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Mollie Crincoli

Position: Guidance Counselor
School: Cherry Hill Alternative High School
School District: Cherry Hill Public Schools
City, State: Cherry Hill, NJ

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Mollie Crincoli was nominated by her principal, Lawyer Chapman.

Mrs. Crincoli has been an exemplary guidance counselor at Cherry Hill Alternative High School since September 2006. Her primary role is to counsel and advise assigned students in areas of responsibility in accordance with the curriculum and/or other educational programs and services adopted by the Board of Education. She plans and implements the counseling and advisement program based on the needs and abilities of assigned students, using available resources for the school building community, career and job opportunities, and supervisory assistance.

Each year, she assists with the planning and development of individual schedules for students and staff. She selects books, equipment and other counseling materials when opportunities arise and district funding is available. She has also led the Alternative High School to be awarded a “No Place for Hate” School by the Anti-Defamation League for four years. Mrs. Crincoli counsels students in a manner designed to enhance their self worth and help them achieve their maximum potential. She has provided leadership for Cultural proficiency and Character Education, especially in the areas of respect, Red Ribbon Week, and the school as a caring community. This has resulted in the Alternative High School earning the titles of State and National School of Character. Students have designed and erected an anti-bullying mural to complement the “No Place for Hate” bulletin board. Students and staff have pledged to be respectful and civil to everyone by signing the Resolution of Respect.

Mrs. Crincoli provides leadership by working with students and staff to create and demonstrate her school’s core values: respect, responsibility, citizenship, and service to others. She assumes a major role in creating a pleasant and stimulating environment that is conducive to decision making and learning. She facilitates the Intervention and Enrichment period, 10:30-11:00 am daily, for students to explore and participate in selected activities of their choice. One of those activities is Student Council. It provides students with a “voice” in decision making,

As the Student Assistance Counselor and Anti-Bullying Specialist, Mrs. Crincoli promotes early identification of students with substance abuse and other problems before they develop to the point in which treatment is more difficult and less successful. Her activities include working with a variety of community agencies, referring students, family members, and other concerned persons to them, and accepting referrals to the school’s assistance program from them. She has knowledge and working relationships with social service systems and treatment agencies in order to make appropriate recommendations. She works cooperatively with the Child Study Team, health teacher, school nurse and administration in identifying programs and providing resources for students.

Mrs. Crincoli has a working relationship with the Cherry Hill Alliance on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, which works with CHAHS through the Red Ribbon Campaign to assist in drug and alcohol prevention. The alliance also offers support for anti-bullying initiatives and internet/social media safety.

Mrs. Crincoli facilitates activities at the Alternative High School. She monitors the achievement and credits of students. She informs students and parents each marking period of their grades and credits. Mrs. Crincoli also formulates the graduation program and secures scholarships for students. The total amount for scholarships is in excess of thousands of dollars.

"Over the years, Mrs. Crincoli has touched the lives of hundreds of students, staff and parents," said Chapman. "She is a daily champion for our students. She is a very integral part of the success of the Cherry Hill Alternative High School."