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Karli McCann

Position: Band Director
School: Pekin Community High School
School District: Pekin Community High School District 303
City, State: Pekin, IL

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Karli McCann was nominated by Eva Coltrin, a student.

There's no denying that High School can be rough, but having someone who always roots for you in all aspects of your life can make it a lot easier. McCann is the biggest cheerleader and fan for all of her students. She wants to help them succeed in all of their classes and in life. "On many occasions, I sat with her and talked over difficult things about friends, family, school, etc. Never once did she say that she was too busy for me or couldn't listen," Coltrin said. "When I say that she was a huge rock in my high school career, that's an understatement."  Even in the face of her own challenges, McCann makes time for her students.

McCann had long wanted to start a percussion class to entice more students to join band. After a tremendous effort, she made it happen. Her first percussion class will take place this fall. The class will give students with no prior band experience the chance to learn the basics of percussion instruments. McCann tries to reach out through the whole school. She recently took over the orchestra department as well. McCann is always striving to test her limits and make programs better for students. She projects the belief that all of her students can be achievers if they put their minds to it. 

"I am forever grateful for all she has done for me since I walked into the band room as a freshman. She will always hold a special place in many students' hearts and I am sure of that," Coltrin said. "Mrs.McCann is a strong, kind, bold woman and I'm glad I got the chance to spend so much time with her, even if she puts off just as much sass as I do. All in all, she's so amazing and I just 'McCann't' imagine high school without her as my LifeChanger!"