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Kelli Sundall

Position: Counselor / NHS Co-Advisor
School: Wall School District
School District: Wall School District
City, State: Wall, SD

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Kelli Sundall was nominated by her district's K-5 principal, Charles Sykora.

Ms. Sundall has been an integral part of Wall School District since Fall 2010. As her district's lone K-12 counselor, her work with students, families, and staff helps make Wall Schools a high achieving district.

Ms. Sundall’s greatest priority is the students’ well-being. Throughout the school year, she ensures that students receive their “backpacks,” giving them extra food for the weekend. Her knowledge of government programs provides families with necessary resources, allowing them to worry less about meeting basic needs and focus on spending quality time with their children. Through regular classroom activities and individual consultations, Ms. Sundall teaches students about positive character traits, mediation skills, and coping skills.

Ms. Sundall makes a difference in the lives of many students in several ways. She helps seniors locate and apply for scholarships most relevant to their interests and post-secondary schools. Ms. Sundall helps students locate and enroll in dual-credit and credit recovery classes. She provides endless guidance and assistance during student registration. Ms. Sundall works closely with administration and staff to develop and carry out student 504 plans.

Ms. Sundall’s contribution to Wall School District’s culture is huge. Her positive demeanor and optimistic outlook is contagious with students, staff, and the greater Wall community. Ms. Sundall spends endless hours researching and executing activities that develop positive character. She models positive character traits for students, staff, and the greater Wall community. She also has varsity athletes meet with elementary and middle school students about character, which has received praise. Finally, she arranges for elementary students to meet and greet the starting line-ups at varsity boys and girls basketball games, a very popular activity with home and visiting basketball fans.

"Ms. Sundall does so much more than can be put into words. Her ability to help students mediate, while holding strong to strict professional practices and standards, has made Wall School District what it is today," said Sykora.

Comments (9)

MARY WILLIAMS Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Sundall excels in encouraging and assisting graduating students to find and apply for scholarships to help them with post secondary education. Usually students don't know where to begin in this process, but Mrs. Sundall guides them with patience and persistence so that they can and will succeed. This is a true example of how she is a Life Changer and one more reason why she is very deserving of this award.

Kellie nixon Posted over a year ago

Ms. Sundall goes above and beyond for all the students at Wall School District. She genuinely care about all of the students, their families and her community. Her support of her students doesn't stop at graduation either. As the mother of a now college student, Ms. Sundall has continued to be a great resource. Having experience other school districts we have been so blessed to have Ms. Sundall. Her knowledge and caring are unbelievable.

Megan Edelman Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Sundall is the epitome of an outstanding counselor. She is genuine and very patient and kind with the students and parents. Her door is always open and students feel comfortable talking to her. Mrs. Sundall is very deserving of this award.

Jessica Wagner Posted over a year ago

Mrs Sundall is an all around amazing person, the kids and parents know they always have a person to talk to. Positivity exudes from her when you are around her, she teaches and practices positive behavior that I admire so much. We are so lucky to have her in our lives and I don’t know what we would do without her. Thank you Mrs Sundall for all that you do!

Kevin and Jody Bielmaier Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Kelli Sundall, without a doubt, is deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year award. She models the highest quality of integrity, compassion and humility in all her interactions with students, parents and co-workers. On a personal note, Mrs.Sundall has greatly assisted our three children throughout their school years in particular with career aspirations, college searches, scholarship applications, dual credit course selection, National Honor Society and in their daily challenges of life. We marvel at her ability to give her undivided, personal touch to each student in the school. She never tires of inspiring, encouraging and supporting the Wall School students. Thank you Mrs. Sundall, we are truly grateful for YOU!

Bonnie Law Posted over a year ago

Ms. Sundall is very kind to kids of all ages in our school. She always has a smile on her face for the kids and their parents. I see her going above and beyond to help families get the resources they need. As my kids move into high school and look beyond, she is very good at helping me understand the steps. She has worked closely with me to figure out classes, class schedules and opportunities for them. She was very involved in helping my son get everything he needed to take Dual Credit classes as a Junior. She is a wonderful member of our community and I am so proud of all she does for the school and the kids.

Tricia Amiotte Posted over a year ago

Ms. Sundall is very deserving of this award. It is hard to sum up all the ways she changes the lives of the students she works with and community that she lives in. I have known Ms Sundall in several capacities over the years... I admire and respect her as a parent, a fellow church member, and as a professional counselor at school. The following are few of the many ways that she changes the lives of her students.... She handles difficult student conflict with grace and fairness. She has a very positive and trustworthy nature that I believe helps students turn to her for support and advice. She goes above and beyond to help the upper classmen prepare for ACT's. And year after year she help the Wall high school graduating seniors apply and receive more scholarship money than any other school in our region. I believe If you ever had the opportunity to meet Ms. Sundall, you would agree that she is a true "diamond in the rough" and truly represents the person who is deserving of this award. Sincerely, Tricia Amiotte

Jill Reinert Posted over a year ago

I have 3 daughters in the Wall School, ages 18 (graduated in May 2018), 13 and 7. Kelli does an amazing job instilling positive values in all of them, through different programs at the school and her day to day contact with them. Her office is always open and she encourages kids to visit; for example, they can stop in to get a piece of candy after school. She is truly motivated by seeing her students succeed. I've always appreciated Kelli, but never more so than when my oldest daughter was a senior. Kelli worked tirelessly helping my daughter and her classmates through college applications and scholarships. Wall seniors have received an enormous amount of scholarship money over the past several years, which, in large part, is due to her diligence. She takes on a lot of the responsibility that would normally fall on parents, and always has a smile on her face and encouraging words for her students. Kelli truly goes above and beyond in her job and is very deserving of this award.

Deni Amundson Posted over a year ago

I am a parent of a student at the Wall School. We moved in the middle of the year and Mrs. Sundall went above and beyond expectations to communicate with us before he started school and ensure that my son’s transition was positive. She went out of her way to introduce him to other students his age to make sure his first day went well. The support didn’t stop there- she’s always there with a smile for anything the students and parents need. I can’t stress enough how deserving she is of the award. The title of it is “life changer”- I know the impact she’s had on our family in the short time we’ve known her so I can only imagine the number of other lives she’s changed in a positive way!