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Roman Shtrakhman

Position: World History Teacher
School: Plantation High School
School District: Broward County Public Schools
City, State: Plantation, FL

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Roman Shtrakhman was nominated by an anonymous parent of a student.

We talk about making a difference in a student's life, but what about making a difference in thousands of students' lives?  What about making a difference in the Plantation High School community?  What about making a difference with the peers you work with?  Mr. Shtrakhman does just that.

"I have only known him for a short period of time, but what a lasting and impressionable impact he has made.  I am told by many in the community that he has always been like this, and that everyone he is involved with finds him remarkable at what he does," said his nominator.

Mr. Shtrakhman brings learning to life, making it relevant, real, and applicable.  His expectations of his students are extremely high, and he motivates them in such a way that they want to exceed those expectations, not for him, but for themselves. His students want more; they crave and thirst for the intake of knowledge he imparts on them.

From the start of the year, Mr. Shtrakhman established that while in his class the students are in a safe learning environment and that the class is a cohesive group, supporting one another in the learning process. He gains the students' trust, which in turn, allows the students to know it is okay to speak up and out, without the fear of ridicule from peers or anyone.  He tailors his teaching to the learning styles of his students by taking the time to get to know his audience, then facilitates each lesson to how the students will comprehend the material most effectively. 

His students not only have a high academic success rate, but their social-emotional well-being is cared for and nurtured, thus addressing the entire student, not just the academic side.  Mr. Shtrakham believes when all of a students' needs are met, they can accomplish and achieve anything.

"Mr. Shtrakham is such an effective teacher, facilitator, motivator, and leader.  The students, parents, and community of Plantation High School appreciate him for his work and how much he cares about the success of each student as a whole," said his nominator.