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Misty Burchett

Position: Counselor
School: Waresboro Elementary School
School District: Ware County Schools
City, State: Waycross, GA

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Misty Burchett was nominated by her principal, Jenny Barnes.

Mrs. Burchett is a school counselor like no other. People always say that dynamite comes in small packages, and this holds true for Mrs. Burchett. She is tiny, but she is fierce.

"I've never met another school counselor who works so hard to make a beneficial difference in the lives of her students," said Barnes. "Mrs. Burchett has a clinical background, and she has woven that clinical experience into the culture of our school to help the many students in our population who have experienced multiple traumatic events in their lives. Our school has a student population with very high needs. They've experienced events in their lives that many would consider unsurmountable, but not Mrs. Burchett. She believes in every student and knows how resilient kids are. Whether it is through group and individual counseling, sand therapy, art therapy, lunch clubs, puzzles, or drawing, Mrs. Burchett knows how to reach the hardest to reach students. And oh, how they love her!"

Because Mrs. Burchett is so willing to work to make a positive difference in the lives of her students, she has added positively to her school's overall culture. Waresboro Elementary has received a perfect 5 star school climate rating since Mrs. Burchett arrived 3 years ago. Her positive attitude and servant heart is one of the primary reasons her school sustains this positive culture. When she lifts students up, she is also uplifting the teachers and other faculty members.

Teachers have an incredibly hard job, and Mrs. Burchett makes it easier for them by nurturing and supporting the students in their classes. This makes their jobs easier and helps students succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. One example of an amazing initiative Mrs. Burchett put into place in each classroom was the establishment of Cool Down Boxes. She worked with a local mental health agency to create boxes for each classroom teacher. The boxes contained different objects to help students cool down when they become angry, anxious or upset. These items include pinwheels students can blow to help them take deep breaths, fidget items for students who need to move and click things, bouncy bands for ADHD students to put their feet on during learning, and numerous other items.

"Moreover, I’ve been in dozens of meetings with Mrs. Burchett and personally watched her use her clinical connections to get appointments for families who need mental health care for their student," said Barnes. "She is truly a child advocate on every level, and a champion for seeing that the marginalized community of people needing mental health care are able to have access to it. This is a great example of the high moral and ethical standards she has in regards to her profession."

Mrs. Burchett is also one of the most humble people one could meet. Her heart is never self-righteous or judgemental. Instead, she is always working to find common ground with her students and families so she can earn their trust and help them succeed. Seeing her students and families make progress towards success not only makes her happy, but motivates her each day.

"As a school principal, I can honestly say she is one of the most integral members of my leadership team. She is my right arm, my partner, and my friend," said Barnes. "I love her and wish every child in this nation, in this world, could have someone like Misty Burchett in their corner. For these reasons, and so many more, is why Mrs. Misty Burchett is truly the epitome of a LifeChanger, not just of this year, but every single day."

Comments (11)

Haley Livingston Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Burchett is a precious soul! She takes care of my babies at Waresboro and I love her for it. She always has a smile and breathes happiness and positivity. We love her so very much!!

Angie Simmons Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Burchett is an amazing counselor at my daughters school. We are so blessed to have her at Waresboro to love and guide our kids everyday!!

Jackie Carter Posted 10 months ago

I agree ! I’ve known Mrs Misty since she was born my nieces Best friend ! I as a nurse years ago worked for State of Ga n Ware County Mental Health I’m So Proud of my Neice An yes Misty! Her dedication to her job n Waresboro Elementary! Her Dedication An love for God ! Her Family! Our Kids An Family ! Her Community ! What an honor Congratulations Misty !

Debi Jones Posted over a year ago

Misty is by far one of the most awesome clinical counselors that I have ever met. As a veteran Social Worker with over 30 years experience, I can honestly say she is at the top of my list of expert mental health/guidance counselor that I have worked with. She is an example of a Life Changer extraordinary making an impact in the students and families in Ware County. I was privileged to work with her on a regular basis prior to my retirement from the school system as Social Work Coordinator. Job well done Misty!

Laura Fullard Posted over a year ago

Misty Burchett is a life changer. She is a positivity influencer, an encourager, and a role model that all would want to follow. Misty has a heart for those that are less fortunate and always has time for everyone. She worked with children and adolescents in the community mental health program for 10 years and brought a wealth of knowledge and skills with her to the school system. She is an asset to the school system and the community and is very deserving of this honor.

Marcy Hood Posted over a year ago

Our family agrees that Misty Burchett IS a LIFECHANGER. She helped change the life of 2 of my children 4 yrs ago when she testified in court. They are my husband's bio children. And they were being neglected and abused. We got custody due alot to Misty's testimony. I have been raising these children and have been a mother to them for 4 yrs now. They are well adjusted with good morals and hygiene now. Well taken care of now. All due to Misty. Not only her testimony but her support behind us as parents to give us the courage to fight for custody. Misty has always been concerned with our family as individuals and as a unit. Misty a lifechanger? SHE IS THE DEFINITION OF A LIFECHANGER. Just ask my 11 and 12 yr olds!!! WE LOVE US SOME MISS MISTY!!! LOVE THE HOOD/CHRISTY FAMILY

Betty B Bennett Posted over a year ago

I have known and worked with Misty for many years, and she has always been an inspiration to me as well as other Co workers. Her love for her children and their well being is evident in the extra effort she puts out for every single child she serves to make their life better. Congratulations Misty you so deserve this honor.

Camille Conley Posted over a year ago

No one is more deserving than Misty!!! She is an incredible counselor, mentor, friend and mother! She did amazing work here at Unison Behavioral Health and Waresboro is lucky to have her too!!

Lena Ivey Posted over a year ago

Misty is an AMAZING woman!!! She goes above and beyond in all aspects/roles of her life and is genuinely passionate about her job. Waresboro is incredibly blessed to have her!!

Clara Tapley Posted over a year ago

So excited and proud of you Misty! Hearing this praise from a person like Jenny Barnes is quite special. Happy to know that waresboro students have you in their corner.

Donna Rowe Posted over a year ago

I truly agree with Dr. Barnes. I have taught for 37 years and Mrs. Burchett is by far the most caring counselor I have worked with. Our student population is very needy and she goes beyond the expected to help all students. She finds a way to express very difficult concerns in a way that parents cannot ignore but yet do not feel angered. She finds backpacks, clothing, shoes, supplies, and will call a parent with any concern I may have. She is especially efficacious when it comes to working with those children with severe needs and issues. With any concern I have, she makes student contact, meets back with me, makes me aware of any extenuating circumstances, and always contacts the parents. She is truly a remarkable person with much compassion for her school and man-kind in general.