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Janie Griffith

Position: Secretary / Bookkeeper
School: Fries School
School District: Grayson County Public Schools
City, State: Fries, VA

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Janie Griffith was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Ms. Griffith has been an asset to Fries School from the first day she started. She is blunt, honest, and to the point, yet nurturing and caring, as well. Students gravitate to her, especially those who are on the fringes. She helps mend broken hearts, gives practical advice, and does all this while managing the entire office (and often other positions throughout the day if needed) by herself.

Ms. Griffith cares about students. She is often seen pulling children to the side and giving them clothing, shoes, and other essentials. She makes sure children below the poverty level have food and helps families sign up for help programs. Recently, she went a step further and took five students into her home until their parents were in a position to house them again. After school, she is often seen helping children with homework and watching children whose parents are running late. When she's out of the school building, she is out on a sports field, helping or managing a team.

"Janie has become an irreplaceable part of Fries School and our community," said her nominator.

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John Parsons Posted over a year ago

She is an outstanding ypung lady and deserves the credit. So proud of her.