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Jessica Matsik

Position: Academic Coach
School: N?n?kuli Elementary School
School District: Hawaii Public Schools
City, State: Waianae, HI

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Jessica Matsik was nominated by her former principal and colleague of 14 years, David Adler.

"I have witnessed and learned from Jessica's talents in both of her roles as a Special Education teacher and 6th grade teacher, and in her capacity as a curriculum and data coach at N?n?kuli Elementary School," said Adler. "Her professionalism and dedication to student achievement are unparalleled, and I give my full endorsement to her well-deserved accolades."

Ms. Matsik's presence at N?n?kuli Elementary School has been consistently reliable as they have transitioned through drastic changes in technology, curriculum, school culture, leadership and accreditation. She has approached these changes gracefully, and she always maintains a talent for simultaneously seeing both the big picture and critical details, while demonstrating the ability to thoughtfully explain things to her colleagues.

"I have witnessed her growth as a coach and administrative liaison who has earned the respect and trust of the entire staff," said Adler.

In terms of school culture, she has helped N?n?kuli Elementary School become a data-driven school that continues to emerge as a leader on the Leeward coast. Her engagement with data is always precise, which continues to raise the bar of expectations in data team meetings. During these meetings, she facilitates focused discussions and encourages her colleagues to maintain a growth mindset. Her school’s success in this area directly results from her efforts and professionalism. 

"Jessica's ability to wear many hats is obvious each day. Whether talking with a student in the hallway or delivering her concise perspective during professional development at staff meetings, her ripple effect is strong," said Adler. "It is a pleasure to support her nomination in recognition of her positive influence on the students and staff of N?n?kuli Elementary School."

Comments (11)

ally chester Posted over a year ago

She is the best person I know, all around, hands all aspects of her life.

Adele Mier Posted over a year ago

Matsik! Matsik! Matsik! She is a caring, passionate and very important team member of Nanakuli Elementary. Matsik embodies the idea of compassion. She is very personable, intelligent and has been a great friend and coworker. Matsik was a big supporter for our children here, she did numerous hours of testing and data collection to gear academics towards the needs of our students. She has moved on to a district position and is truly missed here at NES. Luckily for us she is right up the road and visits often. Jessica is a go getter with a heart of gold.

Maria Manandic Posted over a year ago

Jessica Matsik! Most students know her as Ms. Breslin..She’s a wonderful, caring, data - driven lady with a beautiful smile! I’m inspired by her everyday, she helps in all angles and supports our students as much as possible even going to watch their basketball game! Jess is definitely a life changer and has supported & continue to support my daughter Mariah from the “get go”! Thank you Jess for all your countless endless support not only for our NES students & Mariah but for ME as well!

Dennis Tynan Posted over a year ago

In my decades of working in public schools, it is rare to see someone with Jess's unique talents of being able to relate to students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and campus visitors. She really has a talent for people: relating to them, listening actively, challenging but supporting them, and most of all developing a rapport that allows her to be quite impactful on them. I have always admired her skillset of being so helpful to so many different groups of people. LifeChanger indeed!

Tracy Jones Posted over a year ago

Jess Matsik is a truly a world changer! I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Jess over the last ten years. She pours into the lives of the keiki and the adults in the Nanakuli community. Jess’ passion for data influenced the culture of Nanakuli Elementary and made all the difference. She taught me so much and holds the standards high. She once told me that a struggling school needs the best teachers, and Nanakuli has been blessed with one of the very best!! This is my first year away from Hawaii, and when i has questions concerning my new class, I knew I could call her and she would help me. And she did! Thank you Jess for all you do to make the world a better place! You truly are a life changer!!

Jessica Valadez Posted over a year ago

Jessica Matsik embodies the true definition of a leader. She gains the trust and loyalty of the community by demonstrating strategic thinking, intelligence, mindfulness and pairing it with general likability. She is never too busy to stop what she is doing and help her colleagues or encourage a student at any given time. Jessica truly cares about the future of Nanakuli Elementary school and has always invested above and beyond what is within her scope of duties as an instructional coach, often working long days and following up to correspondence and administrative items with a sense of urgency during her own personal time. She has played a huge part in organizing the school and supporting her teachers so that it is what I believe to be THE model school along the Leeward coast. Thank you Jessica for touching the lives of so many with your leadership and commitment to the keiki of Nanakuli!

Moon Tuition Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Jessica! As an educator myself, I strongly believe " Teachers with passion inspire students". I have heard so many stories about you, your passion, your big dream of changing students' lives. You are a well deserved life changer!

Ellen Breslin Posted over a year ago

Thank you for writing this beautiful description of my niece, Jessica; it was perfect. In this world of ours, we need “Jessicas,” who wake up every day and want to change the world! So glad that you, Jessica, are doing that and have been nominated! And that you chose this profession, where you can bring your unique capacity, passion, commitment, respect for equality, intellect, and ethics to change lives, and with the support of your community. This nomination shows that to me ... You know what matters most: that is, helping young people! You are a life changer! Congratulations! With all my love, Aunt Ellen

Rose Posted over a year ago

Jessica, From the day you graduated from college you set out to be the best student advocate you could be! Your energy and enthusiasm was unstoppable! I remember when you first travelled to Hawaii to begin your career, your Dad would tell me anecdotes of the reach out you were doing to get students interested in coming to school. He said you sized things up quickly and jumped in to get it done! That's what children need. Its obvious to everyone you have the ability to bring about positive change. Continue to put your humble heart into everything you do, Jessica! I support your nomination for this life changer award.

Diane LeBoeuf Posted over a year ago

So proud, she is a wonder and all those who know her, she is the real deal. Love you Jess, beautiful family. Merry Christmas kid, miss you

Rick Breslin Posted over a year ago

Congrats, Jess! You do so much for your school and students. Well deserved!