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Jennifer Harvey

Position: Choir Director
School: Bonham Middle School
School District: Temple ISD
City, State: Temple , TX

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Jennifer Harvey was nominated by her colleague, Christine Nick.

Ms. Harvey ensures that all of her students feel special every day, even if they aren't natural-born singers. She helps instill a sense of self-respect and dignity to students in an age where they often lack it. Never one to shy away from helping her fellow educator, Ms. Harvey is always willing to assist her fellow arts-educators in whatever way she can. Since taking her position at Bonham, the school's music program has blossomed.  It was only a short time after she took over the choir that her students began placing in tough IUL competitions. Interest grew, and the program nearly doubled in size. Ms. Harvey uses lessons from TeachRock and the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation to engage with her students.

"Ms. Harvey not only inspires her students to be their best every day, but she also models it for them through her compassion and patience. There is never anger in her classroom, only guidance and support," Ms. Nick said.

Comments (23)

Theresa Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Harvey goes above and beyond to help her students be the best version of themselves. She helps them keep up their grades in other classes by letting their peers tutor them. She gives practical advice to her students when they are struggling with life's issues. She pushes them to do more than they think they are capable of doing. She moves them forward gently but firmly. She is an awesome mentor and role model for our students.

Brittany Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Harvey is such an a amazing teacher. She understands her students and is so caring. My student has admired her since 5th grade and its such a privilege having her as our choir leader. Thank you for all that you do.

Nancy Rodriguez Posted 5 months ago

Great teacher doing amazing things.

Amanda Bond Posted 5 months ago

Ms. Harvey is a hard worker who stays positive and always strive to do what is best for her students. She is an encourager but has high expectations and is firm when needed. We have seen the Bonham choir program grow from simply an elective into a strong program that students want to be a part of. When asked to describe how Ms. Harvey is a lifechanger I would have to say that it is mostly due to her having a heart for the kids. Being here each day, providing a positive influence, and taking the time for each and every student is what makes her a life changer. Thank you Ms. Harvey for all that you do!

Lauren Savell Posted 5 months ago

Mrs. Harvey works tirelessly to help her students succeed. The students know she really cares about them. She is engaging and draws the respect and admiration of the students. I believe her winning attitude, quiet and caring ways have established her as a favorite teacher here at Bonham. Thanks Mrs. Harvey for all you do.

Christina Myers Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations Ms. Harvey! You deserve this and I hope this vote helps! Go Bulldogs!

Paula Knight Posted 6 months ago

I have the privilege of being the accompanist for the Bonham choirs. This gives me the opportunity to observe firsthand Ms. Harvey’s effectiveness in her classroom and the influence she has on students. Her ability to create a positive and supportive atmosphere in which to learn helps her students to shine, succeed, and grow as musicians and human beings. She is definitely a “lifechanger”!

Susan Riley Posted 7 months ago

I am not surprised that Ms. Harvey received this nomination. I have seen her in action and have to agree with everything that Ms. Nick said. My elementary school feeds into her middle school, which gives me a unique perspective. There have been a few students that were -- for lack of a better word -- poorly behaved in fifth grade, but when they got to her choir, they found their groove and have become leaders in the school. Sometimes the movers and shakers of our world just need the right person to channel that energy in a positive way, and Jennifer Harvey is intuitively talented in doing just that.

Stacey Smith Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Harvey does a great job of inspiring and motivating students in a diverse population. She is patient, kind, and a dedicated educator- We are fortunate to have her as an employee of Temple ISD!

Jonathan Spear Posted 7 months ago

Jennifer has been a great support system for my first year at Bonham. She really practices what she preaches about it being about family to her, not only with students but staff. Her students widely acknowledge her care and concern towards themselves and their peers. A wonderful example to all.

Marcos Duran Posted 7 months ago

I have only known Jennifer Harvey for a brief period of time. She is an outstanding music educator and really cares about her students developing as musicians, developing as contributing members to society, and most importantly making sure those said students have someone in their corner. I spoke with her at the beginning of the semester and she commented on how a couple of her choir students had been placed in DEAP (our districts alternative campus). She took it upon herself to check-in on those students and asked how she could help them still have some sort of musical experience while at the alternative campus. She set up an account through an application based program that allowed her students to focus on their musical studies so that they would not be behind their choir peers after the DEAP time was up. They would be able to come back into a choir rehearsal and be up to date on the newest information and prepared for potential upcoming performances. WOW! I am grateful to have a teacher like this working in my district. Thank you, Jennifer!

John Batson Posted 7 months ago

Jennifer has been an asset to the Fine Arts Department in TISD since she arrived. In addition to being a phenomenal choir director, she is a wonderful teammate for all of her fellow Fine Arts teacher at Bonham and in TISD.

Catrina Lotspeich Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Harvey is a great teacher! She has really helped grow her choir program and finds ways to make her class fun and challenging at the same time. Her dedication to her students is awesome and her is school is blessed to have her!

Esther Ndungo Posted 7 months ago

Jennifer is an amazing teacher. My best memory of her teaching skills was attending the Michael Jackson-themed recital that she put together, as a substitute teacher, in a Brooklyn, NY middle school. I was amazed at the high performance level of the students given that she had only been teaching them for less than a year! The best part was when she had some of the boys wear sunglasses during their song to boost their confidence. It truly has been a privilege to witness her continued passion in her career and in her students.

Amber Washburn Posted 7 months ago

Jennifer is the type of teacher that goes above and beyond for those around her. Her passion for teaching the kids not just about music but about how to be a respectable, honest, good hearted person is always an encouragement to me. She has the ability to see the unseen child and encourage. She is creative and uses her resources well.

Jenn Weaver Posted 7 months ago

Jen Harvey is an amazing teacher who gives her all to her students. She loves them and sets high standards for them. She’s the best!

Vicki Perritt Posted 7 months ago

I was blessed to serve as accompanist for Jennifer for several years when she first moved to Texas. Her enthusiasm and love for teaching her students was always evident to me. I’m proud to endorse her for this honor.

Virginia Pevey Posted 7 months ago

I've known Jennifer for her whole life, literally. I watched her excel during her high school years and through college into her professional years. She has a real heart for her students and is passionately promoting the love and importance of music education in her community. Jennifer is making a difference in the lives of her students and colleagues.

Colter Benavides Posted 7 months ago

Beautiful soul! She does everything she can for her students!

Katherine Nunez Posted 7 months ago

Jennifer is an asset to her community. She brings knowledge, creativity and joy into her classroom. She cares about each and every child she takes care of and makes sure they know they are loved. Jennifer’s passion for music is relentless and it shows in how much she wants to instill that passion into her kids. I was there with her when she delved into working with the junior high kids in a ministry at church and I could see her passion for teaching grow to a new level that inspired me and those around her. She has changed the lives of those she teaches with her integrity and grace and as a friend she is a constant encourager and loves immensely. If you talk with Jennifer at any given day more often than not she talks about how she’s been creating in the classroom and how she’s going to get through to her kids.

Brandy Driver Posted 7 months ago

Such a wonderful teacher! Really someone the kids can look up to!

Jennifer R Posted 7 months ago

I’ve known Jennifer Harvey for 20 years, and this nomination has been a long time coming. Jennifer IS a life changer. Her students KNOW they are loved for exactly who they are, and she inspires them to be the best they can be. I am so proud to know her, and she deserves recognition for her work.

Sara Baker Posted 7 months ago

I’ve had the privilege of observing Ms.Harvey in her classroom. She helps her choir members understand what excellence is and why it’s worth pursuing. Proud of you, Ms. Harvey!