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Ronda Wilson

Position: Special Education Teacher/Speech/SPED Director
School: Wall Elementary/Middle School
School District: Wall School District
City, State: Wall, SD

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Ronda Wilson was nominated by a colleague who wishes to remain anonymous.

Ronda's exemplary work throughout the Wall School District makes her an ideal LifeChanger of the Year.  She is a strong advocate for students with special needs as well as struggling students who do not meet the criteria for special services.

Ronda has successfully served students with special needs in the Wall School District for many years and is a valuable resource for district administrators as well as special education and general education staff. Her involvement with extra-curricular activities has provided Wall Middle School and High School students with valuable experiences.

As an advocate for students with special needs and struggling students not eligible for special services, Ronda works tirelessly to provide them with the tools needed to have a successful school experience.  She ensures all students are treated fairly and all have necessary accommodations in the classroom (FM systems, alternative reading assignments, behavior preventions, etc.), at home and in the community. Ronda provides them with ideas and strategies that address modifications and accommodations for students who struggle in the general education classroom.  Her knowledge of teaching and learning, student needs, and technology has helped Wall Elementary School and Wall Middle School achieve at consistently high levels.  

Ronda's rise from a Speech/Language Specialist to Special Education Teacher, and now also Special Education Director for her small school is proof of her outstanding performance.  Her dedication to student success earned her the Special Education Staff of the Year, which was awarded by the South Dakota Department of Education's office of Special Education.

Ronda's work goes beyond the regular school day.  As Wall High School's Student Council Director, she has orchestrated several activities that have raised funds for charitable organizations, provided entertaining activities during homecoming week, used student leaders to improve school climate for students, and resulted in several Wall High School Students elected to state offices within student council.

Ronda's nominator says, "In small school districts such as Wall Schools, students need dedicated staff members such as Ms. Wilson to help change their lives. Ronda has demonstrated that she values students, education, and success for all, which makes her a very strong candidate for LifeChanger of the Year."

Comments (5)

Lane O'Rourke Posted over a year ago

We are so lucky to have you here! We love ya!

Kelli Sundall Posted over a year ago

Congrats, Ronda! Thank you for everything that you do for our students!

Jonny Winn-Holsether Posted over a year ago

A great lady, always helpful and pleasant, and who truly gets that life can and should also be FUN! Congratulations. Well deserved.

Kellie Nixon Posted over a year ago

Ronda's dedication to her students, both inside and outsider her program, is such an asset to our small community. Thank you for all you do in going above and beyond for our children. What a well deserved nomination.

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

This is so cool. She totally deserves this.