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Susan Lamb Walker

Position: Counselor
School: Singing River Academy
School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District
City, State: Gautier, MS

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Susan Lamb Walker was nominated by her colleague, Christy Sharp.

Ms. Walker not only provides counseling services for students and families, but she organizes events that make the school a place where every student has a sense of belonging.  Her commitment and dedication to her students and school is evident to everyone.

Ms. Walker organizes many special events for students like "Start with Hello" lunch.  Students were challenged to get to know one another by asking each other questions using pre-made cards as conversation starters.  Kids are not only encouraged to be kind, but they are taught the skills often missing in today's technology-laden world.  Learning how to establish real friendships and develop positive social skills will serve students for their whole lives.  

Ms. Walker can also be found organizing leadership teams.  All new students at SRA are greeted by trained student workers.  These students give tours to new students and provide a friendly face in a situation that could be anxiety-producing.  Moving to a new school is tough, but at SRA, it's a little easier because of Ms. Walker's thoughtful dedication to students.  She has also recently started a peer mediator program in which students help each other resolve conflicts.

Of course, Ms. Walker creates schedules for every child, manages state testing, and leads guidance and career readiness lessons.  She spearheads a large career fair at Singing River so students can meet professionals from a variety of career options.  Students are consistently challenged to think about the future and options available for them.

Sometimes, children and families experience trauma and challenges that are heart-wrenching.  Ms. Walker is always there.  Students have lost parents, experienced abuse or have been diagnosed with mental and emotional illnesses that make learning and attending school very difficult.  In these situations, Ms. Walker's heart is apparent.  Children are healed in her presence because her loving nature shines through.

"While every situation cannot be magically cured with a trip to the counselor's office, Ms. Walker does her best to ease the burdens of children and families under stress.  Her deep compassion is what makes her a LifeChanger in our school and community," said Sharp.

Comments (6)

Kelci Miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Walker shines such a great light on the school counseling profession. I have so enjoyed learning from her as her counselor-in-training. Through her individual, group, and classroom guidance lessons, she promotes social/emotional, career, and academic counseling. She uses school data to aide in planning these lessons. A Great nominee and advocate for school counselors.

Rose Pouriraji Posted over a year ago

Susan, yiu have always been a dedicated, professional counselor with a kind heart. I am so happy you have received this award. You are very deserving of this professional recognition.

Shannon Walker Posted over a year ago

My mom counseled many groups before I was born including refugees and college students. However it's her work as an elementary school and 5th and 6th grade academy counselor that I have been around to see. Each school system she has worked in has been a part of a struggling community where she has counseled children who bring the stresses of poverty, drug abuse, and family instability to school every day. As a counselor, she works with students one-on-one and in small groups, encouraging them to demonstrate community-building attitudes like kindness, respectfulness, and gratitude. Almost every evening after getting home from her hour-long drive she continues working from her computer so that she can spend as much of her day at school interacting with students. Some weekends my mom and I run out to get supplies for the Gator Pit--a student-operated system which my mom started where students earn Gator Bucks for good deeds that can be exchanged for goodies and prizes. My mom has organized career fairs, developed counseling methods, helped at-risk kids, and continued in her own professional development so that she could better serve her students. My mom has dedicated her life to bettering the lives others and building a safe, joyful place for kids who don't often feel safe and joyful at home. Beyond school, my mom sings in our church choir, the most lovely--and often the only--alto voice on Sundays! We often look for community events together to occupy slow weekends, including picking up trash during the annual Coastal Cleanup! She has taught me and my brother to be peacemakers and to live our lives so that we make the world a better place. I rely on the values my mom instilled in us everyday as I work toward that goal. I can't think of anyone else more deserving of this award than my mom. I am so proud to be her daughter!

Donna Herrington Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Susan in an elementary school setting, and I can think of no one more deserving of this honor than she is! Her compassion for not only the students she works with, but her colleagues, the parents, and everyone she comes in contact with is very evident! She always thought....and I'm sure she still does.....of ways to help the students help themselves to create a better life. She was always ready and willing to listen to anyone who sought her advice and help. She went above and beyond in all aspects of her job as counselor. She has a truly beautiful, loving heart, and I consider myself very fortunate to be able to call her friend!

Linda Rountree Posted over a year ago

This is such a wonderful tribute to such a deserving lady!!!! We who have known you for a long time know that this is all so true and there’s much more to your loving spirit as well!! I know your mom and dad are so happy and proud of you!!! We love you!!!

Schenel fricke Posted over a year ago

I have worked with ms. Susan Walker in Hancock County. She is an amazing counselor! Her love for her career is evident as I witnessed her make a difference with her patience and wise words with our students. Ms. Walker also is a wonderful colleague. Although her position was clearly to help students, she helped me as a teacher and friend just by listening and offering guidance. Any school district is lucky to have her!