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Jason Shegda

Position: Physical Education Teacher
School: Ross Elementary School
School District: District of Columbia Public Schools
City, State: Washington, DC

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Jason Shegda was nominated by his colleague, Jamie Ewing.

Mr. Shegda is a true champion for students at Ross Elementary. He not only steps up to out-do his work as a physical education teacher, but he goes the extra mile every day. He takes his work very seriously, bringing the most amazing experiences to his school. Mr. Shegda is always found on the field before, during, and after school engaging students in a fun, meaningful, exciting way. He engages every student at Ross Elementary in their ‘outside classroom’ experiences, but he also brings the opportunity for all students to get involved in soccer, track and field, archery, and other activities he organizes and leads before and after school. He has close to perfect attendance, loans his truck to the PTA for the Tree Sale fundraiser, and has planned ski trips and fishing trips for the kids. Mr. Shegda also has a partnership with Sweetgreen for a health curriculum.

Mr. Shegda is the only physical education teacher in DC without an indoor instructional space for teaching. His only classroom is the outside turf field or teacher's classrooms.

"It is an honor to work with Mr. Shegda and be able to collaborate on the learning that happens here at Ross. His dedication to bring out the very best in every student makes him a truly ‘LifeChanging’ educator," said Ewing.

Comments (12)

Joannemarie Hayes Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! way to go Jason!

Philip Palmer Posted over a year ago

Jason Shegda’s contributions to the Ross student body has no limits . His thoughtful and innovative ideas enrich the student body , staff and the greater Ross community.

HEATHER SHANER Posted over a year ago

There is a special teacher at Ross Elementary who deserves recognition. Jason Shegda. He is the physical education teacher by title--but he is so much more. He is a model of compassionate adulthood for the children at the school and for every teacher and adult in the Ross Community. He is gentle and strong and considerate and an amazing teacher. He is a counselor to everyone and is beloved by the kids,the staff and the school community. He motivates the children to find the inner strength to attempt the possible and what they think is not possible. He is thrilled with their successes and encouraging with their attempts. He teaches the children how to learn. He teaches the parents how best to support their children. In addition to his PE duties he has taken on teaching the 4th and fifth graders long distance running. He takes the fifth graders on a ski trip. He teaches the children archery at 7:30 in the morning. Every spring he has taught the second graders to ride bicycles. the children somehow all succeed--when Jason works along with them. He is a great guy--a great fisherman--a terrific individual. He never "punishes" a student. He teaches good sportsmanship, discipline and self control. He just got married and still heis available to go on school trips--including overnights. He is an all around incredible human being. He creates a warm environment that promotes growth and change and maturation in his classroom. I am the school "grandmother" and over the last eight years I have spent many happy hours volunteering at Ross. He is a standout and the best new teacher I have met. Jason Shegda should be recognized as a life changer. He has been a phenomenal resource to our children and to our school.

Bob Shegda Posted over a year ago

I'm so proud of Jay! He's a dedicated teacher, husband, son, brother, friend, and fishermen. I often ask that he bring home a fish for me to eat, but most times he catches and releases because he cares about the stock and wants them free to make more fish for future anglers.

Neha Posted over a year ago

Mr. S is an amazing role model for the students at Ross and always goes the extra mile. He sees PE as a holistic endeavor. And he makes the most of our small space. He knows each student, and the teams the support! He is definitely deserving of this award.

Ian Howell Posted over a year ago

I like Mr. Shegda a lot. He’s an amazing teacher. Ian Howell, 1st grade

Diana Dezso Posted over a year ago

I am so happy to see Mr. Shegda nominated for this award. He is indeed a 'LifeChanging' educator! He is the embodiment of doing more with less. Our little school, while amazing in every way, it does not have an indoor gym or a room where kids could do physical activity. Mr. Shegda does miracles on the small turf field on days that kids can get outside, and is extremely creative on days when PE has to happen indoors. Kids love him! He also leads extra activities such as cross country, bike trips, and archery clubs. In addition he volunteers his time and car for fundraising and social events. Going fishing with Mr. Shegda is one of the highlights of the year for the lucky kids who get it! We love Mr. Shegda!

Amy Bauer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Shegda dedicates his life to teaching and encouraging our children to keep their bodies safe and in good physical condition, nurturing their minds and confidence each day. He brings such positive energy to the classroom, revealing the love and passion he has for making a difference in students’ lives. He regularly creates opportunities for students of all abilities to build on their strengths and explore new possibilities. He regularly donates his time and money to make physical education interesting and relevant to our children. Mr. S is kind, generous, creative, and knowledgeable - a true difference-maker in every way.

Dana Shegda Posted over a year ago

As Jason's wife, I get to the see first hand the commitment he shows for his students day in and day out. He is dedicated to showing the importance of both physical and mental fitness through a variety of activities that students can develop a passion for and continue through a lifetime, like his own personal favorite fishing! I know that Jason will continue to find new and creative ways to engage his students and develop life long learners! Congrats on a well deserved nomination!

T. Wills Posted over a year ago

Jason Shegda is a Rock-Star! What can I say about Mr. S...The kids adore him. He is always upbeat and positive and always a team player! I shared an office space with Mr. S and each time I brought a student in, their faces would instantly light up! That's the kind of energy he exudes. He is warm, genuine and always professional. He truly takes pride in every job he holds at Ross; from P.E. coach extraordinaire to monthly drill facilitator to just being a caring adult in our community of learners. It is a pleasure and honor to work with such an amazing colleague. He truly Rocks!

Ashley Lukowicz Posted over a year ago

Jason Shegda is a true inspiration. Not only does he inspire his students and peers at school, but he inspires everyone around him outside of his profession as well. I am proud to know him and call him my friend.

Joseph Conlon Posted over a year ago

Jason is simply the backbone of Ross Elementary School. As the school psychologist, I often need to gain an understanding of the students from a variety of perspectives and I always seek Jason out first. He is an invaluable resource, an amazingly hard worker and genuinely cares about his students.