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Kayla Christmann

Position: School Counselor
School: Northern Guilford High School
School District: Guilford County Schools
City, State: Greensboro, NC

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Kayla Christmann was nominated by an anonymous student.

LifeChanger is Miss Christmann's literal job description as a school counselor. She has a warm and welcoming personality towards every student and staff member. Even though she serves last names R - Z, it seems as if the entire school knows who she is. She helps students with every aspect of their life, from applying to college to mental health issues.

"For me specificaly, anytime I'm having a rough day, I know she will let me come talk to her and give me advice. She has been my source hope during my depression. With Miss Christmann in my corner, I feel invincible," said her nominator.

Comments (6)

Jessica Posted over a year ago

Listen up! I just received notification that my sister, Kayla Christmann, got nominated for the Lifechanger of the year award. I barely ever use social media to post anything, but this is too big of a deal to pass up!! Although she wasn’t nominated by me, I could have easily done the same as she HAS influenced my life for the better. Case in point: 3 or so years ago, I made the decision to move to North Carolina. The month up until I moved I cried, panicked, and doubted myself. Kayla never ONCE judged me, shamed me or gave up on me despite my apparent mental breakdown. Instead, she built me up with words of encouragement, love, and patience. She graciously and wholeheartedly allowed me to stay with her in her apartment while I figured out my next steps. Little did we know that those 6 months would turn into 2 more years living together. Without her enduring optimism and care, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through that time. We all need support from time to time. And I am eternally grateful to call my sister my biggest supporter. I love you, sis. Even if you don’t win, you’re still my lifechanger. #LCOY

Michele Christmann Posted over a year ago

We could not be more proud of our daughter Kayla for all she has achieved personally in pursuit of her career and selfless dedication to make a difference. She is very self driven and pursed her graduate degree in counseling independently and would like to one day obtain her PhD. She has focused on helping others in their education and now works on the social and emotional matters affecting students and families ever since she graduated from college. Even though her educational/counselor positions do not provide significant monetary awards, she is motivated by the rewards she gains through helping others and furthering their individual success. Kayla truly works tirelessly to guide students and staff and is very deserving of a "LifeChanger" award.

Teresa Miller Posted over a year ago

Kayla Christmann is a great counselor! She is upbeat, fun, organized, encouraging, and wise. She serves as our Electronic Learning Advisor. to over a hundred students; she remembers each of them and is available in person and by email. She also has a regular caseload of 350 students, who have her as an advisor and advocate. She coordinates our tutorial program, matches students with peer tutors, and has developed a method of keeping school-wide records of tutorial hours. As a former math teacher, she can help with math, if needed. As our scholarship coordinator from last year, she has been mentoring the counselor who works with scholarships this year. She supports her colleagues as well; when I have a question about technology, I always ask Kayla.

Amy Rule Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kayla Christmann is a wonderful guidance counselor and has a bubbly personality that can brighten anyone's day. I am so fortunate to have her as a counselor.

Jan Wyrick Posted over a year ago

Ms Christmann is a compassionate counselor that helps all students. She helped my freshman in college when she was a senior applying to college and is currently helping my freshman in high school get on the "right track" for a successful high school experience. Ms Christmann has an infectious, positive attitude and is willing to take on any challenge (dancing faculty with the student fundraiser). #KaylaforPrez!

Tory Rule Posted over a year ago

Kayla is a phenomenal counselor. She has great rapport with her students and the students love her. She is accessible to her students and has a knack for "keeping it real" in a loving, comforting manner. She was very helpful throughout my child's high school tenure. Kayla is very knowledgeable about the college application process and strives to help each of her students achieve their dreams. #KaylaforPrez