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Allison Fortie

Position: Third Grade Teacher
School: Oakdale Elementary School
School District: Canyons School District
City, State: Sandy, UT

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Allison Fortie was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

Mrs. Fortie is a natural leader with true dedication to her students. She arrives to school daily and asks herself "How can I make the difference in the life of a child today?" When students step into her classroom, they are warmly welcomed with a clean, inviting classroom where Mrs. Fortie makes the best of every day. Her students achieve at high levels, both academically and emotionally. They are kind to one another because that is what Mrs. Fortie models to them for all students.

"When I enter her classroom, I am immediately taken aback by the warmth and authentic kindness Mrs. Fortie show to her students, parent volunteers, and peers," said her nominator. "When the subject of a former or current student comes up, Mrs. Fortie becomes visibly nostalgic of her students and is excited to hear about the progress they are making, the activities they are involved in, and how their family is doing. Mrs. Fortie regularly seeks out what is best for students to truly change the trajectory of a struggling learner, and she does it all in 180 days or less!"

The enthusiasm Mrs. Fortie has for teaching is contagious to anyone around her. After a brief conversation, her colleagues are excited to get back into their own classroom and try something new to best support their own students. On a daily basis, she supports the third grade teachers on her team by implementing best practices, redirecting negative conversations, and quickly solving problems.

"Mrs. Fortie is an informal leader within our school both at a team and school-wide level. Teachers of all abilities regularly seek her out for advice, expertise, and problem solving," said her nominator. "I have seen veteran teachers ask for help on a student or instructional priority, as well as a new teacher needing a short pep talk - Mrs. Fortie can do it all! She has a strong pulse of the school and knows when to approach those in official leadership positions to best support students and teachers."

Mrs. Fortie is committed to what is best for all students, not only those lucky enough to be in her class. She regularly shares techniques and ideas to anyone who is interested. She has spoken at local technology conferences and plans to do much more. Not only does she share ideas, but she shares the resources involved. Mrs. Fortie is willing to take the next step in implementation for teachers to ensure nothing stands in the way of a teacher doing what is best for students. 

"I am excited to see where Allison Fortie's educational career takes her. She is on track to become a dominent force in education, and I am proud to know her," said her nominator.

Comments (10)

Mark Paskett Posted over a year ago

I have observed, first hand, the creativity and innovation of Mrs. Fortie. She approached me with an idea for a mobile application to be used in her classroom to help facilitate the management of student 'bank accounts' for their class economy. She explained the details of the problems she is trying to solve and indicated that after an exhaustive search she was unable to find something that functions the way she desired. I have been working with her to develop the technology that she envisioned for her classroom. She is now working to finalize this development effort and recruit other teachers for more 'testing and feedback'. I see the genuine care she has for her students and the desire to not only be the best she can be, but help others whether they are her students or her peers in education. I am honored to work with her on this effort as I observe her attention to detail and excitement to share with as many as she can.

Shara Paskett Posted over a year ago

I have volunteered in her classroom and have seen first hand the care and concern she shows each individual child. She also plays a supportive role to her coworkers in helping them with things that they are struggling with, whether it be a tech gadget or providing a listening ear. She is very creative and spends countless hours working to improve her classroom in order to provide an exciting and functioning learning environment for the children she teaches. She is a problem solver and teaches the kids to think in such a way as well. I enthusiastically support her nomination!

Jennifer Sorensen Posted over a year ago

Allison is such a light to everyone around her. She knows how to reach out and lift others, and is just everything a good friend should be. In my years of schooling that was always what made the best teachers, people who really remember YOU and make you feel valuable. My life is better having her in it!!

Jason Fortie Posted over a year ago

As her husband you may call me biased, but Allison is the best teacher the world has ever seen! She truly loves teaching and puts so much thought and effort into her work. Even at home she is constantly coming up with ideas on how to help the kids she teaches and how to make them succeed and enjoy what they are learning. Her passion for children is so evident! Children are her whole world! She doesn't just care about them while they are in her class and then forget about them after. She cares for these children for years to come. We have attended multiple events for students that she has taught in years past such as plays and birthday parties, or even had them and their families over to our home. That she still keeps tabs on and cares about these children and their families years after they have left her class room shows more than dedication to her work, it shows legitimate and sincere love and care for those whose lives she impacts. The fact that they are so attached to her that they invite her to these events years down the road shows the level of commitment and care she gives those students while they are in her charge. She toils over every aspect of what happens in her class room, almost obsessively! I am so proud of her for this nomination, but mostly just for being the loving, dedicated and sincere teacher and mentor that she is to not just the children in her class room, but children everywhere she goes.

Angela Oviatt Posted over a year ago

Allison is an amazing educator! She teaches academics as well as encourages her students to be good citizens. She has engaging activities that help the students develop strong technology skills. She is passionate about challenging her students to be better than they think they can be, and holds them to this high standard. Allison also encourages an environment within her classroom of collaboration, cooperation, and kindness. She helps her students work together to be good citizens and to make good choices that benefit the climate of the classroom. There is a strong sense of community within her classroom. Students gravitate towards her and want to spend as much time with her as possible, often giving up their lunch or recess to just be with her. As a peer, she is an unbelievable friend. You just need to ask for help or support and Allison jumps in to help. She will put her needs aside to help a colleague and thinks nothing of sacrificing her own time to help others. Allison is truly one of a kind!

Heidi Maxfield Posted over a year ago

I love that Allison was actively involved at her school and with her class even on maternity leave. She really goes the extra mile in supporting her students and the PTA.

Jennifer Margolis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Fortie is amazing! She was first introduced to me when I went to parent teacher for a neighbor. She was so impressing with how she handled a neighbor mom coming for her student. She was so upbeat and was incredible with the different circumstance. Luckily, my son was her student not long after! My son is energetic and was shy. She recognized his uniqueness and did what she could to bring his personality out! After her class his confidence soared!!! Mrs. Fortie is an outstanding teacher and person! Her drive to help each student individually is priceless!!!!!

Ashley Lennox Posted over a year ago

I am Allison's achievement coach and I love that Allison is an advocate for all students, not just the ones in her classroom. She is eager to offer a helping hand and shares all the creative things she makes. Her classroom is filled with love!

Ken Fortie Posted over a year ago

It is a joy to see Alison's enthusiasm as she interacts with each child she comes in contact with. She is genuinely interested in their well being and puts all her effort into helping each child reach his or her full potential. It is a blessing to know her.

Shannon Prado Posted over a year ago

Allison is a fantastic teacher. She is a great support to me as a teacher in her building. She is quick to offer a word of advice when you come to her with a problem. She gets excited about students and regularly attends events her current and previous students are involved in outside of school. Her care and concern are truly genuine and her coworkers and students know it. She is a great friend, leader and resource to have at Oakdale. We consider ourselves lucky. I teach 4th grade and I benefit from her hard work. Her students come to my classroom with a love of learning, confidence in themselves as learners and a great skill set to succeed in 4th grade. Mrs. Fortie is always coming up with new ways to incentivize her students and keep learning at school exciting and new.