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Ashlee Todd

Position: Counselor
School: Patterson Elementary School
School District: Pierce County Schools
City, State: Patterson, GA

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Ashlee Todd was nominated by a colleague, Brandi Metts.

Ms. Todd has accepted her role as counselor with enthusiasm and a kindred spirit that makes her school better every day. For her first years in this role, she took on additional leadership duties with the administration because her school was short-staffed. 

"Ashlee is often the front line of defense for kids who are experiencing troubles at home and at school.  She connects with students to ensure a socially and emotionally healthy environment during the school day," Metts said.  

As counselor, Ms. Todd has worked hard to develop strategies to help PES teachers foster positive relationships and see gains in student achievement. As an advocate for promoting the parent and school partnership, Ms. Todd is passionate about using this important connection to bring out the best in students.  She has accompanied teachers on home visits for students, without hesitation. 

"We live in a rural area with a low socioeconomic population, which presents even greater daily challenges.  PES can count on Ashlee to find resources for our students and their families in times of struggle.  She is a sounding board for our students to confide their feelings, and she is a person the teachers rely on to make PES the best," Metts said. 

Even though Ms. Todd is just getting started, her colleagues recognize that she is a vital part of the team. She brings a plethora of ideas to the table every day, as they seek to expand their presence and commitment to educational excellence in Pierce County.  Ms. Todd is the coordinator of her school's mentor program and works tirelessly to find volunteers that are willing to support young students on a regular basis. She values the fact that kids need a caring adult in their lives, and not every kid has that at home.