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Cynthia Martinez

Position: Counselor
School: PSJA Sonia M. Sotomayor Early College High School
School District: Pharr San Juan Alamo ISD
City, State: Pharr, TX

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Cynthia Martinez was nominated by Virginia Saenz, director of counselor and guidance.

"Dedicated, caring and reliable are words that come to mind when I think of Mrs. Cynthia Martinez," said Saenz. "Over ten years, I have worked with her very closely, and she has not changed one bit. Throughout her journey as a counselor, she has become an inspirational role model to her students, staff, and parents. Mrs. Martinez is a true LifeChanger."

Mrs. Martinez has been in the education field for 22 years and is currently the counselor at PSJA Sonia M. Sotomayor, a school for teen moms. This school not only increases graduation rates for teen moms, but it also has an early college designation. There is no other special purpose high school such as this one in the state of Texas or across the nation.

Mrs. Martinez has walked in the same shoes as her students, therefore, she can relate to them. She understands the expectations and struggles of obtaining an education and caring for a child. She strongly believes that the education system needs to empower “at risk” young moms with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.

Despite the many challenges her students are faced with, she goes above and beyond to ensure her students acquire a high school diploma, an industry certificate, or an Associate from a partnering community college.

“Cynthia Martinez is instrumental in helping our at-risk students be prepared for college entrance. She has made a big difference in making sure that all of our students do the pre-requsites for college entrance as they work on their high school diplomas," said Rosa Rakay, principal of PSJA Sonia M. Sotomayor. "Because our campus is a special purpose campus for teen moms, Mrs. Martinez has more than just the counseling work to do with these students. She provides resources for all students to help with finances and housing, solutions to transportation and scheduling conflicts, materials for college classes and supplemental help to make sure that students are successful while taking college courses.”

Mrs. Martinez provides a strong support system by having regular conferences with her students; in these meetings, she refers back to the HS/College road maps that are initially created. She also believes in building a strong relationship with her students in order to assist them in highlighting their strengths, meeting their needs and achieving their goals. She not only works tirelessly with the teachers, but she also stays in close contact with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Early Head Start day care center. This allows her to monitor any changes or difficulties that may arise with the student or child.

“A school’s success is reflected by the staff and leaders who support and encourage one another," said Martinez. "With everyone working together, we can make a difference in the lives of many teen moms.”

Mrs. Martinez is heavily invested in an innovative annual event called “Pearl of Wisdom”. This conference is held at her campus and gives young moms an opportunity to hear from other successful women. Motivational speakers such as lawyers, doctors and businesswomen who were teen moms as well share their stories and encourage students.

Mrs. Martinez is part of the planning committee in charge of networking with community leaders and businesses for this event. She extends her hand with whatever she can help with to make every experience at Sotomayor ECHS memorable and successful.

Previously graduated teen mothers have come back to thank Mrs. Martinez for her advice and support, which has helped them continue their educational success. Mrs. Martinez exemplifies the ability to positively impact the lives of not only teen mothers, but their children, as well. She hopes to continue sharing her counseling skills so that other districts across the country can give teen mothers a second chance.

Comments (94)

Lisa Hernandez Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations, Mrs. Martinez! :)

Marcela A Rodriguez Posted 6 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is not only a great counselor but an amazingly helpful individual. When my family was going through a life changing situation, she was there to not only help guide us through the process but also gave support to my daughter in becoming a teen mom. Being there to help us through this difficult challenge in life is truly a blessing. She helped us overcome the heart ache and overwhelming feeling of the situation we were facing. Mrs.Matinez was there to listen, advise and guide in the right direction. Thank you for being a blessing in our life!!!

Teresa Rodriguez Posted 6 months ago

I am a student of Mrs.Martinez at Sonia M. Sotomayor ECHS. She is a caring, kind, and loving individual. I met her this year when I was transferred to Sotomayor, she has been very cooperative of setting up my schedule for highschool and college. I was facing an obstacle with my college classes and she took the time to have a meeting with me concerning my college classes, and she helped me get back on my feet for my pathway to my associates. She always has her door open to all the students and she always wants what is best for us. Thank you Mrs.Martinez for all your time, support, and dedication on helping us succeed with our education.

Teshawn Leslie Posted 7 months ago

We are blessed to have Mrs. Martinez as part of our team at Sonia M. Sotomayor ECHS. As a DC teacher I worked closely with Mrs. Martinez in the enrollment of my college students. She is a very good counselor. She is always willing to work with us and is very understanding. She also has a very positive mentality. I don’t think she has ever told me no????. She is also easy to work with. No doubt, at Sotomayor she has her hands full with the college section and the highschool section but you can see at the end of the day she loves what she does. Our girls love her and we love her. Good Luck Mrs. Martinez.

Bobby J Rodriguez Posted 7 months ago

I met Mrs. Martinez when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade as my Cheer Coach. She was also my sister teacher. I remember her being so compationate and a great leader. I always admired her for her kindness and dedication she has for her family. Congratulations, Mrs. Martinez! Well deserved!

Wade Hoskins Posted 7 months ago

I recommend mrs Martinez for this honor ive the privilege to work both her daughters Debbie and Ericka Martinez they are both excellent at there professions and i would say alot of that credit goes towards there mother.

Carolina De Leon Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a hard working woman who takes joy in her job and is very dedicated to what she does. She not only encourages us to do better but she does anything she can do get us informed with the proper classes we need to achieve our goals I am very thankful to have a counselor who loves what she does and helps us every day to become a better individual.

Marina Ramirez Posted 7 months ago

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Cynthia Martinez last year and I would agree that she is a kind, caring, and a supportive person. She has helped so many young people in the PSJA area to achieve their goals by asssiting them in finding their college pathway. You are truly deserving of being recognized for this award.

Janette Delgadillo Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a wonderful person who takes the time to advocate and devote her knowledge to the students on campus. I myself am a UTRGV student who is a long side Mrs. Martinez for guidance and knowledge while doing my internship to graduate with my bachelors in Social Work. Before attending my field placement I had no knowledge of the work that is being done within the campus for these teen moms. I myself was a teen mom and it was very hard for me to complete my education and pursue a career in which I would give back to the community. Mrs. Martinez has continued to show her support and lead the way for me to complete an excellent knowledgeable internship and fulfill my duties as a student. I want to thank her because had she not given me her time I would not be working with the population of my choice. I have seen her since day one advocate and lead these girls to their future success. Thank you Mrs. Martinez for your awesome support.

Laura Garza Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a very good counselor. Whenever you need, she helps you. She is an excellent example to follow.

Jacqueline Arredondo Posted 7 months ago

Mrs.Martinez is a very a nice and caring person to her students . We all love what she does for us at Sonia Soto Mayor. She's guided me through all my college courses made sure i passed. Now thanks to her i have a certificate for recruiter assassinate. She motivated me to take college class since i was in sophomore year now i'm a senior and taking a phlebotomy class to get certified. She's a very good consular!!

frida loza Posted 7 months ago

MS.Martinez is the best counselor . Keep up the good work

deniss morua Posted 7 months ago

Mrs.Martinez is such a great person she always helping us girls to keep going with our education. she is understating and gives the students chance to finish credits and offers college courses at stc thank you for everything Mrs.martinez.

Sitlaly Irasema Mendez Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a beatific person , if we have a concern she helps out she pushes you to get enrolled in college classes so we can provide a better future for our kinds. I thank for her assisting Sotomayor ECH because she is kind, attentive and helpful. She goes above and beyond for us. With teachers, counselors like that we get motivated to come to school and don't slack off. Thanks Mrs. Martinez for all your help and your attention.

Stephanie Posted 7 months ago

LUCKY! to be choosen Ms, when i first saw thought you were nice N you were N I feel like i can tell you anything i can already see myself asking alot of help from you when i need someone to be there for me i can i come to you bt THANKS for everything Ms. have a nice day N GOOD LUCK!

aaliyah puentes Posted 7 months ago

she made me feel so happy (:

jessica Posted 7 months ago

when I came over here ms.martinez made me feel loved and not shy anymore with her kind words .

Felicity Garcia Posted 7 months ago

Ms.Martinez has been the most helpful counselor I have had I have known her since I moved to Sotomayor three and a half years ago and she has never given up on me. Ms.Martinez treats all the girls with respect and makes you feel like you are right at home. She works with you in every way that she can, and if you're ever in doubt about which major to choose when the time comes she is very patient. Ms.Martinez is the kind of teacher that you can tell anything to you will never feel judged or criticized she will listen and support you just like any mother would. Ms.Martinez is truly the best counselor and Sonia Sotomayor as well as all the girls in this school are lucky to have her.

ashley amaya Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Martinez is a great counselor she has helped feel really welcome.

isabella Posted 7 months ago

although i haven't known ms.Martinez for long she believed in me when i didn't believed in myself . im grateful to have her as my counselor

jaymie perez Posted 7 months ago

mrs.martinez is such a good supporter to all us students at Sotomayor shes helped us accomplish so much no matter what she was doing she always made time to to either help us with school or even problems at home etc we would never want Martinez to leave we love her so much <3

ivylyn Posted 7 months ago

ms. martinez has helped me get into collage classes . she is a good role model and helps her students in any way she can . she is very nice and understanding .

audrie gonzalez Posted 7 months ago

Ms.Martinez is a very respectful and kind lady. She is always there for the girls that need to talk to her. She always has a positive attitude towards students and teachers, always fixes things that need to be fixed. She never lets you fall always gets you to be the best you can be.

Nora Posted 7 months ago

Mrs.martinez is a very good counsolor she loves and cares about us. I really apreccite her caring for us always make sure we are doing good great personality .

ana puentes Posted 7 months ago

very good counselor.. and very nice person always helping everyone

joycelyne gomez Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a great helping counselor she help me out when i had moved here she welcome me to this beautiful school shes a great counselor she done so much for her students

fernanda rodriguez Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a great helping counselor that helps me and every student in campus with everything we need. she also has us on track for what we need towards classes collage classes and helps everyone do what we want to accomplish.

evie quintanilla Posted 7 months ago

mrs.martinez helps me with my credits and helps me know what i need to pass

Melissa Puente Posted 7 months ago

MS.Martinez has let me get back on track by helping with everything i needed to get back in school and showing me that with hard work i can still accomplish my dreams . she inspired me to do what i want to do and change for the better thank you for everything you do for our school .

Destiny Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is the best counselor i have ever had. She cares a lot about her students and is willing to go out of her way to make sure we all succeed. She never lets us down , whatever we need she tries to give us it. Shes very helpful in giving us classes we will need for the career we want. Martinez has been a big impact in my life because she motivates me so i could push harder in what i want to be. I'm truly proud to have her as my counselor.

Karla Garza Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Martinez is such a wonderful person inside out and made me feel very welcomed my first year here in PSJA Sotomayor. She's always around when I have questions or need guidance and i'm so grateful because I have never had a person so helpful in my life. Thank you Ms.Martinez for being very helpful and having patience You are the best!

Ashley Nava Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a great counselor and provides each and every student with different path choices accordingly to each career choice. She is understanding and gives the students a chance to finish their credits and offers college courses at South Texas College when all Staar tests are over. Mrs. Martinez deserves this award because she goes out of her way to give students a chance to have a bigger future.

Kenna spiehs Posted 7 months ago

She is a wonderful mom and raised beautiful inside and out children.

David Posted 7 months ago

I worked with Mrs. Martinez at PSJA North and she always went above and beyond for her students. She always provided students with a blueprint how to get College Ready even in High School. Definitely deserving of this award.

Mariana bocanegra Posted 7 months ago

She has inspired me to work harder for a better future. She means a lot to me and because of her my life has changed a lot in a good way

Rebecca de Hoyos Posted 7 months ago

She has inspired me in many ways to change for the better, push me to work hard for a better future . She is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met, not only loving and respected around the school . But she has changed my life im a unforgettable way !

Angela clerch Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Martinez has inspired me to become a better person overall. She has taught me to never give up in myself and to believe.

Karen Lugo Posted 7 months ago

Had the pleasure of chatting with Mrs. Martinez and I really enjoyed our conversation. She's raised great daughters and achieved her goals when odds were against her. I had my daughter while I was in high school, and I truly think that more humans like her are needed to show our youth that we can still succeed.

Adrian Lara Posted 7 months ago

Excellent mother and inspiring women

Sonia Martinez Posted 7 months ago

I’ve known Mrs. Martinez for 29 years and she has my utmost respect as she is not only the nicest person you will ever meet, she has done so much to better her career. She has done all this while being a Wife and a Mother, I know her students are very lucky to have her as their counselor because she will change their lives.

Jackie Ruby Posted 7 months ago

Having been a teen mother, I have always felt inspired to motivate other young mothers by sharing my story; the trials, as well as the triumphs some 17 years later. It makes me so happy to see another resilient woman supporting such an important mission! Thank you, Mrs. Martinez for all the selfless effort you've given to this cause.

Mana serna Posted 7 months ago

Congratulations Mrs. Martinez, Dedication is a blessing. Your dedication, guidance and direction have helped many students take the correct career pathway. Also, thank you for working diligently on teacher schedules to meet the needs of our students. Mana Serna

priscilla ruiz Posted 7 months ago

Ms Martines is the best counselor I ever had. She cares about her students and how we fill. I really appreciate her because she has help me a lot with my classes and grades she organize my schedule as if I was special for her. She is a really incredible teacher and we can talk to her about are personal life as if she were are mom I fill so happy to have as my counselor .

Klarissa Varela Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is an amazing woman and a very outstanding counselor. She has assisted me through my college courses and made sure I never fell behind. She wants the best for me, and I can not wait to walk across the stage to make her proud of all the time and hard work she has put in for me. Thank you Mrs. Martinez without you I would not be where I am today.

Citlali Saenz Zepeda Posted 7 months ago

Ms. Martinez is a really good helper for us at Sonia M Sotomayor ECHS. Whenever we are in need of a helping hand she is always there to lend it to us. Whenever she feels that we are down she asks us if we are ok or if we need help in any type of way. thank you for being our life changer!

Karen Lugo Posted 7 months ago

This is incredible, and I wish there were more programs like this when I was in high school. I had my daughter at age 17, Junior in High School, and was able to graduate a year early No. 5 in graduating class. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Martinez this summer and I greatly enjoyed our conversation. She is truly admirable and has raised amazing DAUGHTERS. She deserves this award for not only achieving her goals against all odds, but ALSO for reaching out to help all of those who are now in the same situation she found herself years ago.

Missy Fraser Posted 7 months ago

I have known Mrs Martinez for 15 years. She is a wonderful woman, mother, and example for our youth. She has dedicated her life to improving the lives of her students. If anyone deserves this award, it is Cynthia Martinez.

Michael Hernandez Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez has always been such a helpful and patient counselor to my friends, brothers, and members in my community. She is kind, giving and has even helped me achieve goals as a professional at PSJA. She is definitely worthy to have been selected as #LCOY

Christy Sanchez Posted 7 months ago

Such a sweet sweet women! Very giving in her Knowledge! She’s awesome!

Melissa Posted 7 months ago

Blessing and favor over you! Thanks for all you do !

Lisa Marie Gonzalez Posted 7 months ago

We are extremely blessed to have Mrs. Martinez as our school counselor here at Sonia M. Sotomayor Early College High School. Congratulations Mrs. Martinez on your Life Changer Of The Year nomination! You deserve the recognition for your outstanding service. ????Vote for Mrs. Martinez!

Cynthia Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Cynthia Martinez is described as an outstanding counselor and role model. Her commitment and engery make her a prime example of a hardworking woman. She prioritizes working closely with students to make sure they are aware of any upcoming events and opportunities that can benefit both there academic and personal goals. Being a teen mom herself it was fate that she be placed at Sonia Sotomayor Early College High School. I have personally witnessed Mrs. Martinez’ work ethic and personal relationships with her teen mom students. She can vouch being a teen mom isn’t easy so she does anything she can to help these young women, whether it is donating baby gifts, businesses professional clothes, school supplies, or helping students with job, college, or scholarship applications. She believes in chances for everyone so she dedicates her time and heart to help young moms obtain not only a HS education but to pursue a certificate and even an associates degree. She also offers valuable life lessons/ advice to help students provide the best lives they can for both their child(ren) and themselves. No one is more deserving of this award then Mrs. Martinez.

Cindy B Posted 7 months ago

Wow, amazing job Mrs. Martinez! You absolutely deserve to be recognized for all your hard work and dedication to these girls. Good luck!

Emma Martinez Posted 7 months ago

She is an amazing woman and an even a more amazing mother and friend.

Sanjuanita Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is always willing to help students and gives her all to anyone she meets. She’s kind, caring and dedicated. You could not find a better #LCOY

Connie Tucker Posted 7 months ago

Keep up the great work!! You are truly a blessing!!

Aaron Whitelaw Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez has been very supportive both at work and in me and my wife's personal life. That's what makes her so special person. Such an Honor to get to know her.

Palomino Posted 7 months ago

Wonderful hard working woman. Wonderful female role model,always going out of her way to help others. Well deserved! Thank you Mrs. Martinez

Margie McCarthy Posted 7 months ago

I wholeheartedly support Cynthia “Cindy” Martinez in receiving recognition for her passionate service as a school counselor to teen moms as they pursue their high school education and, for many, continue to further education. So very glad that she employs her life experiences to empower young moms to be all that they can be. May she continue to serve as a tireless role model.

Jessica Gallardo Posted 7 months ago

She's a great example of how every counselor should be!

Jennifer Silva Posted 7 months ago

One of the Best Counselors that I have ever known!

Priscilla Guzman Posted 7 months ago

She is an inspiration and role model, shows with dedication you can achieve your dreams and much more.

Racquel Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is a wonderful counselor, person and mother. She shares her life experiences to positively impact the students she serves.

Debra Posted 7 months ago

I would say that my role model, as far as just somebody leading by example, which to me is what a great counselor does . Ms. Martinez has lead students in many different way! She is caring, humble, hardworking and true definition of a life changer.

Beau VanRanken Posted 7 months ago

You are doing wonderful!!! Keep up all the great work.

Steffanie Posted 7 months ago

Awesome!! Most deserving!!

Bibi Ortiz-Villalpando Posted 7 months ago

Such an awesome person. Beautiful inside & out.

Erika Posted 7 months ago

True life changer

Claudia Posted 7 months ago

PSJA is very lucky to have Mrs Martinez in their district great counselor :)

Jessica Zuniga Posted 7 months ago

My sister, Cynthia Martinez, is a true life changer! Even as a teen mother and wife, she was the first of 7 siblings to graduate college. Her ambitions to provide the best possible future for her own children, inadvertently set in motion the expectation for the rest of her siblings to obtain college degrees. Cynthia’s own life changing event inspired all of her sisters and daughters to also become successful college graduates today. Her life’s work has been dedicated to counsel students across PSJA ISD as they choose career pathways of their own. Today, she continues to service students in our home community of PSJA ISD who are teen mothers just like she once was. Her life experience serves as true inspiration to these young mothers that all dreams are possible through hard work and dedication. There is no other counselor I know more deserving of this recognition than Mrs. Cynthia Martinez!

Ignacio Almaguer Posted 7 months ago

I vote for Mrs. Martinez.

Robin Hernandez Posted 7 months ago

Cynthia Martinez was a female Hispanic teen mom and overcame all the statistics that said she would never succeed. She was the first of her family to obtained her degree while having three children. Mrs. Martinez has always been such a humbled, caring and giving person. She has always put others before herself, because she believes in them. She continued her degree in counseling and has worked very close in helping students from PSJA obtain college credit, graduate from high school , and earn an associate degree. Today she gets to mentor, guide and motivate teen moms to obtain goals she knows they can achieve. My family and I are so proud of our Mother and the impact she has had in our community.

Alexa Posted 7 months ago


Carlos Sanchez Jr Posted 7 months ago

I couldn’t agree more!!!

Deseray Suprise Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is such a wonderful person. She always went out of her way to help anyone in need. She has a great work ethic and an extremely huge heart. She deserves this more than anyone.

Denise Lopez Posted 7 months ago

Cynthia Martinez truly sets the bar as a person who changes lives for the better. She is extremely hard working, a team player, efficient at everything she does, and still finds time to help her students follow the path of their dreams. She is as humble as they come and it’s very refreshing to come across someone so truly genuine and passionate about what they do. Mrs. Martinez is the best candidate for Life Changer of the Year!

Bobbie Sue Gonzalez Posted 7 months ago

PSJA ISD is blessed to have Mrs. Cindy Martinez as one of our counselors. She truly exemplifies what it means to go above and beyond for the teens moms at PSJA Sonia Sotomayor. Mrs. Martinez, is not only a wonderful female role model on campus, she displays the same characteristics in the PSJA community. Thank you Mrs. Martinez for being a life changer everyday for the families of PSJA.

Prudencio Uribe Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Cynthia Martinez is a very kind and gentle person, very hard working but also very compassionate and helpful. I couldn’t think of anyone that deserves this more than Cynthia.

Alma Aguilar Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez is an amazing individual. She used to be my counselor back in high school and she was always so helpful and so caring! She always went above and beyond for her students. I really hope she wins this, she deserves this!

Cynthia D Trevino Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez was always there to help my daughter with anything. I loved her patience and genuine desire to help. She’s a great example of what a counselor should be. Thank you Mrs. MartInez, we wish you all the best.

Selena Medina Posted 7 months ago

Mrs. Martinez was the best counselor I could have ever asked for during my high school years. She helped me with my every need, and never just set them aside. Her heart of gold is unmatched!!

Deelila Posted 7 months ago

Most awesome counselor !!!

Ayleen Tamez Posted 7 months ago

Such an amazing counselor!

Rebecca Posted 7 months ago


Isabel Cordero Posted 7 months ago

Great counselor!

Alexa Posted 7 months ago


PRISCILLA SALINAS Posted 7 months ago

Real nice patient lady love to work with worker and students is very good team player.. enjoys her work..treat everyone like family..what else can you ask!

Erika Carpio Posted 7 months ago

Cynthia Martinez and I worked together in the PSJA College Transition program, helping all types of students enroll and continue their education in college. Her commitment and compassion for our students showed in her daily interaction with them. Cynthia continues to work patiently with students who are at-risk in her current position. She goes the extra mile in trying to help students reach beyond their potential. Her actions are positively changing the lives of her students and their families. Thank you, Mrs. Martinez, for being a Life Changer!

Erica Posted 7 months ago

Mrs Martinez goes far and beyond what is asked of her . Anything to help the mom young moms and their children . Not easy with the many obstacles these students face but she tries to find a solution for each one of them . Awesome job

Alonso Garcia Posted 7 months ago

Our students at PSJA ISD are very lucky to have Mrs. Martinez. I have worked with Mrs. Martinez at PSJA ISD College Transiton Program. She has always demonstrated that she is there for the students first by going above and beyond to ensure the student is successful. In her current role at Sotomayor ECHS, she ensures that her students have access to the best resources available to get them connected to college, changing lives, and generations. Mrs. Martinez truly deserves this award. Thank you for all you do Mrs. Martinez!

Maria Imelda Flores Posted 7 months ago

I have worked with Mrs. Cynthia Martinez through our College Readiness Department. Mrs. Martinez is very dedicated and passionate for her work. She is always going above and beyond for our at-risk teenage moms encouraging them to complete high school and connecting them to college. She guides students to complete their college certificate and/or associate degree while still in high school. During the time that I have worked with Mrs. Martinez, she has been nothing but an amazing person and is a great candidate for the prestigious award or "Life Changer of the Year."

Carlos Garcia Posted 7 months ago

I have worked with Mrs. Martinez at PSJA ISD under the College Transition Program. During the time that I got to know her, she always displayed a great attitude towards helping our students and staff. Mrs. Martinez is very dedicated to her work. She is always going above and beyond for our students, and is not afraid to step up when different projects come up. She keeps helping many of our high school seniors and graduates get admitted to different institutions and even in to the work force. Her best quality for me, is her determination, since she will not give up until she finds a solution when helping our students. She always keeps the student's best interests in mind, and she will give 110% of herself to be the best advocate for that student population she serves. Mrs. Martinez is an amazing human being and a great candidate for Life Changer of the Year!

Rosa Rakay Posted 7 months ago

Our staff at Sonia M. Sotomayor ECHS are truly excited to know that our counselor, Cynthia Martinez, has been nominated for this prestigious award. She is a “life changer” in so many ways in her daily interactions with our 100% at-risk teenage moms. She encourages completion of high school as well connecting them to college to receive a certificate or associate’s degree from our neighboring college partners. We are proud to have her on our campus!

Rosie Robles Posted 7 months ago

I too have worked alongside Cynthia Martinez as we worked with At Risk students wanting to enroll in college. Her dedication and patience was always present as she advised students wanting to enter college. Roadblocks and barriers were brought down as she always found ways to help students overcome them in order to be successful. She IS a Life Changer for students.