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Karen McMinn

Position: Second Grade Teacher
School: Pickens Elementary School
School District: Pickens County School District
City, State: Pickens, SC

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Karen McMinn was nominated by Bridgett Martin, the parent of a student.

"Ms. McMinn has proven to me that she is a life-changing teacher in many ways," said Martin. "This is only the start of my daughter's first year in her class, but I already see a stronger desire for learning in her. My daughter loves school, but since the start of this year, she is so much more enthusiastic. Her testing scores and work she brings home shows that tremendously. Additionally, she was awarded the Super Sparkler Award for the first nine weeks, which only goes to one child from each homeroom every nine week grading period."

"Ms. McMinn has also been very vocal about my sweet girl," Martin continued. "If she feels like Brianna may or may not need help, she will make sure to speak with me. Brianna has always been a smart girl, but I can see such a passion for learning this year, and I believe Ms. McMinn is the reason behind that. I have been in her classroom plenty of times, because I volunteer at the school, and I have seen how well she engages each student. She always puts her students' best interest first. Other parents I have spoken with whose children have either had her or have her now say the same thing. She truly cares for each child and wants to see them make a difference."

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