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Tamara Kuriger

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Guthrie High School
School District: Guthrie Public Schools
City, State: Guthrie, OK

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Tamara Kuriger was nominated by her colleague, Emily Savory.

Ms. Kuriger is the most adaptable, fun-loving, hard-working teacher! She teaches four subjects of direct instruction math classes at Guthrie High School. She is wonderful, kind, and supportive, and she makes lessons interesting and relatable for her students. Ms. Kuriger meets students where they are in their learning and brings them up from there. One of her best qualities as a LifeChanger is her ability to take a student's previous knowledge and allow their abilities to flourish and bloom into a new concept of learning. She is a wonderful teacher, friend, colleague, and LifeChanger!

Comments (21)

T. Kuriger Posted over a year ago

Here is an article from the local newspaper.

Brent walton Posted over a year ago

Tamara is so deserving of the title lifechanger she is amazing not only at school but outside too she is the first to help anyone in need no matter what is needed. Her personality is so gentle and caring and her heart full of love I know that anyone she interacts with will find this out.

Sharon Fore Posted over a year ago

Tamara and I worked closely together, even co-teaching high school math, for four years. Tamara as the special needs teacher and I as the “regular” classroom teacher. We collaborated on meeting the needs of all of our students. We worked together to break barriers to mainstreaming students instead of holding them back, keeping parents engaged in their child’s success. Tamara is a passionate advocate for her students, helping them challenge themselves and realize their dreams. She works tirelessly to implement cross curriculum learning opportunities and engaging specialists in all areas. Tamara is a life changer for students, their parents, and her colleagues. I believe that if anyone deserves the title of Life Changer, Tamara definitely does!

Julie Blassingame Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Kuriger taught 2 of my boys. She helped them succeed through High school and got them prepared for college. They are both doing very well at UCO. I appreciate her patience with my boys and everything she did for them ( as one was somewhat a pain in the butt! ??) Thank you, you deserve this award!

Ryan Kuriger Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kuriger has taught for many years and while her life has had many ups and downs her students have always remained a top priority.

Douglas White Posted over a year ago

Wonderful person. Always thinking of what's best for someone else above herself.

Stephen Hodge Posted over a year ago

Tamara and I co-taught together for five years, primarily in Geometry. During that time, I watched her work tirelessly to ensure every student experienced success throughout the year. Collaborating with her daily, helped me grow as a professional and ensure that my students received improved instruction day after day. Tamara is the purest form of a Life Changer.

Terra Long Posted over a year ago

I was blessed to have met this wonderful lady in high school. She is true to herself and to those around her. She has a heart of gold and is undoubtedly deserving of this award.

Donna Russell Posted over a year ago

Tamara provides excellent lessons to students with challenges to help them become productive citizens in our world. She is constantly going to conferences to improve herself as a teacher and to learn new ways and things to teach her students. She is one of our best teachers in our district.

Rozetta Long Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of being Tamara’s assistant and truly enjoyed working along side her. She was and still is a great teacher who inspired so many to work hard and never give up.

Lisa Kroth Posted over a year ago

Tamara is a wonderful friend and co-worker. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help you out. She is so deserving of this award. Even when faced with adversity, she powers through and keeps going. We are so lucky to have her at Guthrie High School. I am so blessed to call her my friend!

Daniel Pearman Posted over a year ago

Mrs Kuriger makes her students feel comfortable with their instruction level, then shows them new plateaus, while maintaining the student's interest. She is one of the most caring and compassionate, focused, teachers that I have personally been instructed by. Her personality and jovial attitudes, make learning fun!, she shows her students the perfect model of persistance and patience paying off in the end. She renews hope in students that otherwise saw none. for these reasons she deserves every award and so much more.

jordan reddick Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kuriger is a very active teacher making big differences every day in the lives of us her students . She is like a 2nd mom to me. She is a nurturing, loving teacher that gives her all each and everyday.

christoffee pinley Posted over a year ago

One of the best high school teachers I have had throughout school. She goes out her way to help others even on her bad days, Kuriger class she makes people respect each other and work hard for what they want. Like most teachers they let you have your phone out ,But she does not so you can have a better focus on education. For example Just coming back from Christmas break I haven't done much and any of my classes expect for kuriger she already making everyone work on assignments which shows she cares for our education and she has to deal with a'lot of Weird people around her but she deals with it a'lot better then most do.

Skila Varselona Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Kuriger was be my teacher for 4 year. She is in awesome teacher and help so many high student

Peter Posted over a year ago

She is one of the most amazing teacher that I have had the pleasure of dealing with for the last 8 years above and Beyond. I will say the Guthrie school District is the reason I stayed in Guthrie one of the best schools in the state of Oklahoma. Thanks for everything you do for everyone.

Robbie Kuriger Posted over a year ago

She is one of the most hard working people I've ever met in my life. There is nothing that would stop her from helping someone in need, she treats everyone like her own child and loves them without hesitation.

Barbara Basy Posted over a year ago

Tamara is a unique individual who holds high values, learning these from her wonderful family. I knew the family and know Tamara as a former student of mine. She is a wonderful role model for her students and fellow staff. She contributes much to her community. She had great enthusiasm for her profession, her students and her community.

Cameron Campbell Posted over a year ago

Mrs Kuriger is a steadfast and resilient Educator. She is by example a LifeChanger, having persevered through great hardships in order to continue the education of our students. She has exceeded all expectations of what a committed educator looks like. Her efforts continue to influence our young people in a positive way.

Shelley Berryman Posted over a year ago

Ms. Kuriger is a very active teacher making big differences every day in the lives of her students. She is caring and understanding. She does not stop using her mothering skills at home, but also utilizes them in her classroom. She is a nurturing, loving teacher that gives a 110% each and everyday. Tamara not only teaches, but also has helped as a class sponsor making homecoming floats and working with students outside of the classroom. Tamara is definitely a LifeChanger for her students, and all of the students she comes across.

Chris LeGrande Posted over a year ago

Tamara is an outstanding educator who goes above and beyond to ensure the success of each and every child. She continually strives for professional growth by participating in a number of learning initiatives designed to bring life application into her classroom. Unfortunately, many of her students lack the necessary experiential knowledge to make relevant connections to the curriculum. As a result of her efforts, students are subjected to a robust learning environment in which relationships and relevance establish the foundation for academic excellence. Tamara is a LifeChanger in every sense of the word!