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Shareefah Nadir-Mason

Position: U.S. History Teacher
School: Sarah Zumwalt
School District: Dallas Independent School District
City, State: Dallas, TX

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Shareefah Nadir-Mason was nominated by a former colleague, LaKeisha Jones.

Jones worked with Shareefah for nine years in one of the most impoverished schools in Dallas. The level of passion she exuded on a daily basis was the pulse of her entire campus at Boude Storey Middle School. She came to work every day with a smile on her face and purpose in her heart. She is an educator who believes in educating the whole child and ensuring that her students receive an exceptional educational experience and a relationship that lasts long after they walk out of the doors of the school.

Today, former students still keep in touch with her via social media and through email, sharing their accomplishments. Shareefah still supports former students attending their Quinceaneras, birthday parties and graduations. She provides financial resources and provides them with advice as they encounter new situations growing up. She has always gone above and beyond for the students at our school. Students that she didn't teach still have a rapport with her because she made herself accessible to all students, especially those who struggled academically or behaviorally.

Shareefah led the after school theater program, liturgical dance and oratory teams. She served as department chair, coaching the teachers in her department to become the highest performing team in the building. She has always had exceptional assessment scores exceeding the district's and state's assessment standards. Shareefah believes in hard work and is the epitome of an assiduous teacher who instills the necessary qualities in her students that promote lifelong learning and success. "I am often in awe of her because she gives so much to her students and still finds time to be a phenomenal wife and mother!" Jones said.

Three years ago, Dallas ISD created the Distinguished Teacher Review, a rigorous process that called for teachers to submit applications analyzing their leadership and learning participation, anonymous student surveys, detailing students' classroom experiences and local and state assessment data results. In the first year of the Distinguished Teacher Review, Shareefah became a Distinguished Teacher because of her amazing achievements.

She was called to join Dallas ISD's trailblazing initiative Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) bringing distinguished teachers to low-performing schools. She has shined in her new role, continuing her impeccable student achievement record and turning a struggling Social Studies department into a respected and formidable group.

"When she started at her new campus, Sarah Zumwalt Middle School, the eighth grade U.S. History scores were at 20 percent passing. She has now increased the scores tremendously with a 50 percent increase on the local and state assessments," Jones said. "Students at Zumwalt are not afraid to achieve because they have the best Social Studies teacher in the world." In 2014, she was awarded the Dallas American History Teacher of the Year by the Sons of the American Revolution. Shareefah has been named the State of Texas' Outstanding American History Teacher by the Dr. Tom and Betty Lawrence Foundation and the National Runner up for the same organization (2015). In the summer of 2015, she was named the Dallas Rotary Club's Middle School Teacher of the Year. She has been named Campus Teacher of the Year at both Boude Storey and Sarah Zumwalt Middle Schools. This year she won the Dr. William Cotton Credit Union of Texas scholarship to pursue her doctorate in educational leadership. With all of the awards she has won she remains humble and helpful.

She continues to expand her practices by attending conferences and workshops. She creates engaging lessons that include social media and pop culture to ensure that U.S. History is not boring to her impoverished students. Shareefah is also an author, publishing four educational books and has crafted accompanying professional development that she has presented at renowned educational conferences such as: Council of Great City Schools and Advancing Improvement in Education (AIE). "I could go on and on about her accomplishments but what she loves most is empowering students and teachers. She coaches and mentors her students and peers so that they are walking models of excellence," Jones said. 

She is also a major proponent for her community. She partners with For Oak Cliff, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering one of the most impoverished areas in the Dallas metropolis, to connect former students with traditional and vocational resources to improve their marketability. She spearheads and facilitates leadership groups for young women, inspiring them to overcome the limitations of poverty. "There is not an educational meeting, project or organization that Shareefah doesn’t support," Jones said. "Her passion for educating urban youth is unmatched!"

Shareefah believes in sharing her knowledge with all of her colleagues so that all students, not just her own, enjoy an incomparable classroom experience! "I cannot stress how much Shareefah has accomplished in the field of education in an eleven- year career," Jones said. "She would be a phenomenal representative of this award."

Comments (87)

Mason Scott Posted over a year ago

mrs.mason is the best teacheri ever had and she always make sure we do our work and learn.

Kenyatta Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs.Mason you deserve it all!! So proud of you!! #Claimit

Jasmine Austin Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs. Mason three years ago as I began my second year of teaching. Though I teach art, she has still been such a role model and a helping hand. I think what makes her so special is that though her list of accolades runs deep, that doesn’t disconnect her from her peers or her students. She is still one of us, she’s humble and caring. I’ve learned so much from Mrs. Mason and I’m excited to continue to work so closely with her so that I’m given the amazing opportunity to be mentored and poured into be such an incredible educator and peer.

Andrea Stamps Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs Mason. You are an anwsom and caring teacher and person. You always going beyond and above the call of duty. I am so very proud of you and wish you much success. You deserve it!

Audrey Eatmon Posted over a year ago

I am pleased to write to you on behalf of Mrs. Shareefah Nadir-Mason who I was blessed to develop a very personal relationship over the past 20 years. She has become an influential pillar of our family and an excellent role model to my daughter. Mrs. Mason is loving and she is a proven "quick-study" that has always been the "go to" person that could be counted on to deliver. Personally, Mrs. Mason exudes kindness and a high level of concern for the well-being of others. She is dependable, honest and most of all compassionate to others. She has also been able to balance her extra-curricular activities being involved in church, practicing a healthy lifestyle and involved in supporting all those near and dear to her while displaying a positive image for other females in the community to model. She is a woman of high achievement and moral substance. Mrs. Mason's drive and tenacity make her an exception the rules and who continues to challenge herself and reach the expectations of others. You will never meet a kinder and more loving person than Shareefah Nadir-Mason.

Helen Smith Posted over a year ago

I worked with Mrs. S. Mason at Boude Storey Middle School. We both taught history and during that time we made Boude Story exemplirary fir the first time in Boude Storey History. She was the department chair and her main goal was and still is to educate the total child. She has written several books on education. She is a phenomenal young lady.

UKISHA NEWSOME Posted over a year ago

Sharerfah is a great teacher/leader! She genuinely love and care about each and everyone of her students...

Tracy White Posted over a year ago

Shareefah is an excellent teacher and all around great person. She is a true motivator and she genuinely want the best for everyone. She is always willing to help.

janice rickett Posted over a year ago

excellent teacher love the kids really cares about there education and I thank her so much

melissa gholston Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is a awesome teacher. She really cares about the students and has a great relationship with them. Mrs. Mason is committed to the work in Dallas ISD to make us a great school. We appreciate your dedication to our students.

Shendolyn Anderson Posted over a year ago

Greetings and a nomination well deserved. I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Mason at South Oak Cliff HS. Her warming smile and southern personality made me feel invited and I felt welcome to be one of the newest members of the staff. She would come by and check in on me just to make sure I was okay and to keep me motivated. Joining a new campus, midyear is a major adjustment and when you are surrounded by genuinely good people and a warm spirit it will help make any transition a smooth one. So, thank you, Mrs. Mason. I never told you that but you helped me a lot.

Le’Andra White Posted over a year ago

Ms.Mason is a wonderful teacher. She had a huge impact on my life. She’s one of the reasons why I’m doing such an amazing job in college as well as in life.

Marcie Davis Posted over a year ago

Shareefah Nadir-Mason is the true definition of a “she”ro. I began working with Shareefah wayyy back in the day at Boude Storey Middle School. From her first year teaching, she showed herself to be an amazing teacher. Her passion for not only her students but also pedegogical practices is evident in her class (and beyond) everyday! The real-life connections, out-of-the-box thinking, and the rich relationships she builds with all school stakeholders have catapulted the culture of classroom and school as a whole. Keep being amazing!!!

Melanie Hawkins Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mason serves as a perfect model of what a good teacher should be. Her goal is to give her students access to the highest quality education that she can give. She builds relationships with her students and pushes them to the full potential. She is truly a dedicated educator.

Jason H.Allen Posted over a year ago

She is a passionate educator that is dedicated to her students.

Janet Salahuddin-Tate Posted over a year ago

This young woman is the epitome of a community sourced and driven leader. She does us all proud with her commitment to excellence in the education processes for her students and coworkers.

Shakita Stewart, MS Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mason has always been the type of person who cared about others and expected nothing but the best in regards to education. Not only is she deserving of the nomination, but also the award that is to follow. Good luck!!!

Stephanie Phillips Posted over a year ago

Shareefah Nadir Mason is one of the most genuine, passionate and intelligent women I know. She loves educating her students and takes pride in helping them reach their full potential.

Dawn Joseph Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason, She's a wonderful teacher. Making a difference in the life's of our youth. I can't think of a better teacher.

La Jonet La Vigne-Williams Posted over a year ago

Shareefa has a sincere passion for teaching & an unconditional love for kids. I couldn't think of another person who has a deeper devotion & stronger work ethic than Mrs. Mason. She possess all the qualities it takes to be a phenomenal educator. She is kind, she is a good listener with a great personality, but most importantly she has a great understanding of the importance of education & has left a lasting positive impression with her students. She is soo deserving of the LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Camecia Brackens-White Posted over a year ago

I love me some Mrs Mason she will always be my favorite teach of all time. I would come in her class during my lunch in 7th grade at Boude Storey to help with what ever she needed me to do because she was worth going the extra mile for! She always had a great energy/vibe about her that was warming. She kept us interested in history that would typically be boring. She is a great Louisiana woman with authentic love and light for the students in Dallas (OakCliff) area and I'm glad to say I am one of those students.

Andrea Cato Posted over a year ago

Shareefa Nadir-Mason one of the greatest educators I know. Smart, articulate and able to reach kids like no other. A well deserved candidate.

Tomika Shelton Posted over a year ago

Beautiful person inside and out!!

De'Onna Washington Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mason is an AWESOME teacher and co-worker. I enjoy going into her classroom just to watch how engaged her students are during their lessons. She creates dance routines for the staff and for the students to perform. She also comes to work every morning with a warm "Good Morning" to everyone. Ms. Mason is one of the BEST teachers I know!

April Hawkins Posted over a year ago

I have known Shareefah for many years. She has always been an intelligent, hardworking leader in our community. I have witnessed her commitment, passion and dedication throughout the years.Mrs Mason is truly purposed to teach and prepare our children for a bright future. She is a deserving recipient of this award.

Deidra Sampson Posted over a year ago

Shareefah has always showed a passion and commitment of positively impacting the lives of not just her students. Her dedication to education and our youth is what makes her exceptional.

Chandra Boone Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason’s dedication to student achievement is second to none. She works to ensure students are adequately prepared for success both in and out of the classroom. She has an infectious zeal for delivering relevant instruction and is an example of what we know teachers are- dedicated, professional, creative, and knowledgeable.

Alisha Hogan-Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason has always exuded leadership in and out the classroom. Always going above and beyond to be a positive role model and impact the lives of others. She is so deserving of this LIFECHANGER nomination and I'm so proud to know her. Congrats!

Jenny Jones Posted over a year ago

No matter the environment, Mrs. Mason makes a prodigious asset. She is such a genuine and passionate person. The imprint she leaves in the lives of students and adults is astounding!

Tervaryia Shaw Posted over a year ago

Favorite teacher of all times!!!!! Very dedicated and passionate about her students. There was no such thing as having a bad day around her because she always had a smile on her face she always made my day at school !!!

LaTasha Lewis Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Soror on all of your accomplishments. May God continue to guide you in all that you do and may you continue to exemplify and strive for excellence in education!

Shana Watts Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Mason is an outstanding educator that is passionate,driven,and keeps all student’s learning and well-being first regardless of their areas or backgrounds.

LaPorsha Davis Posted over a year ago

She is AMAZING! Always willing to put her students first and treat them as her own children. She is always definitely one of Dallas best teachers. Every school she shares her gift with she goes above and beyond to teach to the best of her ability. She deserves this reward plus more !!!

TraShon Posted over a year ago

I am not surprised Shareefah has been nominated for this award. Having known Ms Mason since 1994 her energy and passion for those she loves remains true until today. Congrats Shareefah for being nominated for this award. May you continue to do with passion and certainty what God has purposed you to do.

Kelli Ali Posted over a year ago

Shareefah is a phenomenal teacher and woman!

Nancy Daniels Posted over a year ago

It's always amazed me that, with all she has on her to-do list, Mrs. Mason will always manage to squeeze in time to support others. I met her on the job almost 20 years ago, before she began her calling as an educator. She trained me on everything I needed to excel in the workplace, and I've enjoyed watching her guide her peers to excellence ever since. Whether she's hands on helping with lesson plans, or writing a book (yes, she's an author) to provide other educators with techniques for prosperity in the classroom. Being that she is very dedicated & extremely patient, it's no surprise that this natural born leader is so inspiring to her students and peers. Everyone she encounters is encouraged by her positivity and passion. I watch her show her pupils by example and instruction to reach beyond what they think their potential is to achieve success. Her former students are regularly blessed by her acts of kindness beyond the classroom. She's done everything from helping to find scholarships to finding underprivileged students attire for formal events or job interviews...even helped locate housing for a new college student in a pinch. Mrs. Shareefah Mason is most deserving of this honor. Daily she manages to take on all the tasks of her professional life, still be a doting mommy to her two angels and a devoted wife, and make it look effortless. And she genuinely does all of this with love in her heart.

Rhakesia King Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason Was A Good Teacher She Was My 8th Grade Teacher When I Was Going Boude Storey Middle School. Mrs.Mason Always Came To Work With A Smile On Her Face. Being In Her Class You’ll Never Had A Dull Moment She Was The Best Teacher You Could Ask For. Thank You For The Best And Congratulations

Deserai Rusk Posted over a year ago

She is one the best people I ever met I love her with all my heart,she’s good person

Rhonda Johnson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Mason is a wonderfully caring teacher with a deep passion & dedication for her students & her work. She's an amazing person who really cares about her students.

Valeska Keppard Posted over a year ago

Words can't explain and I can't express what Ms. Mason means to her former and current students. Ms Mason is not just an educator but she is a friend and a good role model to whomever she encounter. I wish her all the best and may the light shine upon her.

Baheerah Mateen Posted over a year ago

There's so many words to describe Mrs. Mason. She is a beautiful person inside out. Mrs. Mason has always been a kind and loving person. I truly I believe you have picked the right person because she is a hard working teacher and would do anything for her students, to make sure they are successful in life.

Juanetta L McCarvy Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Mason for over 20 years. She's very inspiring, charismatic, and possess natural leadership skills. She's a go getter and will not stop until her students have the best because she feels as though they deserve the best.

Jeff Elkins Posted over a year ago

Great teacher who loves her kids.

Shana Watts Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Mason is an outstanding educator that is passionate,driven,and keeps all student’s learning and well-being first regardless of their areas or backgrounds.

LaQuida Landry Posted over a year ago

To whom much is given, much is required. Mrs. Mason requires a lot and should be given this token of appreciation for all she does.

Dana albert Posted over a year ago

Ms.mason is the best teacher she enjoys what she do.and she see the kids as one of her owns

Bernard Robertson Posted over a year ago

Shareefah has always been a leader with a huge heart. She was a big sister to many of us in high school, providing advice and help whenever needed and doing so with that thousand watt smile! As an educator she has continued to be that ray of sunshine, a counselor, and a trusted guide for her students and their families. In my opinion, Shareefah is beyond deserving of this honor.

Brianna Hogg Posted over a year ago

I've had the honor of knowing Mrs. Mason since my middle school days at Storey Middle School. Although I did not have her class, she always greeted me and encouraged me to continue my education. Even now as a graduate of Southern Methodist University (SMU) and a current Ph.D. student for the William P. Clements Jr. Department of History Program at SMU, she continues to check up on me, support me, and encourage me to keep pressing forward and pursue my passion. Because of educators like Mrs. Mason, I am inspired to become a History teacher and teach students in my community after I receive my Doctorate degree from SMU. I am so thankful and grateful to have educators, such as Mrs. Mason, in my life who continues to uplift students to be the best that they can be.

Raunikka Williams Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is extremely a very smart, bright, intelligent, respectful, beautiful lady. I nominate you for the LCOTY award, because you'll go too the moon and back for students or anyone. Thank you for being the person you are.

Dwayne Posted over a year ago

A wonderful teacher who is passionate about seeing all her students exceed their potential. Treats all students like they are special. Truly understands the value of education.

Elizabeth Trejo Posted over a year ago

I had Ms. Mason as a my history teacher 8 years ago. She always went out of her way to make sure we were learning. She constantly found new ways to keep us engaged. It didn’t matter how big our classes were she somehow found a way to connect to each student, always making sure everyone was learning. My older brother had her as a teacher & my younger siblings did too. We all feel she has made a great impact in our education & are amazed at her will to teach. She still keeps in contact with the four of us and keeps encouraging us in the obstacles we face even as adults. Honestly many teachers seem to not care about their students specially in the underprivileged area we grew up in. Ms. Mason was different she saw potential in us that we couldn’t even see. I always hated history class until I was fortunate enough to have Ms. Mason as my teacher. Ms. Mason is not only an impressive educator but also an amazing person. She really does make a special effort to help our community and should be commended for her excellence.

Rafael Trejo Posted over a year ago

Best teacher I've ever met! Ms. Mason would make learning fun for me and my class, I couldn't wait to get to her class because I knew my day was only going to get better. She would definitely understand the youth teenage mentality and had so much patience for us. She shared so much knowledge with me and definitely made me a better person. My mentality was not having an option to become successful in life because I was being raised in the "hood." Ms. Mason changed my way of seeing life from different perspectives. I graduated from High School, I am currently in college, I am now a real estate investor, I am 23 years old, I own 3 rental properties, and still searching for better opportunities. Thank you Ms. Mason I owe it all to you! I love you!

Amaya Hughes Posted over a year ago

It is no surprise that Mrs. Shareefah Mason has been nominated for this amazing award!! She has always been someone to look up to and strive to be more like! I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with her and as an adult she continues to motivate me from afar! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do in the lives of others!! Amaya

Jessica Fleming (Jess McKey) Posted over a year ago

Nominating Ms. Mason for LifeChanger of the year is a no brainer! I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about Ms. Mason from my niece who is a student of Ms. Mason. I was asked to vote for her favorite teacher and as I logged in to vote, I noticed that this Amazing Ms. Mason is actually a fellow Alumni. “Go figure”, I said to myself as I smiled! My niece has always spoke so highly of her teacher and how engaged she has the class during instruction. The way she makes learning fun and keep it entertaining. I absolutely love the excitement expressed when my niece speaks about Ms.Mason. Any kid who enjoys learning and adores the teacher as my niece does, DESERVES IT! Congrats Ms. Mason on the nomination and best of luck to you! You are already LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR in my eyes!

Charlesse Burks Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shareefah Nadir-Mason for over 20 years as one of the best and most encouraging upperclassmen, in high school! Even back then she gave lessons and supported those in need of anything...whether it was an item, words or just being a listening ear or supportively being there!! With that all said, she had fun in everything she did, so I can only imagine the inspiration she gives to her current and past students, for she continues to boldly with enthusiasm, inspire her fellow friends, colleagues, schoolmates on every level, and family! She lives on 'PURPOSE'!!

Bridget Alexander Posted over a year ago

Shareefah is a driven, friendly and determined woman. She was always a leader and she can definitely captivate your mind. She is a free spirit who loves life to the fullest

Tijuana Young Posted over a year ago

Shareefah has dedicated so much of her life to enriching the lives of her students, her colleagues, and her community. Shareefah truly changes lives because her influence goes beyond the classroom. She has also published several books about education as well as books about mental and emotional self improvement. As a wife, mother, educator, and author, Shareefah changes lives daily by loving, caring, learning, teaching, innovating and inspiring while always setting an exceptional example for others.

Elitia Posted over a year ago

We’re so happy to vote for her. She’s worked tirelessly to improve the lives of so many students. She is truly deserving of this award.

Demetries Holmes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is a wonderful loving Teacher! She is A Guardian to Every Student Who Gain Knowledge From Her! Teachers like Her Play A Important Role In The World OF Education! A Great Wife And Mother Who Loves Her Family! Blessed with Many God Given Gifts & Talents! Yes She would be A Phenomenal Representative Of This Award!

Schabandol Johnson, LMSW Posted over a year ago

I’ve had the privilege to observe Mrs. Mason in several capacities, however, her role as an educator; has ALWAYS been stellar. I’ve witnessed the change in her students desires to learn, as Mrs. Mason interactively engaged her scholars. Mrs.Mason prides herself on ensuring ALL of her students are afforded the same opportunities to excel academically.

Rontrina Thomas Posted over a year ago

A great teacher with a passion for teaching and inspiring our future leaders

Janet Posted over a year ago

Best teacher ever ! I was one of those students that had a difficult time learning , but never did she countinue a lesson leaving me lost ! She always looked for away for everyone to be on the same page ! Thank you Mrs.Mason and I’m really hoping she gets this award because I know it will be in good use .

Kenya Alexander Posted over a year ago

I have known Shareefah for over 20 years and she has always given 110% in everything that she does. She is a natural born leader and innovator, everything she does is from the heart. I have no doubt that her students are well prepared to face the challenges of this world from a unique and inclusive perspective. She is the exact embodiment of this award, she is a LIFECHANGER!

Sylvia Villanueva Posted over a year ago

Growing up our neighborhood had a stereotype that our students wouldn’t succeed in no type of way. Everyone around us would criticize our school and mainly our students and say because our school was prodomonitely black and Hispanic we wouldn’t succeed. As a student you grow up actually believing that. You hear it so much it becomes a part of you. Mrs. Mason, was one of those teachers that actually cared about you. She actually believed in each one of her students. She seen bright futures in her students although everyone else didn’t. She would make sure that you understood the lecture if you didn’t she wouldn’t move on until you understood it. She’s so caring and loving. Anyone whose had her as a teacher could say the same. She deserves this award, she’s not fighting for herself. She’s fighting for her students, our community. Our future lawyers and doctors. I don’t see anyone else that deserves this more than her.

Samantha McKay Posted over a year ago

We attended college together. She's an amazing person that is shown through her dedication to her students and peers.

Delbert Jolla Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason has always been a great leader. Her face lights up when she talks about her students. Mrs. Mason have many creative ways to teach her students. Her teaching style caters to all her students different learning styles.

Kathleen R Savino Posted over a year ago

I was Shareefah 's counselor from 7-12 grades.. She was a dedicated student, and a wonderful person all her life. I knew she would be a great teacher. She cares very much about education. She grew up in New Orleans,Louisiana and never let bad influences get in her way.. I am so proud of the educator she has turned out to be today.. She has my highest recommendation.

cuiana moore Posted over a year ago

not a more deserving educator!!!!

Lakeisha McCloude Posted over a year ago

I am please to put in my vote for Mrs. Mason. Mrs. Mason has impacts not just the students she teach, but also the students in and outside her community for the better. Mrs. Mason is passionate about not only the subject she tech but education as a whole. Because Mrs.Mason contribute a great deal of creative leadership both in the classroom and with in the community at large, I am honored to put my vote in for Mrs. Shareefah Nadir-Mason.

Tenice Doss Howard Posted over a year ago

It's with honor and pleasure that I cast my vote for Mrs. Mason! Her assertiveness has always bought about her self-less leadership skills. For as long as I have known her, she has always inspired and empowered others to to keep an opened mind and always push beyond your limitations!

Allison Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Ms.Mason is one of the best teachers ever she loves and cares for all her students equally , and is good at what she does .Which is Teach .

Curtis Tate Posted over a year ago

I went to high school with Ms.Mason and it is no surprise what kind of teacher she has become.She is probably taken back by all of the attention because she does it for her love of childen and not the likes. She is truly heaven sent !

Lydia Poole Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is a wonderful person I been knowing her about 7 years she’s a excellent teacher and role model. She taught me many things one thing I know if you didnt get something we didnt move on until you got or after school we went over it again. Also she participated amin after school activities we stayed performing plays and dancing she treated us like her own kids its so much I go on all day about her. Dont look any further you found you found the right person she is truley a person im glad to have in my life.

Crystal Castanon Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Mason is a reason I strive for greatness in life when I first started middle school I had a hard time my sixth grade and 7th grade years my brother passed away and I acted out. I disliked school and social studies then came eighth grade year after losing a close friend and classmate Mrs.Mason held the students together she gave us the strength and encouraged us to try harder and be better for our fellow classmates who had recently passed away it was a hard and bumpy road throughout middle school at Boude Storey But yet she managed to keep the road so smooth for us. She is the kind of teacher I wish my future children will get. She’s all smiles and love interacting with her students in school and out and when all said is done she is an amazing teacher! And helps you learn and lock in knowledge.

De’Ona Stafford Posted over a year ago

I’ve only known Mrs. Mason for a year or so but I’m thankful for the encounter because she was one of the people that helped me make the decision to become an educator. When we spoke I could hear the passion in her voice as she spoke about her position and the empact that you can make in a child’s life, it’s rare that you find an educator that has a true love for what they do! I aspire to be a great teacher like her on my journey and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to speak with her!

Najah J. Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason was my 8th grade history teacher. She made history so fun to where we understood everything and actually LEARNED something! I am so proud to say I was her student

Brandi smiley Posted over a year ago

Thank You Mrs Mason for all that you do for our youth. May God continue to bless you in all that you are doing!!!

Jaywezie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is an excellent individual. Her character, compassion, and intelligence has remained consistent. I believe she us the ideal candidate for this award.

Aquanetta Gulley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is an Outstanding teacher! Mrs.Mason goes above and beyond to help students academically. Mrs. Mason takes her time to get to know her students. If there is something going on with her students she will know. Mrs.Masons will do her best to get them to the right resources and will follow up with her students see how they are doing. Mrs. Mason is a teacher that Cares, a hard worker with Determination. Not many teachers in the DISD like her.

Ashanti Spurlock Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mrs. Mason! Thank you for all that you are and who you are to our children. Many Blessing to you and your family today and everyday. You are so deserving if this award. I am ever so grateful to call you my FRIEND! Again congratulations and keep up the GREAT work

Kenya Brewster Posted over a year ago

Hey Ree, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Nadir back in college, she has always had this bubbly, positive and uplifting attitude that carried over to the lives surrounding her. I was there when she joined the sisterhood of Zeta Phi Beta and when she become Mrs Mason. Thank you Ree for always being a good. friend. I know you enthusiasm keeps those children excited about learning. Im proud of you and all of your many accomplishments. Cheering for you, claiming this one for you. Lets Geaux Ree, you got this!!!

Rush Harris Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason, is absolutely the best young educator that I've seen in the a longgggg time. Love you Mrs. Mason!

Jarquaveion dupree Posted over a year ago

Ms Mason is the best teacher ever she brings social studies back to life again she’s good at what she do and .

David Garcia Posted over a year ago

ms mason is a very good teacher , shes very serious when it comes to teaching . she plays with the students but after all the playing , we get to work and we stay on it until we get , ms mason is a really great teacher . cant ask for a better teacher

Shemitia Cormier Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Mason is an amazing educator. She motivates her students think outside the box, thus leading them to new parameters of achievement. Her immense knowledge is displayed in and out off the classroom, Her innovation in education has led her to author several books and facilitate professional development throughout the state of Texas. She is a Godsend to the children that are fortunate enough to experience her class.

Nikita Joihnson Posted over a year ago

I have only known Mrs. Mason for a short period of time, however my interaction with her have been very positive. She is a very knowledgeable person that shows it in her everyday interaction with others. She enjoys teaching and truly care for the students that she teaches.

Percy Carr Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Mason for a total of 2 years at Zumwalt Middle School, I can truly say, she is Credit to the students and our school. Mrs. Mason goes above and beyond for her students and is very committed to excellence. I am very pleased to know and be associated with her!!! keep up the good Work!