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Ashley Cicchino

Position: Guidance Counselor
School: Jefferson Elementary School
School District: Roxbury Public Schools
City, State: Succasunna, NJ

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Ashley Cicchino was nominated by her colleague, Patricia Klein.

Ms. Cicchino goes above and beyond in everything she does! Here is a short list  of her accomplishments:

  • Honorable Mention for NJ State School of Character
  • An original member of the first District Crisis Team
  • Developed and implemented Parent Book Club
  • Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Writer for the District
  • Book Club for Students (Mornings before School)
  • HIB Specialist; fully trained in Hibster Program
  • Educator of the Year Nominee for 2018
  • Committee Chair for School Safety and Climate Team

Comments (17)

Leo Coakley Posted over a year ago

As President of the Roxbury Board of Education and grandparent of several students, I realize that it is only through the dedication and unselfish effort of educators such as Mrs. Cicchino that our district is so successful in meeting the needs of our students. Mrs. Cicchino’s accomplishments and enthusiasm are exemplary and highly deserving of recognition.

Joan Damell Posted over a year ago

While walking the halls of Jefferson School, one can always spot Ashley’s beaming smile for every person who crosses her path. She exhibits genuine care, support, and interest and makes all comfortable enough to approach her. She absolutely aims to change lives and well deserves this recognition.

Liza Kali Posted over a year ago

Mrs Cicchino played an integral role in helping our oldest son learn to take responsibility and learn from his impulsive grade school choices. At 14, we still use her phrase of “honest eyes” when we are reflecting on situations. Her positive influence on him has stayed with him and continues to help him navigate his teen years. Clearly, this woman is a “Lifechanger”. Good Luck Mrs Cicchino

CherithGirl Posted over a year ago

The Roxbury School system needs more people like Ashley. Hands down she deserves this award.

Laura Shannon Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award. Ashley is an amazing counselor and an amazing person!

Carla Dexter Posted over a year ago

I have had the opportunity to work with Ashley and loved every minute of it. Her dedication to the students and staff is something to be modeled. She brings kindness, laughter and knowledge to all situations. As a mother, Ashley was instrumental in making my son’s days at summer school a success.

Melissa Cosgrove Posted over a year ago

Ashley is my right and left hand in the building. She is not only a guidance counselor, but wears all sorts of hats as many educators do. I am forever in her debt for the genuine love she shows our students, the dedication she gives the staff, and her strong support of the administration! She is a life changer at Jefferson School and we love Mrs. CICCHINO!

Barbara Derrick Posted over a year ago

Ashley is well-deserving of this award. She goes ABOVE and BEYOND at our school! She is supportive of students and staff when we need it!

Christina Green Posted over a year ago

Ashley helps to bring out a child's confidence, and supplies him/her with the tools to use it in his/her academics and social environment.

The Guadagnino Family Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cicchino is an everyday LifeChanger superhero! As a guidance counselor, she has a tremendous positive impact on the school community. Mrs. Cicchino exemplifies the qualities of a LifeChanger superhero because she inspires, teaches, and empowers her students to be positive life changers.

Kate Zenna Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Cicchino is a very active school counselor who is dedicated to her students by providing numerous programs for them. She knows them by name and involves them in our school culture. She is accessible to all and greets us all with a smile and her attention.

Diana Corvalan Posted over a year ago

Our daughter loves Ms. Cicchino! She is always sweet, caring and helpful.

Loretta Radulic Posted over a year ago

As the Superintendent of Roxbury Schools, one of my first decisions was to ensure that each of our elementary schools had their very own guidance counselor. Our hope in having a guidance counselor in each building is that the individual would be able to support our students' social and emotional development, have a positive influence on the school's environment, and serve as a resource for our teachers. Ashley does all of this and beyond. She is known throughout the elementary buildings for her professionalism and for bringing creative opportunities to the programs. Yes, our principals have fought over her! I am honored to support her in this recognition and can't think of a more deserving guidance counselor.

Joanne SAUL Posted over a year ago

Well deservered, by far the best counselor I have ever had the privilege of working with in 26 yrs. of education.

Karen Kovarik Posted over a year ago

Ashley works hard for students individually and for our school community as a whole. She is a leader in helping Jefferson School to be the positive place that it is for students and staff. She is a respected colleague who is always eager to provide resources and help.

Sonya Meade Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all your hard work with the kids at Jefferson School! You are always equipped with a smiling face and a kind word.

Patricia Klein Posted over a year ago

Ashley is the person you can turn to when you have run out of ideas about how to help a child!