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Marc Alter

Position: Director of 21st Century Learning
School: Grandview Heights Schools
School District: Grandview Heights Schools
City, State: Columbus, OH

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Marc Alter was nominated by a family member, Tamar Sorin.

Mr. Alter is a teacher to both students and teachers.  Every decision he makes and every effort he puts forth have students at the center. He consistently goes above and beyond to help students reach their greatest potential. He arrives early and stays late if his students need him, and he has mentored and advised students as they design their own learning opportunities and create classes to teach their peers.

Mr. Alter has redefined his own role several times, beginning his career as an art teacher before moving from technology coach to integration coach, and finally to Director of 21st Century Learning. In his role of helping teachers grow to meet their students' needs, he has continued to work directly with students from kindergarten through high school.

Mr. Alter has managed to be an agent for cultural change in his schools, both as a teacher and teacher-leader. He knows that the first job of an any educator is to listen. He knows learners often have answers within themselves, but more importantly, they can ask critical, essential questions. Mr. Alter helps students and teachers find and develop their own competencies and resources from within. He is often tapped by school administrators as someone who can be that significant adult for students who think differently or don't fit in any mold.

Mr. Alter designed and teaches a Senior explore class in which students explore their passions as they develop critical thinking skills and identify their own learning styles. Students who have never considered college an option are seeing themselves as able to accomplish more than they ever thought they could and have had their worldview and life options expanded because they believe in themselves.

Mr. Alter celebrates and points to the successes of others and does not promote himself or draw attention to his work. He is happy to be a supporting role in the growth of others. Yet, he has received several teaching awards including a community rotary club award for contributions to the community in which he works, including Teacher of the Year in his Grandview Heights City Schools and the Batelle for Kids Celebrate Teaching Distinguished Educator Award.  

Finally, Mr. Alter holds the highest of ethical standards in all that he does and is a tremendous role model.

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Cheri Brown Posted over a year ago

I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award! I have worked with Marc Alter for almost 20 years and he has been my own personal lifechanger. Big ideas, big thinking, big opportunities all come with knowing and working with Marc. He always puts students in the center of everything and makes certain that they are empowered and supported. I am a better teacher as a result of working with Marc all of these years!