart of gold and a beautiful soul her words are very encouraging to adults and children.Within the 2years of me knowing Mrs.Fox I have seen nothing but strength determination and encouragement within her to make everyone she is surrounded by better people.....Mrs.Fox definitely is a life changer in so many ways!

Anay Price Posted over a year ago

Omg Mrs Fox is hands down the best teacher in dcps. I remember Mrs Fox last year when my son started Payne in pre-k 4 and was upset that she was leaving to teach kindergarten however my son had the pleasure to be in her class this year. She is wonderful, smart, patient and overall I really good person to know. She takes the time to teach my son and my son loves Mrs Fox to death. Keep up the good work!!! We need more teachers like Mrs Fox

LaDonna Williams Posted over a year ago

Words can not express how much Mrs. Fox has had an impact on my son. She truly sparks learning in her students. It takes a special person to raise our children's expectations for themselves and never give up on them. Everyday when my son came home from school I would hear about the active way Mrs. Fox delivered her lessons and encouraged students to participate in class. Mrs. Fox is an excellent teacher who possesses a tremendous power to make children want to learn while having fun. She gave my son confidence and a desire to push himself further. Her lovable, patience and joyous ways is what makes her a great teacher. I truly appreciate her for taking care of my son as if he was hers. Thank you for being patient, caring, loving and a GREAT EDUCATOR! Thank you for being a Life Changer!

Rebecca Bell Posted over a year ago

My son loved Mrs. Fox so much, he literally took her last name for the whole 2 school years she was his teacher. He was himself, a FOX! Mrs. Fox has a magical touch where she can get kids reading and learning math with ease and confidence, right on their level but also giving them a challenge, that they love. Not only did she bring joy and fun in learning academics (in addition to her understanding and support of children's need for play and imagination), she taught my child so much about life: how to be a friend and be kind to others, to be accepting of differences, to be loving, caring, and giving, to have self esteem and believe in yourself! With Mrs. Fox as his teacher, I saw a large growth in the quality of his character and I happily see many of the traits she instilled in him daily, on the playground or in his interactions with others outside of school. Mrs. Fox deserves all the best and my hat is off to her. She is indeed a very special teacher, so deserving of Life Changer of the Year award!!

Katherine Swartz Posted over a year ago

Our son had Mrs. Fox for two years and was excited to go to school every day. Mrs. Fox both challenged and encouraged him She and Ms. Andrews treat their class as a family. She loves the kids and they love her. Mrs. Fox and Ms. Andrews' created a fun and playful environment for the kids to learn and grow. She goes above and beyond the classroom and is extremely generous with her time and gifts. I especially loved the service projects she led with the students, such as putting together care packages for the homeless. Thank you for all that you do, Mrs. Fox!

Charles Swartz Posted over a year ago

She has had an indelible impact on our son's educational and social growth over two years. He loves school, Payne elementary, and learning thanks in large part to Mrs. Fox's enthusiasm, pedagogy, caring, and love for our son and all of her students.

LaWanda Sanders Posted over a year ago

When you are passionate about what you do it becomes who you are. Over 25+ years of service exemplifies the dedication, the impact, commitment and love for education. Mrs Marion Fox is well deserved of such honor and thank you for all of your hard work in impacting the lives in our communities.

Sancha Lee Posted over a year ago

This Teacher/Educator name Mrs Fox, lawd when I tell you she is the best at her passion for teaching you sure need to listen. I had a baby girl and I was so scared to have her to start school. When I was told that if she started with Mrs. Fox she would be fine. Now, I had removed her from 3 daycare facilities due to issues I won’t speak of. I have a family member whom worked at Payne I called her very upset about my experience. She advised me that she had the best head start for my baby girl (Mhari). I said I’m done needles to say I visited Payne Elementary and was introduced to Mrs. Fox now I tell you no lie I was still worried so I enrolled my child with her starting in Mrs. Fox class, and for about 4week straight I would drop my child to her class and walk around the side of the school where I could peek into the window of Mrs. Foxes class. I would watch for a couple of minutes to see if my baby would cry, and she didn’t I witness Mrs. Fox interact with all her students with motherly love and care while giving them the best head start Teaching can’t buy. This women also would take from her own heart and give it to her students so much that when I meet one of her daughters she told me this isn’t anything new that she felt like all her life grown up she had so many siblings she couldn’t keep up, the passion and loves for her students, I didn’t understand at that moment. As time went on I had the opportunity to see all of my daughters classmates and there parents became her family. I am still with her and her family 7years later. I must say her classroom setting inspires the children to learn I couldn’t believe the things my child learned in her class. She was reading 1st and 2nd grade book before she moved on to the next grade. My child is in the 5th grade now and is an A student. I truly believe her first start played a major roll in how she excells today. She learn more than her ABC which is mostly taught around that grade. She learn confidents, courage, people skills, sharing, caring, she also learned to love. Mrs. Fox isn’t paid for not even half the things you child learns. The classe room has so many departments with in the class for learning that the children are interacting and ingaging in every step of learning while having fun. Mrs. Not only teach inside the classroom your child became her child and she always refer to all her students as her babies. I watch grown men and women still visiting her from time to time because the love that was shared very young. That is what’s missing in school everywhere. I know that she is over worthy of this award. To be honest I am begging her to retire just so I came harass her to be my child’s homeschool Educator. So this is why she deserves this award and so much more We love Mrs. Fox.

Carla Smith Posted over a year ago

This woman here is an amazing teacher.... I've known her from since I was six years old... She has a passion for children and teaching... I love everything about her... Congrats again

Victor Robinson Posted over a year ago

I have known Marion since high school, she has always been sojourner of education, self achievement, and positivity. It doesnt surprise me that she choice to be an educator. Thank you for your service and effecting so many young minds in a positive way. I support you and vote for you as The Life Changer of the Year! Bravo Zulu!!

Colonda Andrews Posted over a year ago

From the first moment I met Mrs. Fox years ago we instantly connected. She is the most loving, caring, giving, compassionate, inspiring, welcoming and hospitable woman I know. Working with her you will often find her on any given day encouraging students, staff or parents with encouraging or inspirational words. Mrs. Fox is always willing to help out and support anyone who is in need. The simple fact that she has often supports the Special Education students by consistently encouraging them with hugs, kind words or even an invitation to visit. She is a very exceptional and delightful person to work with and has changed so many lives even through social media. I am blessed to work with her and look forward to her future journey.

Alycia McDowell Posted over a year ago

Where do I began":Mom you are absolutely an amazing woman who defy odds in order to meet your ultimate goal, making sure you help at all cause. I remember as a child how you would bring children home for the weekend, over night or for the day. Not that we were rich or we had any more than the next family, but what little we had you shared with them. We didn't understand as children, now we know that this would become your calling; not just a job but your legacy. You have and always be a Life Changer. My brother and sister have witness this in you all of our life! Congratulations on this nomination, you deserve it! Lisa

Renee Brewer Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fox being a product of DC Public schools, has taken what she acquired and went back to the community to serve in the same capacity, that says a lot about her selflessness and her desire to impart her love to teach the little ones she has cared for over the last 27 years! I nominate her for this prestigious award, Lifechanger of the Year, which is well deserved !

Malcolm Foxx Posted over a year ago

She has a heart of gold towards the children. We need more teachers like her. I hope she's able to carry on this greatness for years to come. Baby your the greatest. Love u Dad.??

Dionne Bradford Posted over a year ago

Wow!!! Where do I start with this awesome lady she is the reason I even begin to persue childcare without her showing me what a true teacher is I wouldn’t know how to begin to show compassion patience and endurance with a smile for my students she showed me that Ican do all things if I just put my mind hard work and dedication to it out of all of my early childhood teachers she is the one that differently left her mark on my life she is the one that is more then a friend more like a mother I love her and I thank God for putting her in my life and blessing her with a special gift because not everybody can call there self a teacher and actually show the characteristics of one so with all of this I want to say thank you for leaving your mark.

Thomas M. Worthington, Sr. Posted over a year ago

Marion is a devoted educator and community pillar. Marion has been steadfast in efforts to secure and preserve the safety, wellbeing, spiritual enjoyment, and all around wholesomeness of the little children in the school and community. Marion has always care about the larger children in and around her. But the kindling and firing up of the minds, bodies and happy spirits imbrued on the hearts of the little children is and has always been Marion's calling. Thank God she answered!!!!