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Marcy McKendry

Position: Counselor
School: Stinson Elementary School
School District: Northwest Local Schools
City, State: Canal Fulton, OH

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Marcy McKendry was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Mrs. McKendry has changed my life. She turned my life around by modeling good character and building a relationship with me to help me feel valued," said her nominator.

Mrs. McKendry can always be seen with a smile on her face or a hug or high five to give.  She is energetic and teaches classroom lessons that inspires students to be better people.  Mrs. McKendry is known for being a safe and caring person in her school, and she continually gives her best.

"I have come to know Mrs. McKendry after graduation and have been able to observe her, now, as an adult.  She is leader in her school and in her community and an amazing asset to those who she interacts with," said her nominator. "Mrs. McKendry doesn't need recognition because she loves what she does, but I think she needs to know how much she is appreciated and cared for."

Comments (2)

Rick Woods Posted over a year ago

I couldn't agree more! Congratulations to one of Northwest's best!!! She truly is a life-changer and an inspiration!

Kim Hyrne Posted over a year ago

Mrs. McKendry was a life changer for my son who had trouble adapting to a new environment. He moved from the primary school to Stinson elementary during a remodel. The change of schools and the construction frightened him. Mrs. McKendry would check in on my son throughout the day. She would make it a point to help him feel at ease. Sometimes it is easy to ignore or minimize a child’s anxiety, Mrs. McKendry definitely puts her whole heart into the kids and not just the ones who struggle. My oldest son also had Mrs. McKendry as a school counselor and although he did not have anxiety, she took the time to chat with him and make him feel as though he could talk to her if he needed to.