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Joseph Mbura

Position: Math Teacher
School: Walter Biddle Saul High School
School District: School District of Philadelphia
City, State: Philadelphia, PA

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Joseph Mbura was nominated by a friend, Vincent Mongare.

Mr. Mbura is an exceptional math teacher! Through his impressive class management skills, he has made a big difference in teaching and helping students with math. Mr. Mbura breaks down math concepts and uses students' prior knowledge and daily life experiences to help them understand each concept. He conceptualizes math as a tree, which has made him a favorite teacher for many of his students. He has changed many students' lives!

Comments (51)

chloe righter Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a special teacher and person in my point of view, Mr.Mbura is a great teacher and teaches kids with passion

Isiah Rhym Posted 9 months ago

Thanks Mr.Mbura, He is a nice math teacher. Mbura teaches us students everything we need to know in the classroom and make the work easy for us to understand. School can be boring sometimes and coming into Mbura's class makes it fun and comfortable. He is funny and it is an enjoyable class to be in.

Amarilys Rodriguez Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura uses his sense of humor to keep us awake and help us stay on task. He reminds us of what we previously learned and helps build up more knowledge. He also starts off easy so we can work our way up to the harder problems. He has helped me understand faster than any other teacher because of the way he takes his time to explain the lessons.

Jordan A Morgan Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a great teacher. He is a good help when I do not know how to do the assignment. He gives a lot of extra credit opportunities.

Zayd Cruse Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura has been a great teacher to all of his students. He has impacted my life in a major way. If you are not having a good time in school, he will make you happy by making jokes and playing around also if you do not get something that he is teaching he will go out his way to help you.

Taityanna Howard Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a amazing math teacher here at SAUL High School.He helps us students break down math problems that may seem hard for some students. He teaches with enthusiasm and makes us laugh through time to time. He helps us students to, not only learn, to help us grow and to be successful in life. He works one on one with students by breaking the problem down in simple terms. Even when he is not teaching, he still cares for his student´s well being and tries to help them with life problems too. I am so glad to have a teacher who is fun, responsible, and overall a great math teacher and friend.Thank you so much Mr. Mbura for helping me learn and grow in school.

Domonic Tamburri Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura has helped me with so much relating to Algebra, and being a nice person in general. His way of teaching is a perfect balance of lecture and fun, and I haven't learned this well with a math teacher in school yet. He explains everything step by step while having fun with the students and joking around with us all. His work is challenging, and has pushed me to try harder at my work. He loves to have fun with his accent with all of the students and will say a random joke at times. It lightens up the mood with all of the annoying work. I respect him and am happy to have him as a teacher.

andrea Posted 9 months ago

he helps us with math and gives us chances. he gives us a lot of support along with motivation. this math class isn't like any other boring class it is fun.

Amanuel Mudfu Posted 9 months ago

Joey is an exceptional teacher, the way he teaches is funny ,and simple. His class is really enjoyable

Antesravia Mebane Posted 9 months ago

Thank You for teaching me in a way i can understand, being a great teacher, and helping make sure your students as a whole will pass. My future will be bright because of you.

Judaea Champion Posted 9 months ago

Mbura is the best math teacher i ever had .He has helped me with all the maths

Cianni Harris Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Mr. Mbura for being nominated for life changer, hope you can win money for our school. Thank you for teaching our class.

seth bunch Posted 9 months ago

mr mbura changed my life over the last few years in drastic ways. for example he helped guide me to success in various classes. he showed me the ways of math that i couldent even imagine existed.

Logan Davis Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a really funny person. He's very supportive and nice. If students don't understand something he does tutoring that they get extra credit for because he understands. He tries to help his students to the fullest and He's a really good teacher.

Nicholas Gallagher Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Amurba is a humanitarian at heart and a role model to many students here at Saul high school in Philadelphia.

Kyrese Dais Posted 9 months ago

Joseph Mbura makes math fun and interesting from his jokes to his in depth teaching methods. He breaks everything down so u will grasp and retain the info.

Zander Dhondt Posted 9 months ago

Mr Mbura is a great math teacher he often stays after school to help us when we are confused.

alexis holloway Posted 9 months ago


Alannah McCall Posted 9 months ago

Best math teacher!

Connor Lounsbery Posted 9 months ago

In his class i have gotten better at note taking.Also i have learned to use my notes more often and overall obtain a better understanding of math.

Judaea Champion Posted 9 months ago

Mbura is the best math teacher i ever had .He has helped me with all the maths

Diana Quigley Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a good teacher and treats all of us like his children. He's willing to help us if we don't understand something and he tutors kids after school.

Lae'la Kirk Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is not only an amazing teacher, but an amazing person. He makes sure to know each student and their individual learning style so he can help everyone as best as possible. Not only does he take time to make sure all students understand and flourish, but also helps students outside of the classroom. His classroom is a comfortable and supportive learning environment where we're all accepted.and loved. He goes out of the way to create a personal connection with each student to make sure they'll succeed. Whether it's tutoring after school or making us laugh daily, he's always there for us.

Gerald Holland Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a really great teacher, he's funny, he's smart, makes sure he teaches his students how to do things. He really cares about his students and always wants them to succeed and do better.

Annie Chen Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura do too much sometimes but he does is for us and knows what's best for us in his way. But he's a really great teacher that will make sure you understand the topic before he goes on to another topic. He will always be there for you when you really need help.

Jaylynn Gardner Posted 9 months ago

Great teacher 10/10 would recommend

Ari Hockaday Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a great teacher. He tries his best to influence his students on a day to day basis and get them to be interested in math. He goes over his curriculum for all his students so they do not fall behind and for those students who still have trouble he offers a chance to tutor them. His instructions are clear and he gives his students the best chance to learn. His class is fun and he makes jokes to keep his students happy. He wants the best of all his students. One of the best teachers I have.

Sandra Eggleston Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a great teacher ,he makes sure everyone understands the topic fully . He goes out his way for students.

Sara Collins Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a caring, humorous teacher. He offers tutoring and tries his best to help his students.He interacts with his students

Annmarie Batey Posted 9 months ago

Mr Mbura is so helpful and patient whenever his students are having trouble. His dedication to teach and to have others learn is unmatched by any teacher I had thus far. Mr. Mbura tries to have a personal connection to each of his students to the point each can come to him for extra tutoring, issues they have and even for a joke a two. His motivation also allows me to become more confident in my work and better both my math and interpersonal skills.

Emily Cantamaglia Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a really good math teacher. He goes through the subject until every student can understand how to do it, He never gives up on students and his students never gives up on him. Each day he finds a way to make his students laugh even if he send us to Africa. (inside joke). :)

Bruce Bennett Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is an amazing teacher and totally deserving of this award. He is always an open ear, a guiding light, and a firm believer in second chances. He's kind and always a good for a laugh, he's never too busy for one of his students and I know that he will do good with this award.

Makenzie Lawrence Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is the best teacher. He works hard and loves what he does. Not only does he teach but he connects with his students and supports us all.

Janell Green Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is an amazing teacher. He knows how to brighten my day. He always helps me and we come up with plans if i'm absent or don't understand something. He is very dependable and responsible. He deserves this reward. Thank you!

Kellee Blockus Posted 9 months ago

Love Mr. Mbura!

Maurice Harris Jr. Posted 9 months ago

Mr.Mbura is an amazing math teacher he is know teaching me pre-caclus right now. He knows every math subject from algebra to trigonometry and he knows a little chemistry too. HE is a funny man and always knows how to make me laugh along with the other students. He comes and interacts with us at lunch too you couldn't say that about most teachers!!! I hope mbura wins :).

Carley Quintana Posted 9 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a great teacher. He tries to help each one of us with whatever work we are stuck on. He is funny and hardworking.

Tenia Solomon Posted 9 months ago

I support the real!!

Amaya Ramsey Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a really good teacher. He goes through everything slowly so that you can understand and he interacts with his students and is very funny.

Brianna Mckeever Posted 10 months ago

Mr.Mbura is a great teacher and if you don’t understand something he gives you the chance to come after school and help you out, he always gives everyone multiple chances to make up work and he’s not a boring teacher, he’s entertaining.

Jordyn Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Mbura is a great teacher that helps to make sure you understand what you are learning, he's funny and an exceptional, outstanding teacher.

Rose Vega Posted 10 months ago

Gives you second chances and wants the best for you. He also does a good job at teaching us new things and has a sense of humor.

Kemunto Posted 11 months ago

Keep up the great job Joseph!

Onyinkwa Sosthenes Posted 11 months ago

Joseph M is truelly a resilient and articulate instructor. His desire and dedication to do the best especially to youths, friends and community is marvellous.

Jason Nyantino Posted 11 months ago

Congratulations Joseph on this great milestone. Your impact will be felt across generations. You have my strong endorsement!

Charles Ngatia Posted 11 months ago

Very exceptional and dedicated tutor.

Amos G Owiti Posted 11 months ago

Joseph Mburua is a lovely and cheerful person who is always keen to encourage and support others in all aspects ie spiritual, socially and financially. He is true servant leader.

Lydia kwamboka Posted 11 months ago

He is a very patient teacher who understands the teaching concepts and has internalized them making him efficient in class

William Basweti Posted 11 months ago

Joseph has exceptional qualities in the teaching profession that will make students love the subject. Keep changing life for many. Go Joseph.

jim james Posted 11 months ago

Let maths do the talking as the sky be the lowest limit; BRAVO!

Vincent Mongare Posted 11 months ago

Very impressive leader, life changer and I'm proud and glad to have nominated him to be the life changer of the year. Go Go Joseph!