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Crystal Jackson

Position: Paraprofessional
School: Liberty Middle School
School District: Bedford County Public Schools
City, State: Bedford, VA

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Crystal Jackson was nominated by her colleague, Emily Wood.

Ms. Jackson is the co-worker you want to clone and have helping and teaching throughout the school. She does so much for everyone in her school, and she always has a big smile with tons of enthusiasm. She has extremely high moral and ethical standards - in fact, on the weekend her nomination was submitted, she house-sat and puppy-sat for her nominator.

"Everyone loves her and wants to work with her directly. If you are in a bad mood, she will change it or be willing to listen to your troubles," said Wood. "All of our teachers, administrators, parents, and students love her! The students all know she has a big heart. She is the one employee they can go to at our school if they need help, someone to listen, encouragement, and understanding."

Comments (2)

Barry Corson Posted over a year ago

It is impossible to have a bad time when Crystal is anywhere near you. Even when she is not feeling well, her happiness and love of life still comes out and permeates those around her, at least that has been my experience with her since her birth. She is love!

Jessica Geyer Posted over a year ago

Take a few minutes and visualize an extremely dedicated, compassionate, kind, supportive and caring individual that puts others before themselves each and every day!! In our profession, it is difficult to pick just one individual who selflessly gives their all every day!! As I reflect on experiences with colleagues at Liberty Middle School, one specific person immediately comes to mind, Ms. Crystal Jackson. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ms. Jackson during my teaching career at Liberty Middle School. It is evident in the relationships she forms with colleagues and most importantly, the students that she is a strong candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year Award. Ms. Jackson’s presence each and every day has a lasting impact on whoever she encounters. She greets everyone with a smile, bubbly demeanor and positive outlook on any situation. She knows the students, what is needed within the school and has established strong connections with community members. Furthermore, Ms. Jackson strives for excellence whether it is personally or professionally. She is a compassionate lifelong learner as she is currently pursuing a college degree while serving Liberty Middle School at her fullest capacity. Ms. Jackson has spent countless hours providing support to students, sharing instructional feedback and creative ideas for learning. In addition, she is always willing to jump in and help whether it involves reviewing with students, providing one on one support, ensuring accommodations/modifications are in place for students, assisting with before and after school events and taking the time to add a little sparkle to the school whether it is creating bulletin boards, inspirational posters or participating in random acts of kindness! Ms. Jackson has promoted kindness within Liberty Middle School. For example, last school year, Ms. Jackson implemented a student “shout out” program. She has encouraged teachers and students to write shout outs for someone/something positive or as an opportunity to share how someone else has impacted others in a positive way. This has boosted school morale and encouraged further acts of kindness! Ms. Jackson is an active participant in spirit days, athletic events and extracurricular activities to show support for all students. Ms. Jackson has spent time helping with athletic events, incentive events such as the SOL Incentive End of the School Year celebration, 21st Century grant program, and forming partnerships with local businesses. Ms. Jackson’s famous words, “Tell me what I can do to help” are indicative of her philosophy and attitude. Ms. Jackson is always willing to jump right in and help! Her follow through is outstanding, going above and beyond expectations. Inspiration! Ms. Jackson is an inspiration and true leader that has a huge impact on Liberty Middle School. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and confidence I highly recommend Ms. Crystal Jackson for the LifeChanger of the Year Award.