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Christina Connors

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher
School: Kaaawa Elementary School
School District: Hawaii Public Schools
City, State: Kaaawa, HI

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Christina Connors was nominated by Laura Hankins, a member of the community.

Ms. Connors came to Kaawaa Elementary three years ago from New York.  She has learned a lot about the Hawaiian Culture to help her students in her classroom. She moves her students, builds them up to be leaders, and sets them up on goals. Ms. Connors comes to parent-teacher school activities. Her students love her, and she loves her students. She researches better teaching habits and is miraculous with her students' outcomes. She sets them up for success in life, not just for first grade content.  Her students are excited to take tests.

Comments (24)

dee domingues Posted over a year ago

WOW! Congratulations Mrs. Connors. We are proud to have you on our staff. You are definitely a shaker and yes I can see that your students truly respect and appreciate you. You work hard and are always on task. Keep up the good work. Once again Christina, Woop, Woop, you got this.

Sylviane Peck Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Connors is an excellent teacher. She is calm, enthusiastic, and attentive to her students' needs. She communicates well with them. She is organized and encourages them to learn with her positive attitude. Congratulations on being among the best!

PJ Oellien Posted over a year ago

I am a retired special education teacher from Ka'a'awa Elementary. I had the pleasure of volunteering in Mrs. Connors classroom last year. I came twice a week in the morning to 4th grade. Mrs. Connors creates an amazing classroom culture. The kids were so respectful, kind, considerate and encouraging to Mrs. Connors and each other. The positive climate and innovated use of technology provided a great learning environment for the kids. They all wanted to improve and excel and to please their teacher. Christina is a kind, considerate teacher that promotes a learning environment that suits all needs.

Leilehualani Kane Tapado Posted over a year ago

I am thankful to Mrs Connors (Mahalo Nui Loa) for her kindness, knowledge, and understanding to my needs as a parent to communicate on behalf of my sons education. I notice that each time when I speak to her she is listening attentively to my concerns even when we have only a few moments before the bell rings and kids start to move into action to line up for morning assembly. She has a positive attitude and seeks ways to respond to the subject of concern in such situation where myself or son did not understand homework assignment. She responds that day and or a few days within that time frame with positive results. She gives useful feedback, examples and references to a website apps for phone or I-pad use, she created Mrs, Connors 4th Grade site using visual,auditory learning techniques has proven very helpful and fun for both student and parent. My son's grades has improved and his motivation to read, write, math skills and start and complete homework assignments have made a big leap from first quarter to second quarter and has made significant gains. I can see and I feel that she cares about her students (thank you again) learning opportunities and experience for her students and parents. I know this because she attends PTO meetings and she prepared her classroom before summer break by painting and cleaning it, she was resourceful with receiving funds for the class room painting project, along with her own financial contribution of tools and cleaning supplies to make the project successful. She worked well with other parents and grandparents of her students who was happy and willing to volunteer in the classroom project, She was actively involve and was open to suggestion. The classroom was clean,organized and furnished with light blue sea breeze of aloha. The learning environment of her class room and the colors she picked brings calmness, relaxation, happiness and comfort for her students. I am happy to hear that Mrs Connors has this nomination she deserves this award and achievement because of her excellence in teaching and caring for her students here in our home Hawaii. Teaching our students of Ko'olauloa Oahu at Ka'a'awa Elementary School under the direction of Principal Jennifer Luke-Payne.Thank you Mrs Connors for a job well done.

Sheila Rich Posted over a year ago

My daughter had the privilege of having Christina as a teacher last year. My daughter has always struggled in reading and dreaded her reading homework... Until Mrs. Connors! She gave her the support and confidence she needed to succeed and grow a love for herself and for reading. My daughters attitude towards working hard in getting better at something she lacked in went beyond what was expected and was truly life changing. Christina teaches with respect, patience, persistence, and love and it shows with the outcome and performance of her students, like my daughter.

Alexandra Young Posted over a year ago

Christina puts great care and effort into everything she does. She is a mindful teacher that values the needs of her students, beyond just their test scores. She always goes the extra mile in her classroom for her students and coworkers. She is a life changer because she is teaching her students to become leaders with love!

Rena Phung Posted over a year ago

Ms. Connors is one of the best elementary teachers I have ever encountered. My daughter Julia began school at Kaaawa last year with a lot of catch-up to do and Ms. Connors was exactly what she needed in kindness and helpfulness as well as in high expectations. My daughter went from 2nd grade reading level to fifth grade reading level in just three months. Wow. Ms. Connors genuinely cares and I know that is what makes the difference. Thank you Ms. Connors! ??

Denise Pow Posted over a year ago

Mrs Connors teaches my son Leo at Kaaawa Elementary. Her attention to detail and organization is excellent. She uses every resource possible to help the kids excel with unique learning styles. Congrats Mrs .Connors

Tibbie Posted over a year ago

Great arictle, thank you again for writing.

Christina & Thia Ford Posted over a year ago

Thia:I am a student of Mrs.Connor’s class.She is one of the best teachers at my school.When I go to school,I’m excited to learn from her.She follows the 7 habits,and she is a leader.She is very helpful and positive.Mrs.Connors is a 5/5 life changer! Christina (parent): Mrs. Connors is a passionate teacher who encourages students to be their very best. She teaches with creativity and gives her students her all. Her dedication to teaching and her students shows. Mrs. Connors goes the extra mile to make sure her students succeed. For example, she posts on her website examples of the math lesson that was taught that day. This is invaluable to the student and parent while working on homework. Mrs. Connors has incorporated Hawaiiana into her curriculum which is very important to Ka’a’awa Elementary. She is a life changer and deserves this award!

Jessica Ferrugiari Posted over a year ago

Christina is an amazing teacher that truly cares about and supports her students. She is extremely hardworking and dedicated to the success of her students and her school. She is a kind, honest, genuine, caring person and really deserves this award.

Annmarie Migliozzi Posted over a year ago

Christina exemplifies everything it means to be a great teacher. She gives her all and her students are very lucky to have her as their teacher as well as Kaawaa is to have her on staff. It’s wonderful to have all her dedication and hard work be recognized. Once you meet her your life is changed all for the better!!

Sherene Hong Posted over a year ago

Christina is an amazing teacher who always strives to be the best person she can be. She gets up early in the morning to get to work before the sun comes up, and she always puts first things first when it comes to education. Christina is extremely organized which provides an excellent classroom and learning environment for students to learn. Christina is always searching for ways to improve her teaching methods and immediately implements new instructional strategies or feedback from her peers and mentors. Most importantly, Christina is a very understanding person that will listen to others and help in any possible way. She is a trustworthy and competent leader to all her students and peers.

Nancy Gelfand Posted over a year ago

Christina is a patient loving responsible teacher

Kathleen Reyes Posted over a year ago

I’m not a bit surprised that Christina was nominated for this award. She is a wonderful, compassionate, caring, dedicated teacher who always strives to give her all for each and every student. She truly loves teaching and seeing her students learn and grow. Her school district and students are lucky to have her as a teacher and she truly deserves this award.

Vicky Rizou Posted over a year ago

Passion for teaching, creativity and hard work are qualities that should be rewarded in order for lifes and communities to actively change, and Christina has all of them!

Terry Posted over a year ago

Christinas' respect for the Hawaian culture and the passion and determination for going the extra mile for the Kaawa school district's children are more than enough to make her a “Life Changer” and a role model!

Lori Connors Posted over a year ago

Christina is passionate about her students and goes above and beyond when it comes to being a teacher. She takes challenging classroom hurdles and turns them into positive experiences for everyone, including her coworkers. She’s dedicated, responsible and is loved by everyone who meets her! She’s beautiful inside and out! A genuine superstar! She deserves to win this award!!

Pat Wright Posted over a year ago

Christina’s love for the children and excitement for teaching leads her students to share her excitement and reach their potential. I’ve personally known Christina to be one of the kindest and gentlest souls in our busy and sometimes crazy world. I am not the least surprised that she has been nominated for this award.

Maryann Hiotis Posted over a year ago

She’s simply amazing ! She’s one of the best teachers out there that truly cares about her students. She helps build them up and to succeed . She’s dedicated and has great work ethics ! Besides having the most wonderful personality , her students and coworkers love her, as her friends and family !

Donna Decrescenzo Posted over a year ago

Christina is like a daughter to me. I know her since the day she was born. Christina is one of the most caring person I know. If you need something she will try her hardest to help. I know she loves being a teacher she talks about it all the time,she loves all her students.

Carla Armstrong Posted over a year ago

Christina is a kind warm and a exceptional person. She deserves this award for her outstanding leadership!

Anita Rice Posted over a year ago

Watching Christina grow up was always a joy. Her laughter and smile would fill the room. Always positive, kind, easy to talk to and caring.I’m not surprised that she would be nominated for this award. Any school or student who has her for a teacher is quite lucky.

Steve Posted over a year ago

Christina is a blessing to Kaaawa School district. Her exceptional teaching skills and friendly interaction with the students make her a proven “Life Changer” in our community.