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Mayra Coria

Position: ELL Paraprofessional and Tutor
School: Union Parish Elementary School
School District: Union Parish Schools
City, State: Farmerville, LA

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Mayra Coria was nominated by her colleague, Jennifer Kelly.

Ms. Coria is the backbone of her school's ELL program. As a former ELL student, she understands their struggles, needs, and gifts. She can be trusted with identifying the special needs of her students and helping to support them, while also taking on extra roles within the school to make her team stronger and better.

"She is a perfect role model for our students and an absolute gift for me," said Kelly. "Her hard work and student relationships allow me to concentrate on programming and extra experiences for our students. She even tutors a group of students after school and answers questions for our families in the community. She is an A+ educator, and we couldn't make the differences we do with our students without her!"

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Comments (4)

Martha Perez Posted 1 days ago

I have known Ms. Coria since she came to our school district as a little girl in first grade. She was an excellent student! When she wanted to work with us, I knew she was the perfect person to help our Hispanic students. She has been a great asset to all of us, students, parents, and administrators. I am so proud of her!

Rosa Garcia Belina Ed. D. Posted 3 days ago

Mayra has been part of the ESL Coaching model pilot at Union Parish since we started with this initiative. She is dedicated and responsible in all her duties. She has established a respectful and friendly relationship with teachers and students, making the initiative growing in Union Parish. Mayra is the type of persons that you enjoy working with.

Dr. Keith Courville Posted 5 days ago

Fantastic person. Definitely worthy of support!

Jennifer Kelly Posted 7 days ago

Mayra really is a life changer! I am thankful for her everyday. She has a special relationship with our students and a caring spirit!