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Matthew Binginot

Position: Digital Media Arts Instructor
School: Central VT Career Center
School District: Barre Supervisory Union
City, State: Barre, VT

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Matthew Binginot was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mr. Binginot is a teacher who changes students' lives every year. His Digital Media Arts Program draws in students that often feel excluded, marginalized, stifled, and unimportant at their sending schools. He guides students through more than 100 projects throughout the year, and he consistently has a class full of enthusiastic students. For some students, the ability to work with Mr. Binginot for four hours a day doing what they love is life-changing and life-saving.

Mr. Binginot's students learn photography, photo manipulation, logo design, animation, film, and music production. He holds the students to high ethical standards, and expects them to be inclusive community members.

"Mr. Binginot encourages programs to work with one another to build a stronger community. His students show up early, leave late, and sometimes find it hard to even take a break during their 4 hour day because they are so engaged in their work," his nominator said. 

Mr. Binginot has also led his school's promotional team for the last two years. He maintains the school website and produces the school's videos and commercials. Mr. Binginot often gives graduating students the ability to make money on projects that he is working on so that they can get their foot into the professional world.

Mr Binginot gives students the opportunity to become certified in Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), earn up to six college credits in graphic design, and six credits in Photography and Adobe Creative Cloud."

"I can't imagine what his program would be like without him. To his students, he is the world while they are in his program, and they are inspired to work hard and grow as individuals," his nominator said.  "He holds himself to a high standard and expects his students to do the same. He truly is a LifeChanger for his students."

Comments (18)

Amanda Garland Posted over a year ago

As a colleague teacher and classroom neighbor of Mr. B, I am honored to be part of any celebrations that spotlight the important work he does every day, changing the lives of students. Thank you for the opportunity. Matt's impact on students is clear to all the teachers at CVCC. He has the most popular program, with enrollment always full, and a waiting list each of us envy. The rigor of his self-designed curriculum as well as the cutting edge skills he's teaching are obvious reasons for student interest, but truly his strength is in his heart. He is kind, compassionate, and goes well above and beyond for his students to that they have a place of their own, which makes them proud of their work and of their potential. As a leader in our school, Matt assists colleagues with technology issues (with a smile!), shares cutting edge ideas for promoting our important work, and has led our school well into the 21st century with rebranding through a new school name, logos, a cutting edge website, and more! As a new teacher, Matt has been the best neighbor, with an open door policy where I can inquire, celebrate, or lament. Sometimes I wonder how he does so much for our school, while still bringing with him each day his creativity, high energy positivity, and perseverance. Thank you to LifeChangers for spotlighting this hero amongst us!

Travis W. Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Matt running and performing at an alternative dance night in Burlington for two to three years and during that time Matt has been so generous with his knowledge, technical skills, and talent. Live performance DJing is something I have always wanted to do in my life and Matt's generosity, tips, technical skills, networking, promotion, and artistic inspiration have been imperative to where I stand as a DJ today. I have the satisfaction of feeling confident to DJ any live performance event and I, in part, have Matt to thank for that. I would not yet be at the level of Djing that I do without Matt's generosity with his time and skills. Working with Matt has been such an honor and I could never thank him enough for being so helpful in a practical sense but also through inspiration. Matt's artistry through digital photography is incredible. Matt holds himself to a very high standard and is kind, fun, positive, and intelligent. Throughout Matt's many creative indevors he strives for and attains a level of professionality that is extremely difficult to acquire. Working with Matt has been life changing on many levels but most of all he has helped me attain something in my life that means so much to me and brings me great satisfaction, and that is the art of live performance DJing.

Josh T Posted over a year ago

Matt is definitely a life changer, he as a person and teacher makes you feel comfortable and show yourself in the image you want. When I first walked into his classroom I thought I wouldn’t make it I had no experience, no knowledge or confidence in digital media. I was nervous to be there and to embarrass myself but he was there helping and explaining every step if you needed it, I learned my enjoyment of photoshop and premiere pro. I never really had a passion or a goal until his class, he helped me see what I can do if I just put my mind to it. I had my favorite year of high school in his class. He motivated me to be a better version of myself by showing my creativity in my own fashion. He makes you feel special in his class noticing your uniqueness and supporting it unlike most others. In the one year I was with him I didn’t feel stressed about work or projects, I had fun and enjoyed myself. I got to do things in my style and present them in a way I didn’t see myself doing because I was scared I was going to do awful at it. He did change my life in the one year I was in his class, he helped me be me and teach me new skills I want to use in a career one day. I will never forget my year with Matt he changed my life and Im sure many more before and after me. Thats why he deserves this award, because it could be 30 minutes or a couple years, but as long as you know Matt your life will be for the better.

Avi Isaacs-Corcoran Posted over a year ago

Mr. Bingot is the best teacher I've ever had. He renewed my love for learning and gave me the tools I needed to start pursuing photography, which has become my favorite thing in the world. He made me feel safe in a school where I otherwise didn't. He absolutely deserves this award because he changed my life in so many ways and I'm sure has done so for countless other students.

Alex Posted over a year ago

I had Matt a few years ago in his Digital Media Arts program. High School was in no way a fun experience for me, but Mr. Biginot's class was always enjoyed. His extensive knowledge and embrace of every student on a personal level really made a huge difference. Mr Biginot helped guide me to a passion for art. Even after I have graduated he continues to inspire me to be a better person. I could not be more grateful to Mr. Biginot for the things he has taught me, and I can genuinely say that Matthew Biginot has changed my life.

Ilima Considine Posted over a year ago

Matthew much, much deserves this award for his tireless dedication.

A.M. Posted over a year ago

While I've never had the opportunity to have Mr. B. officially as a teacher, I am in the unique position to witness how deeply teaching runs in his heart. I was recently presented with the challenge to advance my own career in design--he selflessly and enthusiastically helped me succeed in doing so by lending me tools, knowledge, and collaboration, leading me to achieve far beyond what I imagined myself capable of. I'm not the only individual in his personal life who has stories about how Matthew has helped them overcome a struggle, break out of a rut, or achieve something great. People, even strangers, routinely approach me to tell me these stories, eager for an opportunity to share how he has touched their life in some way. I've been told by a survivor of domestic abuse that he provided a safe and supportive place while they were escaping violence. I've been approached by parents of his students who just wanted to express that he has a kind heart. Last Summer, when local nonprofit organization Helen Day Art Center was desperately seeking to replace an instructor for a week-long summer camp, I watched him sweep in at the last moment and rescue the camp from being cancelled by stepping out of his comfort zone and putting together an incredible, eye-opening week for a talented group of future creators. I've watched him build and develop a music scene in a small town that had boundless passion but needed guidance to organize. I've seen how his magnetic energy consistently inspires those around him to improve, learn something new, and do what they love, and I've watched him lift up his friends and peers when they falter or doubt themselves. In his personal life, he aims to create an environment for his friends and peers to gather, perform, and better each other. The spaces he creates are always supportive, warm, and humble--prime environments for learning. All of this is outside of, above and beyond, what he has been hired to do in the classroom. I would be moved to see him awarded with the opportunity to put his winnings towards a scholarship fund and support his future students even more than he already does.

Chantal B. Posted over a year ago

I am very proud of Matthew Binginot and all he has done for his students and his school. He dedicates many hours beyond his normal teaching day to plan, create, and organize engaging lessons and projects. He is an avid "student" himself, committed to life-long learning and striving to be up to date with the latest technology. Mr. Binginot has made a great impact on many of his students. They feel accepted, safe, and free to be creative in his classroom. With his guidance, they strive to be the best they can be. Matthew Binginot has also been a leader at his school. He helped lead the rebranding of the school to improve student access to career and technology education. He also has designed the school website and works to keep it updated and informative. Matthew Binginot's positive influence on his students and his leadership skills are outstanding!

K Posted over a year ago

In Matthew's first year of teaching he had my nephew in his class. School was not his favorite as he had been a "behavior problem" since primary school. Matthew made a connection with him and helped him navigate his anxiety with school. His grades sky rocketed that year. He didn't drop out of school like he was determined to do. He changed this childs life in just one year.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Biginot is the best teacher I've ever had! I am very happy to be one of his students this year! In his classroom, I feel like I am with other people who understand me, and my goals/future! Mr. Biginot has taught me a lot so far this year and everyone else in Digital Media Arts! I truly believe Mr. B is a life changer! He teaches us and helps us understand what we are learning! Mr. B has taught me to not give up when I end up struggling on an assignment. He is a great person, and he is a great teacher. He helps me and other students, understand our artistic selves and has made me and 19 other kids in DMA friends and even a family.

Melissa Story Posted over a year ago

Matthew has changed my daughter's life! Not only does he provide excellent, relevant and stimulating instruction, he offers creative ways for kids to express their individual styles in a safe, fun and inspiring way. My daughter now has career goals along with practical experience that will help set her shine in her area of choice. She has never had a teacher that simultaneously allowed her to be her creative self while being a conscious and engaged learner! We are so grateful for Matthew--he is the BEST!

Chloe Posted over a year ago

Mr.Biginot is an amazing teacher and human. I feel extremely lucky to be one of his students. As a senior about to graduate, I can honestly say that Mr.B has taught me more this year than I have learned in public school for the past 11 years. I look forward to attending his class every day. We are constantly learning skills that we can apply to actual real-life scenarios. Being in his class has made me feel like I have a true purpose, I am so thankful to have landed in such a supportive environment for my last year of school. His teaching style is stellar, he's always positive, always pushing us to do our best and has brought a whole class of 20 kids together to the point where it feels like family! Having an influence in my life that is always encouraging me to be creative and authentic is truly inspiring. I don't know one person that doesn't feel the same way. So far we have learned about photography, photoshop and now we are currently in our graphic design unit. I have developed a true love and passion for graphic design and it's something I seriously hope to pursue in my future. I wouldn't have even considered this path if it wasn't for Mr.B. Because of this, I am now able to think about the world around me with creative eyes.

announmaous 2 Posted over a year ago

Mr.Binginot gave me a place where I can create every day, his class gives me something to look forward too. I used to look at school poorly but he gave me a new way of learning that excites me. He is an awesome person to work with and overall a straight life changer. Thanks for everything! (P.s if Mr.B doesn't win this, the boys and I will pull up you catch some licks on you.)

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Definitely a deserving candidate! He’s a hands on educator, who cares about his students. I was in his class about 3 or 4 years ago and I went through some really difficult times, but he was always supportive and helpful. He’s a genuinely cool guy, and I’m glad I got to have him as a teacher, he really impacted my life.

Amanda A. Posted over a year ago

Matthew Binginot, rather known as Mr.B among his students, is single handedly the most inspirational educator I have ever had. Walking into his classroom, opens up students eyes to endless possibilities. Individuals have the opportunity throughout his course to learn how to do photography, graphic design, and animation and film. Although that might sound a bit bland and boring to some, I assure you for one thing, you will never, or never should, be bored in a class with Mr.B. His spunky and enthusiastic personalities draw students in to learn in awe, and wonder. Throughout his several years teaching at the Central Vermont Career Center, he has established a well known, positive, and safe environment while you’re in his classroom. If a student is having a rough day, he will do everything in his power to make that student smile and feel a little better. I know for one, I had my fair share of ups and downs in my daily life and he always managed to bring a smile to my face. As an educator, Matthew engages his classroom by displaying daily motivators (videos that are either educational, inspirational, or just to cheer you up), visually displaying in depth how he suggests to create various types of digital media, and he always allows students to ask him questions. Mr.B is very approachable and is always willing to help a student in need of assistance. He pushes students beyond their comfort zone. In my personal opinion, that is how he has helped so many artists find their calling. I came into the program in 2016 only wanting to focus and learn about animation. I had no idea how to create graphics in a vector style format, use a camera, or create a film. I didn’t really see the need to learn these skills at first but, after the first week in his classroom, I realized that everything he teaches is connected to each other in one way or another. In order to create a great photo you need to know your use of lighting which is also very essential to film, animation, and graphic illustrations. Mr. B knows the material that he is teaching and there is no doubt about it that he loves his job. His teaching abilities allowed me to learn, and use this knowledge to create at a higher level, to the point I competed in, the nationally recognized, SkillsUSA contest this past summer in Louisville Kentucky. Matthew doesn’t give himself enough credit when it comes to how great of a teacher he is. He has changed so many students lives for the better, including mine. I would never have known if I hadn’t taken his course, that I wanted to go to college and focus on illustration and graphics rather than animation. I am very lucky to have had two years (2016-2017, 2017-2018) in his classroom with the opportunity to learn something new and different, each and every day. If anyone were to deserve this award it would be Matt because without his help, kindness, and the acceptance of me for who I am as a person, I do not know where I would be today. I will forever be grateful for the memories and knowledge, Mr.B and the DMA “wonder gang” & “the good, the bad, and the majestic artists” family, have given to me.

Emmy Posted over a year ago

Mr.Binginot, where do I begin? He is an inspiration to all. He creates a creative environment, a safe space where we all belong. The course is amazing and so much different from others as we aren't sitting at a desk all day listening to single person teach a subject. Instead it's mostly hands on and learning how to use tools given to us and to gain experience using them with the push of a teacher, in this case, Mr.B. Before I started his course, I was only a small aspiring artist. I had no confidence and everything scared me, the world of art was just too big for me to handle. Mr.B gave me confidence to try and try again. I was always so stressed that my art isn't good enough. As He syas "Dont be stressed!" He showed me and I need the confidence and that it is good enough. Mr.B showed us all the ropes of photography, and I found a love for portraiture. His tips and tricks for just the slightest edits are so helpful and such an impact on my work. He slowly eased us into Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC in this unit and it was so much fun, even though we were working it just felt like we were improving in our hobbies, which is how school should feel. Speaking personally, I think Mr.B is a wonderful artist and an inspiration. I say this because he is so positive and makes us all smile with his jokes and puns. He pushes us to do more when we think we can, he helps us strive to be the best we can be. Now, in the Graphic Design Unit of the year he has prevailed yet again to help us achieve comfort in using the new tools and resources to use. All in all Mr.B is an amazing person with amazing experience and triumph as a teacher and as an artist. I Would NOT be the person I am today as he has positively impacted my life as a mentor. He is the best teacher and Digital Media Arts would not be the same without his spunky personality.

announmaous Posted over a year ago

Mr. Binginot gives us an environment not only to be ourselves but help us learn in a different and more hands-on environment that caters to everyone's needs and interests.

Olivia V Posted over a year ago

Mr.Binginoit is an amazing educator and has helped me come out of my shell with my own artistic ability. He has guided me through the world of Digital Media Arts and every day inspires me and all of his students to be better at their craft and to be even better people. Mr.B has taught us that art is abstract, it is not just drawings and paintings; but photography, thoughts, ideas and even more. I can't imagine a world where I did not learn from him. Thank You Mr.B, For being amazing.