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Kimberley Edwards

Position: Reading Intervention Specialist
School: Patterson Elementary School
School District: Pierce School District
City, State: Patterson, GA

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Kimberly Edwards was nominated by a colleague, Anitra DeJaynes.

Mrs. Edwards has been making an impact on students for 19 years at Patterson Elementary. She helps children learn how to read and teaches them new strategies that they can use in the classroom and in their everyday lives. Mrs. Edwards always has a smile to greet her students as well as her coworkers; she knows that sometimes, it may be the only kindness they see that day. She has a passion for helping students succeed through reading.

Mrs. Edwards also takes pride in her community. She organizes the community luncheon that is held at her school annually, making sure that every detail is attended to and that no community member is left out. She does it all without expecting any recognition.

"Mrs. Edwards is a vital part of our PES family, our school system and our community," said DeJaynes. "She helps with the high school band, her church events and is always there when someone needs a kind word or a helping hand. She has been helping change and shape the lives of children, coworkers and community for years."

Comments (11)

Dot Norris Posted over a year ago

Kim Edwards is one of the sweetest, most caring people I have ever known! I have worked at the school with her in years past and I am also a member of the same church as her. She has a unique passion for helping others, especially children! She is certainly very deserving of this award! Kim has a special way of helping her students to believe in themselves and to see that they can do anything that anyone else can do!

Shay Carter Posted over a year ago

Kim is an instrumental part of Patterson Elementary. She goes above and beyond to assist students, colleagues, and her community. She selflessly and humbly does what is necessary to help students at Patterson Elementary become readers. Kim not only wants our students to be successful, but does what she needs to do to also help fellow teachers be successful! As a new teacher to Patterson six years ago, she took me under her wing and made sure I felt like a part of the "PES family." I truly appreciate her kindness and dedication to fulfilling her passion in serving others!

Danielle Yeomans Posted over a year ago

Kim always goes above and beyond to help students in our school become successful readers. She also is very active in our community and has a passion for helping others. She selflessly uses her time to help those in need. She has a huge heart for helping others and it shows in her everyday actions. She is very deserving of this award.

Donna Murray Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Kim is a hard-working passionate educator! She is an excellent reading teacher. She teaches students strategies to use in reading and monitors struggling readers to be sure they get support that will boost their chances of success. She volunteers when she sees a need at our elementary school and works tirelessly to help our high school band. She reaches out to connect our community and school through an annual luncheon to honor our volunteers. She also tutors during the summer.

Darby Howard Posted over a year ago

What a huge honor it is to be nominated! Kim’s volunteering and impact extends outside Patterson Elementary schools walls. It’s not uncommon to see her behind the scenes at church events and other schools in our county’s evnts (especially the Pierce County High school band, she is somehow involved in most aspects of this program). Even though she doesn’t ever seek attention or recognition, I am very proud and happy to see her be recgonized and nominated.

Bob Edwards Posted over a year ago

I am very proud of my wife and I think she is deserving of this award. She is also helping secure chaperones for the Sound of Silver marching band.

Cindy Cason Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Kim, you so deserve it!! Thanks for all you do!

Alexis Mills Posted over a year ago

You will never meet a more compassionate or hard working lady than Kimberley Edwards. She continues to change children's lives for the better, year after year. She wants to see each student succeed and reach their dreams. Without her, I would not be were I am today.

Millie Walker Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kim, is a positive, consistent and passionate educator! Her gift is helping students excell in reading! She teaches reading during the school day in small groups as well as push in to the classroom. Her summers are filled with tutoring for students that need help with reading. Students come first for Ms. Kim!

Ivy Mock Posted over a year ago

I have been blessed know Kim Edwards for 19 years. She has always been very positive and a hard worker for our community, schools, and students. Kim takes time from her personal schedule to tutor students to make sure they are ready to excel in today's world. She is a master at teaching children to read. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure all students get the interventions and support they need to be successful lifelong learners. On Friday nights and Saturdays you will find Kim in the bleachers with the band greeting everyone with a smile and kind word. She volunteers countless hours not only to elementary students but also the high school band. I would like to thank Kim for all she does selflessly for the students, parents, and community of Pierce County.

Glenda Kicklighter Posted over a year ago

Ms. Edwards is a necessary part of our elementary school in Patterson! She's loving, kind, & special to her students & coworkers. In other words, she's the best!!