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Jennifer Shue

Position: Guidance Counselor
School: Passaic Valley Regional High School
School District: Passaic Valley Regional High School
City, State: Little Falls, NJ

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Jennifer Shue was nominated by a former student, Dan Haycook.

"Ms. Shue was my counselor when I attended Passaic Valley from 2001-2005, as well as my Drama Club Advisor," said Haycook. "Ms. Shue is so much more than a counselor and advisor to her students - she is a friend, a support system, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on."

When Haycook was in school, he lived with his grandparents and father. His father wasn't able to support him, and because his grandparents were older, they found it difficult to keep up. He spent countless hours in Ms. Shue's office talking with her about his issues, crying, and working his way through his teen years.

"At this time, I was also struggling with coming out as a gay man, and she let me talk in circles trying to come to grips with my emotions.  She was the very first person I came out to, and when I did, she said to me 'I knew, I was just waiting for you to be ready to tell me.' I had never experienced that kind of support," said Haycook. "When I lost my best friend at the age of 16 and wanted to give up on life, Ms. Shue was there to help me get back up and pull it back together.  She was always available to talk when I needed it, and I know that this is the case with every life she has touched."

Ms. Shue is in contact with countless students she has helped through the years, and has stayed in touch with them through their adult years.  She is the mother most kids wish they had, whether she's spending countless nights on campus working on plays with the Drama Club, making herself available early in the morning to meet with students in need, taking students on once in a lifetime trips, or helping them find the funds to take part in this opportunity, even if the they may not be able to financially make it work. She makes sure every student who wants to participate in the arts has the opportunity to. Ms Shue finds a way to make sure no student is left out, and she makes sure every student knows their potential. She gives a piece of her heart to every single student. 

"As a professor I once had said, 'the proof is in the pudding,' and if you looked at Ms. Shue's social media, you would see pictures and posts of former students that she still goes out to support in whatever they do," said Haycook. "I will still get messages from her when I get a promotion or achieve any sort of life goal stating, 'I'm so proud of you, and I know your grandma would be too.' This is the type of person she is - her support for you doesn't end when you walk out in your cap and gown. It lasts a lifetime."

"Ms. Shue changed my life, and has always been my inspiration," said Haycook. "Every time I want to give up, think things aren't going to go well, or need that extra push, I think about all of my talks with her, and how she would tell me to handle it.  She's the reason I finished school, the reason I never gave up, and the reason I still dream, every single day. Ms. Shue is my LifeChanger, and I can guarantee you every student she's ever crossed paths with would agree with me."

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Lorraine M Longo Posted 10 months ago

This is a well-deserved nomination. My two sons had the privilege of having Ms. Shue serve as their guidance counselor throughout their four years of high school. We couldn't have asked for more because of Ms. Shue's knowledge, concern, and willingness to help!! She was always there for us when we needed her. I personally have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Shue as we both serve as members of the PVHS Education Foundation. Once again, I see her creativity and hard working spirit as she devotes many hours to this organization. Over the years I have heard many, many wonderful stories and comments about Ms. Shue. Her dedication to students (their academics, activities, and well-being) and to this high school is something to be admired and emulated.

Ennely Thornton Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations Jenn on a well-deserved nomination! Best of luck!

Kelly Szewczyk Posted 10 months ago

Shue has done more for myself and my family over the years than anyone else I know. In high school, she was my coach and someone to talk to when I needed it. After high school she continued to support me by helping me get internships, jobs, and connecting me with people who could help me with both. She wrote letters for me, made phone calls, and talked to people on my behalf. Shue was not even my counselor in high school, yet she went above and beyond for me years after I graduated. There is no one more deserving of this award than Jennifer Shue.

justin solotoff Posted 11 months ago

jennifer shue is a dear friend and one of the most caring and genuine people i know. she has dedicated her career to helping others be it as a guidance counselor, drug counselor, theater director, etc. jennifer shue is proud of the work she does and as a “maternal” figure, she is happiest when she can find a way to make her “kids” happy. no one is more deserving of this award than jennifer shue.

Raisa Islam Posted 11 months ago

Over the course of the 4 years I have know Ms. Shue, she has been nothing but a angel to a stressed out student. Especially now, she supports all my college aspirations and goes out of her way to give me the best opportunities possible. I'm a person with a history of flying a little too close to deadlines, but Ms. Shue is always so patient with me and always manages to get my materials in on time. She always makes time to sit down and talk to me whenever the college admissions process starts to get overwhelming. I'm not sure what I would do without her helping hand and positive attitude! I can't think of anyone that is as deserving of this award as her. Saying thank you to her will never be enough to show her how much I value her as a counselor, a mentor, and a role model.

Gabrielle O’Connor Posted 11 months ago

I worked with Jen, but she is also my friend. She pushes people to do their best. She deserves to win this for all the good she does for others!

Lara Mazza-Hilway Posted 11 months ago

I do not think it is possible to thank Ms. Shue enough for everything she has done for my family and I. I am beyond grateful and blessed to have her as not only my guidance counselor & theatre director, but also a mentor and someone I can always rely on. She is constantly on board with my decisions and never fails to support me. I can confidently say that without her as my guidance counselor, I would not have accomplished so many milestones in my high school career. Ms. Shue is an amazing role model, deserving nothing but the best!

Nicole Smith Posted 11 months ago

I met Jenn Shue over 20 years ago when I was a senior at PV. She wasn’t my guidance counselor, but she was an asst. coach. She quickly became a mentor to me. She was always there to listen and talk with, and laugh with. She always made me feel that no matter what I was talking to her about, it was important to her. This does wonders for teenagers trying to find their footing in this world. She made you believe there was always someone in your corner, and there was. PV students and staff have been so fortunate to have Jenn Shue in their corner all these years, I know I was! i can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor! She has touched and changed so many lives!

Lauren Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Shue is in integral part of her school and the community for over 20 years. I was a student a very long time ago when she was just beginning her career at Passaic Valley and she was always there to help. She has continued over her tenure to be even more involved in the school and has changed many lives over the course of her career. She's nothing short of amazing and I can think of no one more deserving of this accolade!

Laura Smith Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Shue is an amazing person and guidance counselor. She has shaped the lives of so many students.

Mer Perosi Posted 11 months ago

What an honor for Jenn ! I have had the privilege to work with Jenn in my capacity as Director of Guidance for 17 years. She is truly a compassionate listener and a dedicated School Counselor. For years our offices were across from one another and experienced first hand the many students who went to her for advice, guidance, & a pep talk. She demonstrated a caring & compassionate manner in a professional environment. It is an honor to support Jennfor such a distinguished & fitting award... she will forever be a LIFECHANGER!

Jill Palmieri Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Shue has unbelievable dedication to all of her students. She was always there for me anytime I needed anything. She most certainly deserves the recognition!

Bryen Roder Posted 11 months ago

When I attended Passaic Valley High School, I was a troublemaker and an instigator. I got into fights, brought a knife to school, threatened teachers, and even vandalized the school. I was a smart kid but I struggled to find direction. I was heading down a path that was pretty dark and there was no light at the end of my tunnel. At some point through all the chaos, I was directed by the school's disciplinarian to see Ms. Shue. Begrudgingly, I complied and that probably saved my life from going nowhere. As just my counselor initially and then also as my faculty advisor in the drama club, Ms. Shue helped me get through high school and make myself a better man. Whether it was simply her open office that I could visit between periods to vent or when I had to spend nearly half a year in her office because I was kicked out of class but needed the credit to graduate, Shue was there. She was there for me and has been there for the hundreds if not thousands of kids that have come after me. If this is a nomination for the life changer of the year award, well that is without hesitation Jennifer Shue. She changed my life. I am now in my 15th year of military service, have graduated from college, and fly attack helicopters for the Marine Corps. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be the man I am today had it not been for the woman she was then, is now, and will always be. I am forever grateful for everything she has done. Additionally, when I retire after 20 years from the military, I have aspirations to be a teacher in high school with hopes of being even half as good an educator, mentor, coach, and friend as Ms. Jennifer Shue.

Ro Posted 11 months ago

I hAve worked with Jen for many years. She has always been a pleasure. I don’t say this about everyone, but she is a great coworker.

Helen Shue Posted 11 months ago

I am so very proud of you! You have always been there for everyone in our family, with love and caring! You gave of yourself for everyone! God gave you a special gift and you have helped make so many people’s lives better! No one could have been blessed with a better daughter , you are so special !! Love ya!!

Rita Masini Posted 11 months ago

Since a student in high school herself, Jen has stood out and served as a role model to others. Lead by example. A true leader is defined by not her followers but the leaders she empowers others to be! Thanks Jen for continuing to inspire others to be their best version of themselves. Congrats on your well deserved nomination.

Rick Shue Posted 11 months ago

As your brother I am proud of your accomplishment and how many students you have touch over the years. I have seen it first hand every time i meet one of your past students You deserve the acknowledgement! Best of luck

Kathleen Dellanno Posted 11 months ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn for many years. Her devotion to her students and our school is well documented; watching her interact and care for her students is a joy. She wears many hats and wears them all well. She is well versed in her role as a counselor guiding their futures AND she cares about their personal interactions and concerns. Jenn helps kids find their niche, and then she follows up to see that her efforts served her students well. She has an instinct about her students, and I have always admired her passion to truly help her kids be all that they can be. Many students have found their voices in the theatre program, where her devotion has produced magnificent works of art and wonderful, happy kids. I have also had the pleasure of leading trips to Europe with Jenn, where I saw her nurture students while teaching them to be global citizens. Jennifer Shue deserves this award for many reasons. In short, she has devoted her life to young people and truly committed herself to them.

Matt Storm Posted 11 months ago

“Shue” is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever come across. I have to mention, I never had her as a teacher and was never even in her school district. The summer after high school I did a summer theater program in her district/high school. She helped me assimilate to the culture, students, and directors flawlessly. The next fall when I was having a difficult time in college, she constantly reached out to my family and I to make sure I was ok. She had known me for less than 2-3 months. Not only is she an incredible person overall, but she’s also a tremendous influence on young people. I will NEVER forgot her!

Michele Miskovich Posted 11 months ago

Congratulations Jen on a well-deserved nomination. It is great to work with a professional like you. Good luck!

JACKIE RAPPISE Posted 11 months ago


Jen Posted 11 months ago

Jenn is always there for her students and friends, day or night, and always has encouraging words to share. She has an infectious positive attitude, and is always willing to jump in and help with activities.

Lana Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Shue is my guidance counsler and has really supported and helped me throughout my four years in high school. She deserves the award of life changer of the year.

Melanie Posted 11 months ago

There’s no one who gives more time to her students! Her passion and compassion shines through in all she does. Shue for the win!

Meredith McNeill Posted 11 months ago

Thanks Dan for nominating Ms. Shue! Our relationship started over 15 years ago! I couldn’t be more appreciative of your advice on and off the field. So lucky to still have you in my life. Congratulations on this awesome acknowledgement of all your hard work! Best of luck!!

Stephanie Leporini Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Shue is one of the best people that hold PV together. She is an all around great person and thinks of everbody else at all times. The motivation and encouragement she gives to all is unbelieveable and extremely appreciated, She is the best and deserves nothing less! Xox

Shannon Greco Posted 11 months ago

Ms Shue is the reason I got into the field of social work. She is an amazing individual and I’m so happy she continues to be cherished by those she works with every day. Thank you for all you do Ms. Shue!!!!! ????????

Alex Jiang Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Shue has been a tremendous help in helping me apply to college as well as providing me with guidance in the ways to acclimate to the college atmosphere. Day to day senior year of my high school experience, I would show up to Ms. Shue’s office with either questions or logistical favors such as faxing applications to schools or requesting for a letter of recommendations. For the next two months, we worked so diligently in completing the college applications and one after another, I received my acceptances. Sitting at my desk writing this recommendation for Ms. Shue, I’m a third-year at Princeton University. I can undoubtedly attribute a part of my successful application to her hard work. From her kind-hearted nature to her professionalism, I truly think she embodies the epitome of a guidance counselor. I am eternally grateful for her! #LCOY

Linda Paese Posted 11 months ago

I met Ms. Shue when my daughter went into high school. She has been a remarkle role model to her and all the students who have had the honor of being a part of her life. She always goes the extra mile to make a wonderful experience for all the children and she guides them in achieving their goals and ambitions in life. I couldn’t be happier to have met such a sweet, caring person than Ms. Shue!

Cara Emma Posted 11 months ago

Congratulations! Truly deserved! Jen Shue was a mentor to me in High School over 15 years ago. Through the years she has remained a supportive friend to me. She is deeply dedicated to Passaic Valley High School and it's students.

Ana Cristina Kalluf Posted 11 months ago

LIFE CHANGER, is a perfect synonym for Ms. Shue work at PVHS. School is hard in general, but high school can be a challenge for kids, and kids families to navigate but with her help, dedication, enthusiasm, support, kindness, willingness, inspirational way, and so much more. Even before my daughter started her classes as a freshman at school, Ms. Shue accommodated her needs, and my daughter had and has different needs to be accommodate in her high school life, she always go a extra mile and she makes sure that things will work for my daughter present to get the necessary results to her future. I was very surprised by her dedication when the high school started, but quickly I understand that is just the way she does things, kids and families has a real bless to have her as a guidance counselor. School need more LIFE CHANGER, but PVHS has Ms. Shue. Nobody deserves this nomination morem then Jennifer Shue.

Eden O'Connor Posted 11 months ago

Throughout high school Ms. Shue was always dependable and supportive. She was always understanding and willing to listen to me. I always knew I could count on her to help me when I got stressed or overwhelmed with classes or basic high school drama.

Tina Pappas Posted 12 months ago

I have had the privilege of knowing Jennifer Shue both professionally and as a parent of a student who has had her as his guidance counselor for the past four years. She is nothing short of remarkable. She goes the extra mile and will do whatever is takes to help a student. Whether it's counseling students during the school year on their academics/activities or getting them to start seriously thinking about their future endeavors, she is completely dedicated towards giving them a very rewarding high school experience. She is very passionate about what she does and it's obvious to see how much she enjoys her work. Not many people have the rare and wonderful circumstance of being so gifted in their role. She also shines in her capacity with the high school's drama club where she has directed many plays. Her enthusiasm is infectious and it rubs off on those around her, particularly her students. Her positive outlook and unwavering support have been critical to the success of so many current students and countless graduates alike. It's easy to tell how much she loves going to work everyday. Congratulations on her nomination! It's very well deserved. "Lifechanger" perfectly describes Jenn Shue!

Wes Posted 12 months ago

Ms.shue has helped me get through highschool when others said i wouldn’t be able to graduate. She pushed me to the finish line and ensured my success. She went above and beyond most other counselors. We every keep touch to this day and I tell her all about my college experience

Noah fuchs Posted 12 months ago

I just met Ms.shue and I can already tell that she is an amazing women. She’s great at what she does as a guidance counselor and is always pushing me and my fellow members of the Pv drama club to do the best and be the best we can. I know I just started at pv but I can tell with Ms. shue’s help these will be the best four years of my acting career and of my life.

Kristina Martir Posted 12 months ago

I am currently a student at PV and have worked with Ms. Shue. She is genuinely the most kind and supportive counselors that I have been honored to know throughout my years at PV. I think she deserves this award. She has helped so many students along with myself, with coming out of our shells and helping us grow into ourselves whether it be with theatre or as student. Congratulations on the nomination Ms.Shue!!

Michael Posted 12 months ago

Jen Shue is a remarkable human being. She was my counselor in High School and guided me through many obstacles. She was very supportive in all of my endeavors and was always there for advice and tough love. Nearly 20 years later I still consider her a dear friend. Jen Shue deserves this award. She truly is a Life Changer :)

Maggie Letsche Posted 12 months ago

What an incredible acknowledgment for an awesome counselor and I am honored to say friend. What I think is the most fitting for this honor is the title "Life Changer". It couldn't better describe her. She cares about you as a whole, she champions for you, she cares about your LIFE. Her students, her colleagues & her friends. She truly wants whats best for you and won't stop until she gets you there! She will encourage you to do your best because she can already see it in you.

Briana Mezzina Posted 12 months ago

Throughout my high school years, Ms. Shue not only was my counselor, but she was also a support system to not only myself, but others as well. During my senior year, as I struggled with making a decision on which colleges I wanted to apply to, and what I wanted as a future career, there was no better help I could have asked for other than the help of Ms. Shue. Without hesitation, she researched schools she thought I may have been interested in. In doing so, Ms. Shue also offered to attend come college tours with me. Ms. Shue definitely has all of her students best interests in mind at all times. Without the help of Ms. Shue, I do not think I would currently be at student at one of my reach schools. As I was sad graduation Passaic Valley in 2015, I am happy to say that I still have a connection with Ms. Shue. As a freshman in college, I was thrilled to have Ms. Shue come to my university and take a college tour. Although I had graduated, Ms. Shue often reached out to me in making sure my adjustment to life at college was smooth. It is not often that one can say they had and continue to have a great relationship with their high school counselor. Ms. Shue has devoted a large amount of dedication to all of her students, and Passaic Valley is truly lucky to have a faculty member like her. Congratulations on your this amazing nomination & I wish you the best of luck!!

Jillyan Scarpa Posted 12 months ago

Wow!!! Where do I even begin???? I am going to keep this short & sweet because I believe in getting to the point. My 2 daughters Samantha & Taylor attended Passaic Valley Regional ( as parents we had 8 straight years~Sam 2010-2014 & Taylor 2014-2018) Ms. Shue was so many things to our daughters in so many different ways ( as are our daughters are the smae yet so different) Ms. Shue is a beacon of light that motivates & inspires her students & becomes a friend to her parents. We are Blessed to have had her touch our daughters lives!!!! I could go on & on~But for the Scarpa Family we would hope & pray that every high school student would have a Ms. Shue in their lives xoxoxo

Julio Sanchez Posted 12 months ago

My 2 oldest sons (and I) have very fond memories of being part of the play scene when they were in high school. We still go back when we can to catch the latest plays and to see Ms. Shue. Her dedication to the students and PV is inspiring. We wish her continued success and much happiness...

Heather Ginnotti Posted 12 months ago

Ms. Shue made such an impact on my life during my high school years. No one is more diserving of this award then her! She is the reason I made it through high school and I will never be able to thank her enough! I love you shue! ??

Patricia Murray Posted 12 months ago

I know Ms Shue in a professional capacity when I was a teacher at Passaic Valley. Ms Shue is a dedicated, selfless member of the Passaic Valley community. She is an exemplar role model for her students and devotes all of her time to ensure the success of her students. Her professionalism and collegiately are always of the highest professional standard. It has been an honor working with her.

richard c. shue Posted over a year ago

I always knew there was something special about Jenn, when she was a camp counselor, she always made sure that everyone was included in the activities, she also went out of her way to befriend someone who was not popular or just shy. She would take the time to sit down and talk to them and get to know them. When Jennifer began her career at Passaic Valley Reginal High School, it was a great feeling to see how her students looked up to her as a role model and how comfortable they were to talk to her about anything and everything. When people stopped me to comment what a wonderful young lady she was, I knew they were right because she has been part of my life for 46 years and I have seen her grow into this person and everyone is commenting about, Even though I am on the other side of the fence, there were many times I asked her for advice and she also seemed to have the right words to help through my situations. Congratulations on your nomination, I wish you the best.. Dad

Andrea La Placa Posted over a year ago

I have known Jennifer in my capacity as a school social worker and, subsequently, friend, for the past for 23 years. She is a tireless and dedicated advocate for students; masterful at assisting them to identify and adjust to their individual needs and issues. I have always found Jennifer to be a kind, caring counselor who knows and exhibits the skill of LISTENING. The adjectives that come to mind to describe her are; insightful, supportive, nonjudgmental, compassionate and empathic. Jen is not in it for awards, but certainly deserves them!

Christine Tiseo Posted over a year ago

Jenn is definitely a person that makes things happen. She doesn't accept excuses and always finds a way! Congratulations Jenn!

Mike DeLuccia Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Jenn for about 13 years now and she has a true love for all of her students and has wished nothing but the best for them. She inspires them to be better students, actors, and most importantly people. Congrats on this amazing nomination!

Alexis Freitag Posted over a year ago

Despite not being my assigned guidance counselor, Jenn Shue always offered her time and energy when she saw I needed support. She helped me discover my love of theater at a time when I needed it most and I am so grateful to have had her in my life!

Kelly Morris Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jenn! What an amazing honor for an amazing person. Your dedication to Passaic Valley is something that doesn't go unnoticed and your PV family is proud of you!

Pam Porter Posted over a year ago

The first thing I think about when I picture Jenn is her infectious smile. She seems to love what she does every minute which has a great impact on everyone who she deals with. When my daughter was entering senior year, we had a big problem with her schedule. Jenn was not my daughter's counselor and yet she took the time to sit with us and got the schedule worked out when others said it was impossible to change. She is one of the best role models that I can imagine and I love that Passaic Valley was lucky enough to have this inspirational person work with the kids in our district. Good Luck Jenn and congratulations!

James Holey Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Jenny almost her entire life and these words capture her spirit and devotion to the tee !!!!! She’s already won this award in so many students and friends hearts . She’s already a life winner in my mind . Congrats Jenny ??

Kathleen DeBellonia Posted over a year ago

I have been friends with Jen for my entire life. This is such a beautiful tribute to my friend, and it is 100% true. I am so proud of Jen and all of her hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. I have witnessed Jen’s loyalty to her students and I am always impressed. As a friend she is just as amazing! She has been there for me through thick and thin. She is always there for celebrations but more importantly, in times if need. There have been many times that Jen has been there me when I really needed her. She has supported me, given me advice, and guided me through good times and bad.

Joseph Cremona Posted over a year ago

I first met Ms. Shue when I was cast in the fall play as a freshman. You could tell just through observation that she was adored by all the students, and I could not wait to have that same experience. Though she was not my guidance counselor, she still was very involved in how things were going, especially when I had three surgeries over the summer that left me wheelchair bound for the entirety of my junior year. I spent every lunch period in guidance, and she would always ask how things were going and try to put a smile on my face while going through some incredibly difficult times, physically. When I graduated and came back to PV for my two week practicum for education, she was thrilled to see that I had chosen a profession in education. On Facebook, she continues to support all endeavors and makes it known. We ran into each other in the mall and she said a few words that meant so much to me, "I see everything that you're doing and I'm so proud of you. I always knew you were going to be something." Not having that connection with my own guidance counselor, this really meant a lot. She takes her title very seriously - GUIDANCE COUNSELOR. She guides her students, whom she treats as her own kids, up the right path and counsels anyone who needs an extra pick-me-up. She does this, not because she has to, because she wants to and that is what separates her from other counselors, and quite frankly, even other educators. So proud of you, Shue!

Danny M. Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue is an example of someone who believes in her students with all of her heart — and one who would go to bat for them in a heartbeat. For me, personally, I was initially deferred from the first college of my choice; Ms. Shue strongly advocated on my behalf, on numerous occasions, to the Head of Admissions, during that waiting period. Without her proactively (and genuinely) speaking up for me, just a high schooler at the time, I don’t think I would have been given the opportunity by my first-choice university. I’m lucky to have had Ms. Shue as a counselor during those difficult high school years, but I am also very grateful. You deserve this recognition in my eyes, Ms. Shue, because you were instrumental in changing and guiding my life for the better. <3

Lisse cielo Posted over a year ago

I have known Jen now for about 7 years now. First as my daughters musical theater director and then as a friend. She goes above and beyond to share her talents with all the students. She is kind, patient and understanding. She is always willing to help and guide her kids. Till this day she still asks me about my daughter and how she’s doing in college. Same goes for many of the kids she’s seen graduate high school. Keeps in touch with them and follows there career progress. For this and many other things to long to mention , I nominate Jen Shue??

Mat Picaz Posted over a year ago

I don't know if I would have made it through my junior and senior years of high school without the help of Ms. Shue. I spent countless hours in her office venting, crying, laughing and sharing special moments that always left me feeling better about myself. I know I'm not the only one, for she has gone out of her way to help many other students, friends, parents, etc. to make their school & home lives better. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on, encouragement for my future or someone to simply lift my spirit, Ms. Shue was always there for me, as annoying as I may have been. She continued to push me every day to overcome obstacles in my academic & personal lives and never stopped believing in my abilities. As cliche as it seems, she really did change my life and help me through a very rough period of my life. I remember her constantly saying that "one day, [the situation] will be so long gone and won't even have an affect on my life" in regards to one of the biggest problems I struggled to face. She was absolutely right and I definitely have her to thank for getting me through that difficult time. It's an extremely special feeling knowing that I had her to help me through a stage of my life that helped made me a better version of myself and will always have her as a lifeline, mentor and most important, a friend :)

Christopher Perez Posted over a year ago

I met the amazing Ms. Shue while doing a show at PVST when I was 8-years-old; I remember her being a positive role model and making sure I was comfortable working with much older high school kids. Now as a freshman in high school, Ms. Shue and I continue to have a great relationship. Her kindness and generosity to me and other students is beyond my expectations for anyone. Ms. Shue inspires me to be the best I can be, all the time. The LifeChanger of the Year Award perfectly fits Ms. Shue.

Raima Islam Posted over a year ago

I am incredibly grateful to have Ms. Shue as a guidance counselor. She always goes the extra mile and her work ethic is unmatched. Thank you for everything Ms. Shue and congrats!

Nicholas Juzdan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue is more than a guidance counselor that I had while at Passaic Valley High School! She’s a mentor and a friend. We share so many wonderful memories doing theater which have molded me into the person I am today!!! If you ever need to feel good or need support she’s the person you should call!!!

Janice hernandez Posted over a year ago

I don’t even know where to begin, words cannot express all the ways Ms.shue has been there for me. I lost my brother my junior year of high school, who she was actually the guidance counselor of as well! She supported my family and I, pushed me, motivated me, and encouraged me through the whole process that I was going to be ok. A shoulder to cry with and someone I could always have a great laugh with. I can honestly say that she is a HUGE reason for who I am today! I couldn’t get through high school or life without. Thank you for your patience, tough love and beautiful heart. Ms.Shue you are a light and romodel. I LOVE YOU!

Kelsey Kaelin Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue has taught me and continues to teach me so much. As an out of district performer, I was welcomed with open arms to the summer theatre program. Ms. Shue is always there for me when I need her! She has inspired me in so many ways, forever grateful for her! :)

Karen Tepe Posted over a year ago

Jen Shue is an amazing women! She has changed many lives for the better and she continues to do so every day. I can’t thank her enough for all she did for my daughter and son during there 4yrs at PV and continues to be there for all her students well after they leave PV and continue on with there adult lives. Thank you Jen!

Heather Tepe Posted over a year ago

I am beyond grateful to have had Ms. Shue as a counselor, supporter and friend! She has changed the lives of so many people including myself. Ms. Shue has been there for me ALWAYS. I was never actually supposed to have her as my Guidance Councelor because of where my name fell in the alphabet, but she took me under her wing anyway. As a kid I hated talking to anyone about any sort of problem I had but I’ve always felt comfortable talking to Ms. Shue. And I know almost 10 years later I can still count on her!

Danielle Vigilante Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jenn on this well-deserved honor!! I have witnessed the many hats you wear over the past two decades! You have given so much to serve the students of Passaic Valley in every way, whether in Guidance, on the field, in the theater, or by being an important part of their lives. You are a big part of what makes PV not just a school, but a family!!

Kristin Karam Posted over a year ago

Jenn, I am so grateful to have had your guidance, love, friendship, advice, and support during those tough hs times when we all felt a little lost. You are a genuine person who always puts her students first and you are so deserving of this recognition. You my friend are definitely a lifechanger. ??

Lori monsees Posted over a year ago

Ms Shue was one of my counselors when I was in high school from 1997 thru 2000 at P.v. She helped me thru a lot during school. Especially when my brother passed away who she also counseled. She was the one person who always trusted and felt understood me. I still have much love for her. I am so thankful to have had her to talk to.

Linda Leprotto Posted over a year ago

Jenn Shue was instrumental in convincing my son to attend Passsic Valley HS and we are so happy she did. She was not only an excellent and knowledgeable counselor but a strong positive influence in my son’s life and remains so 8 years later!

Carolyn Posted over a year ago

Awesome, Jenn! You ARE a Life Changer! ??

Melissa Bifalco Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Shue is an amazing woman! She has a heart of gold and deserves all the good things coming her way!!!! She’s not only an amazing woman , but an amazing role model for every child/ student that is in the presence of her ! She has always been one of the people I could count on, and still do! All the love she holds inside her is endless! She’ll always go out of her way to help someone, with out a doubt in mind! She’s as real and genuine as they come! Love you always Shue!-

Karen-Ann Kaelin-Panico Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jenn Shue is more than a life changer she is a FOREVER LIFE CHANGER! My daughter joined the PVST Summer program a few years ago as an out-of-town participant. She was welcomed immediately by Jenn and her entire creative team. Jenn has the gift of intuition, an innate relation to students feelings, needs and concerns. She is genuine and crystal clear to all that she is there always, to support and help them grow to the best of their ability while facilitating there dreams. The undying support she gives and the messages she sends verbally, with a glance or a smile is what shapes these students, not just in theatre but their life skills. My daughter is a senior and has been more than inspired by Jenn. She has decided to commit her life to a dual major in both musical theatre and psychology. Her goal is help others shine on stage as well as inside ~ just as Jenn has done for so many! Brava & standing ovation to Jenn and all who are blessed to have her in their lives!

Giovanna Intili Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on such an honorable nomination!!!

Alessandro Sachser Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Shue!!

Emilia Intili Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t think of a more deserving person for this award. I met Jenn Shue when I was 13 and she was by my side throughout my entire high school career as my assistant soccer coach and the assistant director in theater. Now, I am proud to say that she has remained in my life as a dear friend since graduating from PV over 10 years ago. So proud of you Shue!!

Katie Comer Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of another person more deserving of this award. Jenn, thank you so much for teaching me everything I needed to know about being a school counselor, and what it really means to be there for students. It’s because of you that I love my job as much as I do. Thank you for your endless support and friendship even years after I’ve been at PV! LOVE YOU!

John Joyce Posted over a year ago

Mrs Shue is a great person to work with and always goes above and beyond the norm of perfection in every way possible that leaves a lasting positive impression on students and faculty . Our work environment is a family atmosphere always and forever

Desiree Douglas Posted over a year ago

It has only been a short time of me interning in the Guidance Department at PV but I have been able to sit in and witness the kind, genuine, and dedicated spirit of Ms. Shue. She truly allows students to feel like her door is always open. The stories of her impact has warmed my heart and I am so very grateful I get to learn from the amazing team of counselors that she is a part of at PV. CONRGATS MS. SHUE!!!

Sandy Moussab Posted over a year ago

I have known Jen since she started working at Passaic Valley as a SAC. She has always had the best intentions for her students. Jen truly is a life changer to many of our students here. Congratulations!!!

Diana Pasquariello Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on such an honorable nomination. All that have had the pleasure of knowing you know how hard you work and how big your heart is. I am honored to be not only your colleague, but friend! As Gigi and Dante would say "We love Aunt Jenn!"

Caren Atamian Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenn Shue for well over a decade and have worked side-by-side with her on countless occasions throughout the years - theatre projects, workshops, conferences, professional development. She is constantly learning and growing, sharing and helping others. Jenn is a consummate Guidance Counselor who cares deeply about her students. She is a mentor to all, working tirelessly for the benefit of others, enriching lives along the way. She is many wonderful things to many people, and I am proud to call her my colleague and my friend. The LifeChanger of the Year Award is a fitting, richly deserved recognition for a lifetime of service to our school and to the community at large. Congratulations, Jenn!

Linda Perez Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of getting to know Ms. Shue over the last 5 years. She has guided my child in many aspects of his development throughout the years and is an invaluable resource for parents and students in her role as a guidance counselor at Passaic Valley High School. Ms. Shue is the type of individual that is always willing to help and is highly dedicated, passionate and genuinely cares about the well-being and success of students. In addition to her role as guidance counselor, Ms. Shue contributes much of her free time to the Passaic Valley high school theater and music programs and serves as a mentor and role model for students. She is inspirational and always has a positive attitude. Passaic Valley High School is fortunate to have such a caring person who gives so much of her time to the students and parents of PV. I cannot think of a more deserving person to be nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year award.

Vonni Migliaccio Posted over a year ago

Jenn does what matters most; she is here for the students! As a newer member of the PV family, I have gone to Jenn for her advice or perspective on different situations. Her door is open, and her willingness to lend an ear is greatly appreciated. When you do something with a heartfelt passion, the reward is knowing you have made a difference! Jenn you have certainly made a difference in the lives of many. Congratulations!

Tara Torres Posted over a year ago

It is my privilege to work with Jenn Shue on a daily basis. I cannot think of a person more deserving of this award. Jenn's door is always open. She goes above and beyond for each and every student and her dedication does not go unnoticed. Congratulations Jenn! We are lucky to have you!

Caren Atamian Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenn Shue for well over a decade and have worked side-by-side with her on countless occasions throughout the years - theatre projects, workshops, conferences, professional development. She is constantly learning and growing, sharing and helping others. Jenn is a consummate Guidance Counselor who cares deeply about her students. She is a mentor to all, working tirelessly for the benefit of others, enriching lives along the way. She is many wonderful things to many people, and I am proud to call her my colleague and my friend. The LifeChanger of the Year Award is a fitting, richly deserved recognition for a lifetime of service to our school and to the community at large. Congratulations, Jenn!

Annie Challice Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue went to the end of the line to ensure that I was at my best. She would work so hard so that I could accomplish what I wanted in my life. Not only did she help me with my professional wishes she was a great person to talk to when I wasn’t feeling myself and she would turn my mindset right around. Working with her for four years in the theatre programs was honestly such a blessing. She became so much more than a guidance counselor and director to me.

Giuliana Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue was one of the people who shaped my entire high school experience. She played a huge part in giving me and countless other students a meaningful and rewarding start in theatre arts. When my parents were nervous about me saying I wanted to go to college for acting and act professionally, Ms. Shue was one of the people who told them she believed in me and that I could do it. If I needed to talk to her about anything, her office door was always open. I am continuously grateful for all she did while I was in high school, and grateful that she’s still in my life today.

Kathy Hill Posted over a year ago

Great job changing lives Jen Shue! Glad you are one of ours! It's a GREAT day to be a HORNET!!!

Lori Dearani Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenn for over 20 years. We met at PV as co-workers. We became friends working together in the Guidance Department and it is there that we became family. It is also there that I saw Jenn in her element. She is so deserving of this nomination and hopefully this award. She not only helped and changed Dan Haycook's life but so many others, including myself and my family. Thank You Jenn!

Pia Vanderstreet Posted over a year ago

It is truly a privilege to work every day with Jenn Shue. She is passionate about everything she does both in the guidance department and out. To say that she cares about the kids its an absolute understatement. She is always looking out for them, making sure they are safe, supported, and successful. She is encouraging, inclusive, and always has the students best interest in mind. I know that many students can attest that she is a life changer, and I know that she will continue to put the students first and give them the best high school experience they could possibly get. Congratulations Jenn, well deserved!

Laura VanWinkle Posted over a year ago

I became associated with Jen during my tenure as a Board of Education member. I was fortunate to be able to watch her with students and parents, she truly has a gift for getting along with people and helping them to persue their dreams. The kids radiate to her like she was their friend, their sister or their mother but always with an open mind and an open heart. I have always said that PV was lucky to have someone of her temperament. She not only sees kids through their high school years, she continues the relationship for years after. Her door is always open anytime you need her. Whether she wins or not is irrelevant because the real winners here are the kids at Passaic Valley whose lives she has touched and that is what truly counts.

Billy Goodman Posted over a year ago

Many of my students have been active in drama at PVHS. Without exception they have been enthusiastic about the support and guidance they have gotten from Jen.

Cheryl Grande Posted over a year ago

Congrats Jenn! Well deserved nomination.

Patricia Palmiere Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jenn Shue is a dedicated and caring educator. Jenn goes out of her way to help her students and support the school community. Congratulations, Jenn!

Susanne Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenn for a long time. In every capacity that she has served in at Passaic Valley her students needs always come first. Congratulations!

Janine Juzdan Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue changed my life in so many ways and has inspired me to pursue a career in education!

Dr. JoAnn Cardillo Posted over a year ago

Jenn Shu is a guidance educator who is committed to the students and programs of Passaic Valley Regional High School. I am thrilled she was nominated and I know she is worthy of this honor.

Richeall Kennedy Posted over a year ago

This is wonderful! Congrats to Jen!!! It’s always great to see the hard work and dedication of great educators be recognized!

Donna Waryas Posted over a year ago

For as long as I have known Ms. Jenn Shue, she has always been kind, encouraging and a good role model to all the students at Passaic Valley Regional High School. She is always willing to lend a 'helping hand'.

charlotte terpak Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Jen for many years. She is very dedicated to her job and the students. Passaic Valley is lucky to have her. Congratulations Jen.

jenai Posted over a year ago

Young adults need more people in education that are like you. Great to see that you are being recognized!

kris kohler Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jenn! I cannot think of a more deserving person. You have dedicated your life to helping your students and it is so nice to read the kind words coming back to you. The students, parents, guidance office and faculty are very lucky to have you at Passaic Valley. Thanks for being you!

Dave Settembre Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue...changing lives every day!

Nancy Helbourg Posted over a year ago

Well deserved honor! Always there for our kids. Congratulations Jen!

Ruth Pille Posted over a year ago

I have been working with Jenn Shue since the beginning of her career here at Passaic Valley Regional High School. She is an asset to the school and the community.

Kim Curtis Posted over a year ago

I have been working with Jenn Shue for approximately one year. I have noticed Jenn's kindness and sincerity in all that she does for the school, the students and the community. She is an asset to the Passaic Valley staff and students.

Lisa Stoeckel Posted over a year ago

I am a co-worker of Jenn Shue. I have seen Jenn interact with co-workers and students. I see the outcome as always being positive. Jenn is an asset to our school family and the community. She is always willing to help and support others.

Stephanie Morabito Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenn Shue since 2008. She is a wonderful person in all aspects of work and life. Jenn is always involved and participates in many school activities. Some activities include the theater program; music program; clubs; as well as many others. She volunteers as school chaperone for many trips. I have seen her interact with co-workers, parents and students and the outcome is always smiles and very positive. Jenn also volunteers her time on our Education Foundation and has wonderful ideas and works very hard at fundraising for our Foundation. I also know that Jenn volunteers outside of the school and is also very active with her church. I see Jenn as an important role model to the students and others as she has patience and is always willing to listen and give advice if asked for. I truly feel I am blessed to know Jenn. Jenn is an integral part of our school family and an amazing counselor. Her dedication to our school, the community and her family shines through in all that she does. I am proud to be able to work with Jenn and also be able to call her my friend.

Jamie Peters Posted over a year ago

Jenn epitomizes what it means to be an "educator." She has dedicated her life to her students; whether a student is in her theatre program, a counselee, or just someone who needs someone to listen to them. Jenn is an inspiration to many (including myself) because of how passionate she is about her job and her students. She has an extensive alumni network of students who she still sees and talks about because of the strong connection she made with them while they were students at PV. She is truly deserving of this nomination and title. Congratulations, Jenn!!! xox

Michael Carlucci Posted over a year ago

Jen always has the students' best interest at heart. It is an honor to work with such a caring and dedicated individual.

Randall Sanders Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Jen for three years and I cannot think of a more deserving person. She has always gone above and beyond to support her students, the faculty and anyone else that needs support. Her dedication to our school and community is unwavering. I am so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing person so early in my career.

Caira Abdelrahman Posted over a year ago

I’m so happy for Ms. Shue to be nominated for “life changer of the year”. Without a doubt this is exactly the recognition she deserves. She goes above and beyond as an advisor, counselor, director, and friend. Ms. Shue was the drama club advisor as well as director for my three years in theater. Unfortunately, I did not have her as a guidance counselor but she would help me whenever I needed advice for school or college apps. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend, director, and counselor. She is by far the best life changer from my high school career!!!

Jionni Conforti Posted over a year ago

I was a student at PVHS from 1997-2001. High school was an extremely difficult time for me. I had a lot of issues going on in my home life, I was confused with my sexuality and although I didn’t know it then my biggest struggle was identifying with my authentic self. I began to experiment with drugs and alcohol to block out everything else going on in my life. It was my freshman year that I was introduced to Ms. Shue. She had a way of making me feel comfortable enough to open up to her and talk about things that I couldn’t talk to anyone else about. To say Ms. Shue was busy was an understatement. There was never a time her office wasn’t occupied, the phone wasn’t ringing or the door wasn’t being knocked on by another student while speaking with her. But no matter how busy she was she always had the time to listen. Ms. Shue had a way of giving advice and explaining it so I could understand and relate it to my own life. She would explain the consequences of my decisions and then encourage me to make the right decision. She never demanded, spoke down to me or made me feel bad. Instead she made me question my actions, she spoke to me like I was capable of knowing right from wrong and she motivated me to always be my authentic self. On the worst days, Ms. Shue was able to motivate me to be a better version of myself and that whoever I was, I was to be proud of myself. I don’t think I would have gotten thru high school without her and to be quite honest I don’t know if I would be here now at all. In so many ways she saved me. She saved me from a world of negativity when I needed just one person to support me. She saved me from my fear of coming out and inspired me to be proud. She literally saved my life. I am forever thankful that Ms. Shue came into my life when I needed her the most and didn’t even realize it. Still almost 20 years later I live my life by a quote she told me my freshman year “We write our own destiny, we become what we do”. If anyone deserves this award it is Ms. Jennifer Shue because it’s not just words on plaque, she truly was, is and always will be a life changer to not only me but to so many students.

Tiffany Torres Posted over a year ago

I can remember like if it were yesterday. My senior year 2004 I had came to Ms. Shue about an issue I was having at home. It was not a healthy situation as I did not get a long with my step father. I had opened up to her explaining my situation. In a heartbeat she knew exactly what to do. Long story short I was emancipated at the age of 16 and from that moment on my life has changed for the better. Thanks to Ms. Shue she helped me build the coverage I needed to move on from a toxic situation. 9 years later I am married with a son and live a healthy life with no toxics involved. This is because of Ms. Shue.

Erin McNeill Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!!! This is such a nice honor and well deserved. For the past 20 years Shue has been a mentor, coach, counselor, support system, colleague and friend. She has shown continuous support to me and my family and it will be forever appreciated!

Carrie Posted over a year ago

A great counselor, coach and colleague! We're lucky to have her here at PV!

Tim Donnelly Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Jenn! I'm proud to call you a colleague and friend.

Bill Pantale Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jen! Dan's words are so touching and it is truly a well-deserved tribute! Knowing you as a colleague for the past twenty-three years, comments like Dan's are not uncommon or unique. Being an advocate, confidant and champion for our students and their parents comes so naturally and easy to you, never seems planned or rehearsed. To touch someone's life in such an inspirational way is an example that we all wish to aspire to! All the best Dan!

Kim Posted over a year ago

Jenn always goes above and beyond! She is always there to listen!

Randy Rossilli, Jr. Posted over a year ago

I love working with Jenn. Her passion for our students' academic and social success is evidenced by the relationships she has developed with her students, the time she takes to work with them both in guidance and the theater program, and her advocacy in school, in the theater, and beyond their time at PVHS. A professional like Jenn models positivity and professionalism for her students and co-workers. I am personally thrilled that she received this nomination.

Kelli Laurice Posted over a year ago

This is amazing and so true! What started as you being my coach developed into a friendship I cherish. ?? You are a great person and friend. Who is most deserving of this award.

Bill Pantale Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Jen! Dan's words are so touching and it is truly a well-deserved tribute! Knowing you as a colleague for the past twenty-three years, comments like Dan's are not uncommon or unique. Being an advocate, confidant and champion for our students and their parents comes so naturally and easy to you, never seems planned or rehearsed. To touch someone's life in such an inspirational way is an example that we all wish to aspire to! All the best Dan!

Janet Casner Posted over a year ago

Jenn Shue cares! She cares about her students, she cares about her friends and she cares about her colleagues. A truly genuine person. I am so glad to call Jenn Shue my friend.

Tina Lunkenheimer Posted over a year ago

Couldn’t think of a more deserving person! Jenn has been a HUGE help in my journey as well both professionally and as a friend. I always admired her advice and her company! She is one of the most welcoming individuals I have met. Jenn has her students, family and friends at the heart of each decision she makes. I am positive that in 20 years from now, I will remember even the smallest things that she has gone out of her way to help me with. She has been a huge help in guiding and leading me to where I am now!

Lisa Smith Posted over a year ago

I am the parent of one of Ms. Shue’s students. The comments from former students are a testament to the effort and love she pores into them all. But I can speak to her love and care of the parents she supports. There were so many many times I felt hopeless and helpless in trying to help my child navigate the school district and school population. Times where I thought my child would never be able to complete high school or develop relationships with their peers. Through Ms Shues guidance, dedication and unconditional support whether with academics, band, theater etc, my child completed school and went on to become an exceptional adult. She lives, loves and leads by example.

Brad Posted over a year ago

I have known Jenn since I was a high school student. Now we’re colleagues. Her passion for influencing our students’ lives is very apparent. Whether it’s checking on the progress of one of her students in my class or attending a home or away school event to show her support, her students know she cares. It’s a pleasure knowing and working with her.

Megan Miele Posted over a year ago

As Jenn’s colleague for the past ten years I can wholeheartedly attest to Jenn’s unwavering support for her students, her caring demeanor and her dedication to the theater arts programs. Jenn has always been a person I can go to for advice and for compassion. My sister was very sick and Jenn never hesitated to ask me how she was doing and to just be there for me when I needed to cry. When Jenn found out my father in law passed away she was again there for me, offering her love, prayers and support. She is truly a role model not only to her students but to the staff here at Passaic Valley High School as well and I am honored to call her my friend.

GAIL MANNA-SLIKER Posted over a year ago

Jenn goes above and beyond for the students and parents at Passaic Valley High School. Couldn't pick a better person for this award.

Kristen Posted over a year ago

Ms. Shue was not only my guidance consuler and cheerleading coach she was my life coach throughout my years at Passaic Valley. I had a rough time in my personal life as well as school ms. Shue was always there to assure me I was not alone and always gave me a shoulder to cry on. If it wasn’t for Ms. Shue I honestly don’t know where I would’ve been in high school. She may not know what an impact she made on my life but the footprints are indented in my heart always and will forever be greatful to have had such an inspirational woman in my corner durning my darkest times. I am sure everyone who was lucky enough to have had Ms. Shue apart of their life would agree that she deserves this recognition tremendously! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO WE LOVE YOU <3

Jan Lightner Posted over a year ago

A beautiful tribute by a former student! Congratulations, the world needs more people like you! ??

Mel Manger Posted over a year ago

There is no one who deserves this more than Shue. When I was in high school I was dealing with so many complicated things. I was bullied, I dealt with a new diagnosis of mental illness and had attempted suicide, and had lost all my friends after I came out as queer. Things got so bad that I couldn't even bare going to school anymore. I contemplating dropping out, despite having good grades. I went on home instruction and Shue was assigned as my instructor. Aside from making sure that I completed my school work, she refereed disagreements between me and my mom, she listened to me and made me feel less alone, and she made me laugh when things seemed rather bleak. I don't think I could have found my way out of that darkness without someone like Shue supporting me. Shue is without a doubt a LifeChanger.

Lori Posted over a year ago

Nobody deserves this more than Jenn Shue. She believes in her students unconditionally and will fight for what’s right. My son suffered a severe life threatening brain bleed and without her help and guidance I don’t think he would have been able to make it though high school and on to college. She was such a big help in arranging an “in service” training from the Brain Injury Alliance and helping the teachers understand how to teach someone with brain injury. She was also an amazing support to me and my other children as we went through this difficult time. She went above and beyond!

Jen Posted over a year ago

What a perfect person for this award. Jen goes above and beyond for all who are blessed to know her... family, students and community.

Melanie Posted over a year ago

Couldn’t think of a better nominee!

Pat Leporini Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Coach Shue, the Leporini’s love you so much!

Helen Shue Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of my daughter! She has been the same loving and support to her family . She has a heart that never stops loving and caring! I am blessed to have such a daughter!

Brian Sedita Posted over a year ago

Shue is and has always been one of my biggest supporters since freshman year of high school. Anything I’ve been through, she’s had my back, and I am lucky to call her my friend. She deserves this recogniztion by going above and beyond the textbook definition of a guidance counselor, club advisor, or director.

Tina Peebles Posted over a year ago

Shue is surely a life changer. Her door was always open even if all you needed was to get away from your stress at school for 20 minutes and take a nap in her office. She always listened to us with patience and understanding and always gave you a sense of validity when everyone else thought you were losing your mind. I always felt safe in her office and it was a refuge from the confusion and uncertainty of adolescence. She guided us through life and has never hesitated to be a resource to her students no matter how many years have passed since graduation. Whenever I’m asked who I want to be like or what I want my impact on the world to be she comes to mind and probably has a lot to do with why I gravitated toward the mental health field. She makes the world a better place and more than deserves to be celebrated for it. ??