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Carolyn Collins

Position: Janitor
School: Tucker High School
School District: DeKalb County School District
City, State: Tucker, GA

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Carolyn Collins was nominated by an anonymous member of her community.

Ms. Collins created a "giving closet" in order to help needy students at her school. She gives clothes, school supplies, and snacks to less fortunate kids. She created the "giving closet" about five years ago after meeting two students who were homeless. Ms. Collins has stated that it makes her feel good just to see a smile on their faces. She says that it is a part of her everyday job to take care of the children. Her dedicated efforts have sparked others to donate, as well as help the concept of the "giving closet" grow.

Comments (47)

tatyanna Posted over a year ago

Ms.Collins is the true definition of a blessing, she not only provides items for children in need but, she also gives good advice no matter how big or small the problem is.Whenever she sees me she always makes me smile and calls me her ''DAUGHTER''.She checks on me daily no matter where she sees me at in school .Ms.Collins is an angel,and deserves all the awards and respect in the world.

Linda Neely Posted over a year ago

This is my second entry. I am very much impressed with Carolyn Collins. I visited her today and walked down the halls of the school with her. She is very much respected by staff and students. I was especially impressed with the attention that the students gave her. They were extremely respectful, courteous, kind, and there was a kind of admiration that they exhibited toward her. They responded to her as though she was the administrator. It is no wonder that she has received so many accolades from community members as well as being a guest on The Steve Harvey show for her selfless contributions to students and their families. As we were walking and talking during my visit, she expressed that she is doing the Lord's Work and that is what she is put here to do.

Stephanie McDonald Posted over a year ago

Often time, giving to others for most of us is just during the holidays. This is not the case for Ms. Collins, who can be found serving others year round. Ms. Collins genuinely cares about the needs of others. Not only does she make sure our students are taken care of during the school year, but she supports the needs of the entire family during the summer. She is very compassionate about "giving" and ensuring that the needs of others are met. Ms. Collins is truly a "Life Changer".

Jennifer Winterscheidt Posted over a year ago

Ms. Collins is the embodiment of love in our school. She makes all students and parents feel welcome and appreciated. We are incredibly fortunate to have her as a member of our community!

Ms. Currie Posted over a year ago

Absolutely love Ms. Collins. If there is a such thing as a “walking heart” she is it. Love the kids and the families with all of her, sometimes putting everyone before herself. Thx Mrs. Collins for your servitude!!! You Rock.

Deborah Glenn Posted over a year ago

I feel as though Carolyn, does not meet strangers, she treats everyone with such love and kindness, She is such a nice lady.

Rose Keinert Posted over a year ago

Thank you for spending so much of your own time, energy, and money to help our kids. I know you don't make a lot and the fact that you spend your own money on whole thanksgiving dinners for families in need is extremely inspiring and heartwarming. I remember you making a house-visit to one of my favorite students' homes after they lost their mother and were going through a rough time with so many other siblings in the house. You work with others to help kids get prom dresses so they can participate like everyone else. You really care about the kids here at the school and I know they feel it- which can be more important than the items you bestow for families that are going through so much. Thank you!

Roberta Barber Posted over a year ago

Ms. Collins sees every student. She carved space in a forgotten utility closet to gather items for students with little or no support, simply because she saw the need. She worries about her "children" and works on their behalf nonstop. Her enthusiasm is incredible and contagious. Not everyone in a school is a teacher but everyone teaches students. She is an invaluable part of the team.

Andrea Champion Posted over a year ago

Carolyn Collins goes above and beyond for our students here in the Tucker Community. Carolyn is their for them when no one else is to a lot of them she is the mom they never had. I am proud to say that she is a fellow co-worker and deserves this honor to the fullest. She has been doing this with the students for quite sometime her being recognized has opened the door to being able to help even more. She is a blessing that every school should have.

Emma L. Wyatt Posted over a year ago

We are extremely proud of Mrs. Collins and the work that she does at Tucker High School. She loves children. She has a big heart.

Natalie Posted over a year ago

she deserves all the rewards that is offered..Carolyn has taken on a project that most are scared to tackle..Most of all with her hard earned money starting a project to help and motivate these kids...and not wanting anything cut of just trying to keep the kids in school. Anyone that stands for something to help our kids today deserves every praise and rewards..

Alesia Hall Posted over a year ago

Thanks for helping the kids

Dejee Mercier Posted over a year ago

I have known Carolyn her entire life. Carolyn has a heart of Gold and loves to bring joy to others. Her giving closet for the unfortunate youth at her school is just one example of the Amazing Person that she is.

Angela Johnson Posted over a year ago

A special thanks to Carolyn Collins for taking care of our children.

Dawn Johnson Posted over a year ago

Carolyn has a compassionate heart and doesn’t like to see anyone in need or lack and hurting. Her heart for the kids & their future is why she does it. God Bless you Carolyn keep doing what you your doing!!

Joyce Mckibben Posted over a year ago

Carolyn is the winner hands down. I am even honored to write this comment about such an honorable woman of great character, a warm and caring spirit and last but not least the "Heart of God. Which is to love your neighbor as yourself. And this my friend is the epitome of who Carolyn Collins is. She exemplifies it in her everyday lifestyle. And this sums it up. She loves her neighbor as she loves herself. May God continue to bless and keep her as she is her brother's keeper in deed and in her actions!

Theresa Sykes Posted over a year ago

Carolyn is an awesome person and a wonderful friend.

Arlene Bell Posted over a year ago

Mrs COLLINS have a heart of GOLD she is very passionate about what she is doing she's helping the less fortunate kids giving them food clothing school supplies not just doing the school year but she does this all year long summer time when school is out thank God for Ms Collins

Carolyn Posted over a year ago

Ms.Collins is awesome. She is using her gift that God has given her. Continue to be a service to your students

Cherri Cooper Posted over a year ago

In the times that we live in now with so much hardship andthe lack of love that seems to be fading,what Caroylin has dedicated herself to do for others let's me know there is still so much good to be done and there are good people.that are willing to make a difference for the better in people's lives and that's exactly what she's done.We are blessed ro have a person of this cander where the need is. With these children where our future lies.Congratulations Mtr.Collins

Vickie Lester Posted over a year ago

Carolyn thank you so much for the difference you have made and are making in the lives of children at the school and their families. Also for bringing the awareness of what’s happening so that we could also help with aiding these families.

Alexus Zachary Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Collins is a phenominal woman. Her heart is so pure. Her “giving closet” has inspired me to give to the less fortunante. You never know what someone is going through and this is great that Mrs. Collins created this for her students.

Tanya mitchell Posted over a year ago

Carolyn Deserves this and more she goes out her way to help these kids on her own time .. she has a heart of Gold to give Back ..May God Bless her

Nickie Stoydmire Posted over a year ago

You are doing great things for our children. Very proud of you.

Emma James Posted over a year ago

Ms. Collins is an inspiration to us all to strive to do better for and in our community for the future of our children

Shawunna Wingfield Posted over a year ago

She always have been a great person and with the heart of gold and when see her she always have that great smile that makes you smile. Love what you doing keep up the good work and be blessed.

Angelica Jennings Posted over a year ago

I just love what Carolyn Collins is doing with our youth by supporting them with things they need and treating the kids like they are her own... Good job Ms. Collins and God Bless you

Kim Constantino Posted over a year ago

Carolyn is the most caring person I have ever met. She changes people's lives every single day

Willie Maxey Posted over a year ago

Awesome! Your big heart has impacted many thur your selfless acts of kindness!

Katrina Posted over a year ago

The most caring, loving person I know... The real Santa Claus for most people! If the world was filled with people like her it'll be a better place!! Thanks for ALL you do!! You are appreciated!! In loving memory of Lil Travis and Big Travis!!

Carla Jones Posted over a year ago

Carolyn Collins ,my cousin is a very very beautiful person inside and out. .She is caring and a giving person....may god continue to BLESS YOU on this journey, love YA

Charli Russell Posted over a year ago

I've known Carolyn for a few years and from day one Carolyn has always displayed a giving, and nurturing heart. She's a genuine friend and a blessing to many.. She has always given to and helped the lesson fortunate but never seeked accolades for doing so. I had no idea she had started the Giving Closet because she never spoke of it it was just something that she did from the kindness of her heart. But when I finally heard about it, I was like " Yes that Carolyn, that sounds like something she would do".. She is definitely a life change

Keisha Cornwell Posted over a year ago

Truly dedicated to the kids and does it with a smile. She's amazing and deserving of this honor!!

Derrick malcom Posted over a year ago

Amazing person with no motives! She deserves this honor

Allen Miller Posted over a year ago

Ms. Collins is very generous with a heart of gold. She is always thinking of others and it is such a blessing to see her finally being recognized.

Charlotte Sledge Posted over a year ago

Such a genuine and compassionate person who gives so effortlessly. The world needs more Carolyn Collins

Lynne Hedgepeth Posted over a year ago

Thank you so much for your selflessness and your kind heart. I am so very proud and encouraged to read your story. You have not only shown that it takes a village to care for our children but it can also be done by one caring person with a heart to act. Kudos and job well done.

Sharquetta miller Posted over a year ago

Carolyn collins is an incredible woman she has a heart of gold and is willing to do anything for anyone. I simply adore and admire her. Carolyn loves the kids and will go beyond for them. She will be worthy of this honor.

Lithornia Harper Posted over a year ago

Carolyn is extremely passionate about providing any and all assistance that she can for the youth in and around her community. She has proven herself to be someone the kids can count on whether they are in need of clothing, food, guidance or just a warm and loving hug.

Bryant Akers Posted over a year ago

Ms. Collins truly cares about the community and the well being of Tucker High School students.

William High Posted over a year ago

She always cares about every student in the school. Has a smile on her face, and always puts God first as she runs a clothing ministry in our school.

David Roy Posted over a year ago

Sister Collins is a tireless and dedicated supporter of the needy. She has come out of her own pocket to provide clothes and housing assistance to hundreds of children at Tucker High School. She will be worthy of this honor.

Demarcus Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Collins is AMAZING. Loves the kids and makes sure they never go without anything! Love Her!

Royce Gilliam Posted over a year ago

Awsome Mrs. Collins work she does with and for the students is outsstanding.

Stephanie McSwine Posted over a year ago

Ms Collins is a angel and heaven sent. She loves everything about helping the children who are in need.

Evelyn Pompey Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Collins works so hard for the kids of Dekalb County. The children are fed, kept warm, and most importantly love.

Lorin Posted over a year ago

Grazi for maknig it nice and EZ.