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David Tautofi

Position: English Teacher and Head Football Coach
School: Kaimuki High School
School District: Hawaii Public Schools
City, State: Honolulu, HI

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David Tautofi was nominated by Ranell Asuega, the parent of a student.

Mr. Tautofi has sacrificed his time and given up his life goals to return back to Hawaii and help the kids and community. He gives his students time and an ear to listen to what they have to say, what they are struggling in, and what they need help with.

Mr. Tautofi has set up programs to assist students with tutoring needs. He has started both school and community events to assist in raising funds for school programs. He has also been a strong leader for teenagers and families by showing them how to give back. Mr. Tautofi has led clean ups throughout the island, as well as sporting camps to assist and mentor coaches throughout the school district. Recently, he took the football team to the mainland to expose them to what kids on the island rarely gets to see - the world outside the small island chain. While in Las Vegas, he partnered with other high schools and colleges to conduct community outreach with orphans on the trip.

"David has molded teenagers in his classroom into respectful young adults. His work inspires individuals in the community, including adults such as myself, to want to give back," said Asuega. "I have recently signed up to assist with the girls volleyball team at Kaimuki High School, my alma mater. Honestly, I have renewed pride for my school and community since David has been active. I see the changes in the students and in the adults. I'm not alone - there have been so many adults stepping up and wanting to be apart of the change that David has made and continues to do. We are thankful and blessed to have David Tautofi in Hawaii. He has changed lives of both teenagers & grown adults/parents and continues to do so.

Below is a short video highlighting some of David's accomplishments in his community.

Comments (9)

Caleb Jackson Posted over a year ago

Hi cousin David! It’s Caleb, Maryane’s son. This is so cool what you do for the high school and the football team! Good luck bull dogs!

Melissa Pou Posted over a year ago

Helping David with community projects and organizing events was my part in giving back to the community I live and grew up in. What I have received in this journey is far more than Amazing. These young men and the values that they have learned and experienced is more than any one could anticipate. By being a role model for them and teaching them basic fundamentals of life and confidence in themselves and not only changed their lives, but also the lives of everyone that has witnessed, participated or sat back and watch these boys turn to young men. Thank you for all you do and your heart for your community.

Tehani Faitau Posted over a year ago

You’re doing such an amazing job and it has been so amazing watching you help these kids grow and learn how to be a true leader in life. They may have taken you away from us but it was definitely worth it because you have impacted so many young lives. Keep up the good work and continue to do what you do best! Love n miss you so much! -Your Fav Tehani Faitau

Jan Correll Posted over a year ago

David is genuine and has a heart that follows God.

Vegas Faitau’s ?? Posted over a year ago

You’re doing a phenomenal job?? Continuing daily to lay down your life for the calling God has placed on your heart! To God be the GLORY! We love you so much- you already know ?? Vegas Fam??

Teena Faimealelei Posted over a year ago

He’s a great role model to the kids and a great coach.

Alliyah Donre Posted over a year ago

A very good coach. Kind. Respectful. Humble.

Jasmine Tamanaha Posted over a year ago

David has been instrumental in bringing the pride and community back together at kaimuki. Working with a large group of kids that come from extreme humble beginnings, most from the Palolo Valley housing complex, David has given our young men a sense of purpose again.

Hekili Apao Posted over a year ago

Coach David is the most selfless person I know. He gave up money to do what was needed for his community and his people. I feal very fortunate to call him a friend and a brother.