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Marnie Zimmerman

Position: Reading Teacher
School: Northley Middle School
School District: Penn-Delco School District
City, State: Aston, PA

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Marnie Zimmerman was nominated by a parent, Christine Corson.

Zimmerman was selected because of the tremendous impact her teaching has had on Corson's son. He joined Zimmerman's class this year at the accelerated level and finished on the honor roll at the honors level. He also achieved the highest Reading Counts score he's ever had, thanks to Marnie's encouragement. She also has taught him "reading stamina" and he is now reading more books and not stressing over quizzes as he has done in past years.  

When Corson's son started at Northley in sixth grade, he was not put into the Honors level reading classes. He earned that level because of his grades but other test scores kept him at the Accelerated level.  After only a few months into seventh grade, this past school year, Marnie questioned him as to why he was not in the Honors level reading class.  She saw his potential when nobody else did and challenged him to switch to the Honors Level class.  She had faith in his ability and pushed him to achieve a higher level goal.  He made the decision on his own to switch to the Honors level in the 2nd marking period. He finished the year on the honor roll, and Marnie Zimmerman helped him to achieve this goal not only in Reading but in his other classes.  He took her advice and followed through in all his other classes.

Marnie Zimmerman also taught Corson's older son seven years ago.  "Close to the end of his senior year in 2015, he received a letter in the mail from himself that he wrote in her class in seventh grade.  The letter was about what he was interested in at that time and what his goals were. What a wonderful assignment she gives to her students!" Corson said.  "This letter was surprising and he forgot all about it.  It was a special keepsake for his graduation and a huge tearjerker for his mom and dad! That just goes to show you how highly she thinks of each and every one of her students in the present and years beyond."

Corson' youngest son just recently wrote his letter to himself so it will be a big surprise in 2022 to receive that letter in the mail.

"I'm sure he will always remember how she gave him the drive and motivation to achieve his reading goals. She is an awesome teacher and I thank her for all she did for my son this past school year," Corson said.

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Susan M. Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination! Thank you so much for putting your students first and caring about their success. Challenging my nephew to reach Honors Level Reading class was an outstanding service to make an everlasting impact on his life going forward. You just can't get these crucial years back. Grabbing the opportunity while he was still in your class and helping him to accomplish his reading goals and excel beyond that, says a lot about you as a person and how much you care for your students. You did not let the school year slip by without making the most of it. You are fantastic!!! Keep up the good work!