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LINDSEY WINFREY Posted 2 months ago

Becky is a positive influence on all that she meets. Her kindness and caring is a support to not only the students she works with but all of the teachers and staff. She is always there when students are in need, even combating negative behaviors with her quick wit and soft spoken words making a big impact. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to work with and be inspired by Becky.

Marla Weaver Posted 2 months ago

I have known Becky for over 20 years. You will not meet a more genuine, caring, loving, intelligent woman. She has a true heart for each and every person she encounters. She is a treasure and I am very proud to call her a dear friend.

Page Hutchinson Posted 2 months ago

I led a Summer Science Institute a few years ago and Becky was one of the participants. I found Becky to be warm and friendly with a very positive attitude. She fully engaged in the week long Institute and never balked at some of the crazy things I had them do! She was also very much a team player activity contributing to the activity or task. Becky is a plus in the educational field and we're lucky to have her.

Rebecca Booth Posted 2 months ago

Rebecca Powell is an excellent example of an educator who changes lives. She puts her students' best interest at the forefront of all that she does. This is evident by her desire to increase her knowledge and pass this on to her students. She has attended multiple economic workshops at the Center for Economic Education at the University of Lynchburg. She sees the importance of being a life-long learner. and leads her students by setting an excellent example. In addition to her love of learning, she has a positive impact on all she meets. She is encouraging to all.

Georgia Hagan Posted 2 months ago

I've known Becky Powell for a few years. She is a very loving person and might sound cliche to say, but also one of the nicest people you will every meet. Her smile is contagious, warm,and inviting. She is one of the first people to help if anyone needs a helping hand.

Lisa Brennan-Webb Posted 2 months ago

Rebecca spent a part of her summer vacation time attending the Summer Science Institute, learning ways to engage students more fully in Science objectives. Her dedication to providing a stimulating school environment is commendable! :-)

Pamela Riggles Posted 3 months ago

Becky is always smiling and cheerful with our students and faculty. She is ready with a song to greet you or that ties into what you are saying every day! I loved the day I walked outside to her pruning bushes at the school-not in her job description but she saw something that she thought needed done and did it.

Brenda Hutchinson Posted 3 months ago

Becky loves seeing children learn and excel in their studies. She is very dedicated and deserving.

Kathleen Arisman Posted 3 months ago

I have known Becky for many years. I have worked with her and watched her grow through the years. She is dedicated to all she puts her hands to and loves teaching,

Nathan Munson Posted 3 months ago

Ms. Powell is a fantastic paraprofessional and someone who not only makes working at Big Isalnd a better place, but brings joy to the lives of students and teachers alike. I am happy to work alongside her and I am thankful for her place in the Big island family.

Samuel Dolsey Posted 3 months ago

Becky Is a loving person who show she cares about people. In our church she is one of the first person who visit people if they are sick,who will call. She will help a person no matter what time of day it is if she is free. She and her husband help take care of the outside of the church. There is so much care and concern that she has and it is express in so many ways. She work towards giving her best in whatever she do.

Freida Smith Posted 3 months ago

Becky has been a dear friend for the last 15 years. She has been an encouragement for all those around her. She reaches out to those who are poor, sick, and in need with love, hope, and provisions. She has been a blessing to all who know her.

Angela Backe Posted 3 months ago

What an honor to be nominated. She definitely has a heart to help others and always gives her best. She not only gives everything she has at school, she does at home and within her family as well. She has helped me for years with making sure my babies are ready for school.

Elliott Tepper Posted 3 months ago

I have known Rebecca for more than 40 years and count her among that small group of individuals who really want to make this world a better place. Her students and their families over the years can testify to just how gracious and effective and powerful her career and calling as a teacher has been. I whole heartedly would like to nominate Rebecca as a 'Lifechanger' Of The Year'.

L. Doss Posted 3 months ago

Ms.Powell is a wonderful asset to Big Island Elemetary School. She has a calm demeanor and truly cares for the students. She shares her vast knowledge with children who wouldn’t get the opportunity to experience some of the things Ms. Powell has.

Rebecca Iqbal Posted 3 months ago

I've had the privilege and blessing to meet and know Becky Powell. She is a genuine person and has such a love for people. Joy exudes from every part of her.

Debbie Grimes Posted 3 months ago

I met Becky through our church, St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Andalusia, AL. She was always so positive and encouraging. We taught Sunday school together. This was my first time ever teaching Sunday school, and she was so helpful, patient, and kind to me. Although I haven't seen Becky in a long time, I remember her sweet smile, love of children, and love of God. She is a blessing to all of her students, parents, and fellow teachers.

Deborah Shelton Posted 3 months ago

I was the Principal at Big Island Elementary School in Bedford County, Virginia that hired Rebecca Powell. I remember when I first met her how qualified she was-perfect for collaborating with teachers to provide instruction for our students. I was so determined to hire her, that I remember walking out to her car where her husband was, and begging him to encourage Rebecca to take the job!! Becky's demeanor, attitude, patience, empathy, encouragement, fairness, and kindness made her such a top notch employee. Her professionalism is outstanding, and what a terrific role model she is for not only the students, but with everyone that comes into contact with her! I have never heard Becky raise her voice-she has a quiet confidence that I am sure comes from her faith. She is a dedicated educator and has made a difference in every student's life she has worked with. She wore many hats while I was Principal at BIES-when we needed her in the office she would answer the phone; in the cafeteria she would monitor the kids eating; she has wiped off many cafeteria tables and cleaned up many messes. She is ALWAYS there for you when you NEED her serving in any role. I have never heard Becky complain-not even once about ANYTHING! It is MY HONOR to nominate her not only for a local award, but certainly for the NATIONAL AWARD given. She is special. Sincerely, Dr. Deborah Shelton, Retired Principal of Big Island Elementary School, Bedford County; Retired Representative for the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals; and Supervisor of Student Interns, University of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, Virginia.

Wayne Lyle Posted 3 months ago

I served as the principal at Big Island Elementary School for three years, and I had the privilege to work with Mrs. Powell during this time. I found her to be compassionate and caring about the students, and she was willing to go above and beyond her assigned duties. She was an asset to our nurse and secretary by filling in whenever they were out for the day. In addition, she took the initiative to print books and organize them by title and theme in our school's book room. This was a huge time-saver for our teachers. I greatly appreciated Mrs. Powell's efforts in supporting our teachers and students!

Karen Posted 3 months ago

I am so happy to see Becky nominated for this recognition. I am the school nurse where she works. She is a clinic back up for me when I am out. She is diligent, detail oriented, asks pertinent questions and is caring and compassionate to the students. She always goes above and beyond. If she notices I am in pain, she's quick to offer a (quick) massage to help. Sometimes she is pulled in multiple directions at the same time, but never complains. She has a quiet, soft demeanor. She is quiet about all of the volunteer work she does in the community as well. She is the example of humility.