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Jovan Bradshaw

Position: Sixth Grade Math Teacher
School: Magnolia Middle School
School District: Moss Point School District
City, State: Moss Point, MS

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Jovan Bradshaw was nominated by her colleague, Stephanie Taliancich.

"Most of my colleagues do not work a mere eight hours a day; many of them are at our school ten to twelve hours a day planning engaging lessons for their students, making last minute copies and getting materials ready for a hands-on activity that will assist in the learning process," said Taliancich. "We know that our students have no time to waste. However, one teacher, Jovan Bradshaw, exemplifies the definition of a LifeChanger."

Ms. Bradshaw loves her kids, and she will tell anyone who enters her room that her students are her kids. She feeds them when they are hungry, dries their tears when they cry, and settles disputes, all while teaching her math objectives. She has consistently and tirelessly worked to raise her math scores. Many times, she has sacrificed her planning period to tutor students who were struggling with a skill or a concept that required extra time. 

As a leader of Performing Arts Club, she has trained and established the MMS Tiger Steppers and the newly formed dance team, the MMS Blue Diamonds. She also produces a Kwanza program for students. Her dedication to her students and community are unmatched. She reminds students daily that they matter, that they can be someone, and that they, too, can change lives!

Comments (4)

Kawanza prevost Posted over a year ago

Great teacher like her mom. Congratulations.

Paublo Pugh Posted over a year ago

Always a joy to work with Javon bradsahaw. Keep up the hard work and dedication we as teachers often say the kids depend on us but it some meaningful way we depend on the kids to brighten our day!!!!

Tee Jay Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Bradshaw has always been a caring and passionate woman/teacher. That’s the kind of teachers we need great job Mrs. Bradshaw! You rock!

Natasha Posted over a year ago

Thanks Ms. Bradshaw for all you do.