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Cindy Pierce

Position: Counselor
School: Central Elementary School
School District: Yukon Public Schools
City, State: Yukon, OK

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Cindy Pierce was nominated by her principal, Laurie Gallagher.

Ms. Pierce truly changes the lives of students, not only in her school, but in her district. Although she has been in education for 27 years, she continues to look for ways to make a positive impact on students and staff. Ms. Pierce continually models the expectations that are set for students and communicates with the staff to be sure they're meeting all students' needs. She conducts whole group, small group and individual counseling, and she also serves as a check point for students in the morning to get their day started off right.  She coordinates and distributes the food backpack program and searches for resources that her school can provide students and their families.

"Cindy has a great heart and a gift for recognizing strengths in people of all ages!  Cindy is dependable and takes on tasks when she sees that there is a need in our school," said Gallagher. "She listens and gives great feedback while bringing our staff together.  I am so thankful for all that Cindy does for me and for our students and staff!  She is a LifeChanger!"

Comments (35)

Heather Copsin Posted 9 months ago

Mrs Pierce is so encouraging and uplifting to her students! My boys love seeing her smiling face!

Caroline Bentley Posted 9 months ago

Cindy Pierce has been wonderful for Central Elementary. My son especially enjoyed her encouragement to think about careers with an activity of drawing their ideal job on a finger puppet. Such a creative way to think about their futures!

Kristina Shumaker Posted 9 months ago

She is amazing counselor and has provided such awesome support for my.son with autism. She is such a sweet lady and my son just loves her

Carey Wauson Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Pierce teaches my daughter and Lilly says that Mrs. Pierce teaches them about feelings and how to be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper. This is so important and relevant in life. Lilly enjoys learning and Cindy makes it fun!

Taryn Taylor Posted 9 months ago

She is awesome! I am a first year teacher and she has definitely changed my life!

Jeniece Bridgforth Posted 9 months ago

Cindy Pierce is truly one of a kind! She does everything that she can to enhance the lives of everyone around her. She goes above and beyond to help struggling students and adults. She always seems to know when to just listen. Cindy is always looking to stay up to date with best practices and shares her knowledge to better her colleagues and school district. I genuinely appreciate everything she has done for me, my children, and their school district!

Susi Rea Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Pierce is truly a life changer. I have known Cindy for over twenty years. She cares for all the children at our school. She is so caring, loving and patient. Cindy listens to everyone, adults included!! Cindy is a very important part of our school!!

Vicki Beals Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is amazing!

Staci Sperry Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is wonderful! She is so kind, she always has a smile on her face and she is always positive! Our kids, parents and staff love her!

Vicki Beals Posted 9 months ago

Mrs Pierce is an amazing counselor. She is kind, compassionate and always happy to help her students. We are blessed to have her at Central!

Jody Pendleton Posted 9 months ago

I have known Cindy for over 20 years. She has always been kind hearted and caring towards her students. Her smile is a welcome sight every time you see her. I appreciate all the work she does in helping students. She is a true asset to Yukon schools!

Nick Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Pierce is an excellent counselor who goes above and beyond what is expected of the role. She makes such a positive impact on our children!

Kristin Doutey Posted 9 months ago

Cindy, truly goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the students at Central Elementary. Her sincerity, compassion and dedication are inspirational.

Lacey Giles Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Pierce is an instrumental piece at Central! She really cares about the children and helps make sure they have what they need for success!

Tina Bashlor Posted 9 months ago

Wears so many hats and makes a difference to our students’ daily lives! Thank you Cindy!

Dafna Posted 9 months ago

Ms. Cindy has a special calm, peaceful smile, spiritual energy that effect any breathing young and old around her.she is an absolutely a significant blessing to her school , colleges, peers and of course her family.

Misty Swingle Posted 9 months ago

Cindy cares very much for her students and all the children in her community. Her heart is full of love! Our school system is very lucky to have her!

Tina Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is absolutely amazing! Cindy is caring, compassionate, thoughtful and loving! I’m very fortunate to work with her. She’s a true lifechanger for so many!

Kjristi Macdowell Posted 9 months ago

Mrs Pierce is always so kind and sweet with the kids. My six year old little boy describes her as "AWESOME". She has such a special positive way of teaching small kids how to react to life's issues and how they can be the best at life. She really is a life changer for all she is around. Thank you Mrs Pierce for all you do for our kids!

Shannon Mann Posted 9 months ago

I have learned so much from her as a wonderful colleague and friend.

Tina Williams Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is absolutely amazing at everything! Students and staff love her!!

Melissa McRae Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is an amazing coworker, counselor and friend. She is thoughtful, caring and brings out the best in us all. She is truly a LifeChanger!!

Shelly Raynor Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is amazing with the kids! She is always so positive and has a smile that reflects her kind heart. She is a blessing to work with!

Krista Bishop Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Pierce is so amazing. She always has time to listen, you never feel rushed. She is willing to jump in and help with anything you need. We are so lucky to have her

Krista and Katie Bishop Posted 9 months ago

Mrs.Pierce is awesome! She always has time to listen to the students and parents. She is ready and willing to jump in and help wherever needed, and gives you all the time you need to talk. She has also helped the students learn important things like kindness, morals, honesty and friendship. I’m so grateful for her and we are blessed to have her at our school.

Natasha Dowdy Posted 9 months ago

Cindy was my counselor when I was in school and now she is my coworker! She is always kind and is amazing with the students.

Carson Edward Logan Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. Pierce always listens to her students and tries to help them. She goes above and beyond for her students and school.

Emilee Posted 9 months ago

Cindy is amazing with our kiddos! She teaches with encouraging words and kindness that radiates through the children. The students love when she comes to visit them.

Kevin Bales Posted 10 months ago

To me, Cindy’s love and compassion for others is reflected in her children. We get to spend time with them each week at church, you can see in them the example she sets for being considerate and kind to those around them. We love Cindy and her family.

Jessica Adams Posted 10 months ago

Cindy is an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond to help students in our building, as well as our community. She manages and distributes the back packs to hungry kids on weekends and long breaks. She is a fantastic role model to children in the school. She helps with kids at church during children’s church and VBS. She steps up where other people may not. She is also a blessing in my life as a good friend. She is a teacher-role model, as well. If anyone deserves this, it is Cindy Pierce.

Alan Pierce Posted 10 months ago

I have often wondered how many lives out of the thousands of students that Cindy Pierce has encouraged to move forward with sincerity and honesty. Her integrity makes Yukon Public Schools a community with high standards. Her faith, family and country is a prime example of leadership. Cindy's Life Changer nomination is well deserved.

Dana Haueter Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations on all of of your accomplishments! Thankful for our time as teacher neighbors and continued friendship since then!!

Bill Pierce Posted 10 months ago

My life was forever changed the day I met this life changer. I am truly blessed to be married to and live a full life with such an impactful life changer. Cindy pours into all she comes into contact with. Out of her life’s challenges and blessings she has used all of herself to change and make a difference in others. Cindy’s heart and life’s work has and is a beacon unto so many students, parents, coworkers, and family members, including myself. She is a light and inspiration. I believe one person’s service, such as hers, lives on in others. The impact made by others is a direct result of each life changer’s love, influence and selfless desire to serve. To know me is to be impacted, blessed, and loved by her. I am blessed by Cindy and her faithfull service to our family, as a devoted wife and mother. I’ve had a front row seat watching her positively improve her community, as an educator, and I’ve witnessed her sacrifices and service to her country, as a 24 year military spouse. Cindy you are truly a life changer!!

Elaine Logan Posted 10 months ago

Cindy is a blessing to our school

SHANNON M ANKROM Posted 10 months ago

Cindy is amazing!