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Herlinda Garza Estrada

Position: School Translator/Teacher Assitant
School: Jackson Middle School
School District: Guilford County Schools
City, State: Greensboro, NC

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Herlinda Garza was nominated by a colleague, Dawn Lineberry.

Ms. Garza started at Jackson Middle School as a teaching assistant for multiple grades. Her passion for bridging the gap between her school and the Hispanic community is huge.  She began reaching out to students' families, which, in turn, allowed parents to feel comfortable contacting other teachers with academic concerns.  Ms. Garza took it upon herself to begin meeting one on one with students regarding their grades and setting up conferences for the team to keep them on track.

Many students have built such a strong relationship with Ms. Garza that they will ask to speak with her when something is going on in their lives, both positive and negative.  Because of her influence, many students have started excelling in school, and behavioral issues have decreased.  She is not only there for the students at her school, but is a huge support for the teachers as well.