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Traci Via

Position: Third Grade Math and Science Teacher
School: Cameron Elementary School
School District: Moore County Schools
City, State: Cameron, NC

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Traci Via was nominated by her sister, Karen Keith.

Ms. Via teaches at a Title 1 School in Cameron, North Carolina. Ask any student, parent, co-teacher, her principal, and anyone in the community about her and what she does for her students, and they'll tell you she's an amazing educator.

Ms. Via finds ways to incorporate fun activities into her lessons, so that her students grasp concepts and are able to enjoy learning new things. For example, she hosted a Thanksgiving meal for her students and their parents. Under her supervision, she let the students prepare the foods and mathematically/scientifically figure out how to prepare each dish.

"Having been a volunteer in the room watching the dynamic between Traci and her students was something I will never forget," said Keith. "Traci already has plans to make gingerbread houses with the students so that each of them can experience the joy of creating something with their friends."

Ms. Via always takes time out of her personal life to make cupcakes, candies, and other treats for the kids. This is one of her biggest joys. Not only does she go above and beyond to create a family dynamic in the classroom, but she has also produced above average test scores. When she taught fifth grade, she had nearly a 70% average on test sores, which is phenomenal.

Ms. Via was also chosen for a site visit by NCDPI. Educators and administrators will be visiting her classroom from all over North Carolina to see how she teaches engineering in her classroom, which is an incredible honor. Finally, it should be emphasized how much effort Ms. Via puts into decorating her classroom. She has a new theme every year and completely redecorates her room, and she puts in 100% so that her students will love their new room.

"I think that Traci deserves to be nominated for Life Changer of the Year for so many reasons, but to put it simply: she has an amazing, genuine, kind, caring, compassionate heart and spirit," said Keith.

Comments (66)

Doris Keith/Nana Posted over a year ago

Traci is our first born grandchild I was there for her first breaths and have awed at her every day since. Her sweet enthusiastic response from day one. We had so much fun throughout the years watching her absorbing everything and situations she was in. She was blessed with wonderful parents to offer her many adventures for her development. She lights up the room when she comes in as well as nurturing her sister Karen and cousin Taylor Keith as they played school and art projects. Papa and I always called them our "OUR AWESOME THREESOME", kind, loving and defense she taught them. Traci approaches ever point in her life with enthusiasm plus energy. Loves children and wants to see every single one of them achieve their best. Strong in her faith, endeavors for all she meets. Wishing her the VERY BEST always & forever. Love you Traci, Nana Doris

Kim Mabe Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via has been an asset to our school for several years. She has been adaptable in the fact that she has moved grade levels to a few times and made an educational impact wherever she goes. It is evident that her students feel cared for in her classroom. Mrs. Via is a risk taker as she she has taken new professional development such as project based learning, and fully implemented within her classroom. Mrs. Via will be a lifelong educator, impacting so many educational lives along the way. I’m proud to know her.

Dawn Posted over a year ago

Traci is a wonderful, dedicated educator who strives to make her classroom an engaging environment for her students. She is well loved by our students, staff, and community. She is an integral part of our school.

Candy Otte Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is one of our many amazing teachers at Cameron. She truly cares about each student and is an inspiration to her 3rd graders. She creates a fun, colorful, safe place for her kiddos.

Melissa Zimmerman Posted over a year ago

We are excited to have Ms Via for a teacher in a couple of years. She sounds like a wonderful educator.

Diana Miller Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is a wonderful teacher! She has created a warm and inviting classroom for her stundents. The students enjoy the flexible seating that Mrs. Via implemented this year! By using project based learning she has engaged her students and given them ownership of their learning!

Kristen Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is a great person with a lot of enthusiasm with the kids and they all love her! She treats each one as if they were her own. She is very sweet and caring but also gets the teaching done!

Shelli Boes 4 Posted over a year ago

I can't emphasize enough how deserving she is! She is a phenomenal teacher and colleague. She's a team player. She goes above and beyond for her students and school!

Clint Rogers Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is an amazing educator! I have had the pleasure of working with her at Cameron Elementary for the past four years. She is a constant example of what it means to be a life changer. She makes a lasting positive impact on her students that they will carry with them for years to come. She is an incredible role model not only for her students but for her colleagues as well. Her dedication to providing the best learning opportunities for her students motivates other teachers, including myself, to do the same for all of the kids who attend Cameron Elementary School. She has many leadership roles within our school and is constantly open to ideas of how she can make our school a better place. She is well-deserving of being named the Lifechanger of the Year.

Lindsey Posted over a year ago

Traci Via is a wonderful teacher to work with. She has an enthusiasm for teaching that is difficult to find and her students are always engaged. I enjoy going into her class and seeing what fun new projects she is working on with her students. It's easy to tell that her students enjoy being in her class.

Kristen Beavers Posted over a year ago

I am the current PTA president at CameroN Elementary. I have seen Mrs. Via in action and she is nothing short of amazing. She loves her students so much and the way she teaches and interacts with them demonstrates that love!! I am also on a committee with her on the county level, and she continually voices and fights for the needs of the students at our school. We may be a small school, but we have big a heart and a lot of love to give. Mrs. Via has a major hand in the daily love given to our students!

Robert Breyer Posted over a year ago

We are very thankful for having Traci as part of the Cameron ES family. Her classroom is inviting, energetic, and fun which is evident by the smiles on her students faces. Kids are always moving around the room and engaging in a variety of activities that she has set up for them. This year, she not only took on a new grade level and subject, but also has implemented Project Based Learning into her lesson plans. She is dedicated and passionate about educating children, and has been truly valuable to our school and community.

Janna Kennedy Posted over a year ago

Traci and I taught 5th grade together for two years. She is an amazing teacher. I remember her turning her entire classroom into a 1940's diner for a novel unit. The students were so engaged! Now, she teaches 3rd grade math and science where she continues to create fun and exciting lessons for her students. She's goes above and beyond for the students of Cameron Elementary!

Lori Paulus Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is special to the Cameron Elementary community. Not only did she start her school career at Cameron as a student but she has returned here to give back to her community. Traci has taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. She develops engaging lesson and projects that motivate students to learn. One of my favorite units that Traci taught was a novel study on the book "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio. Kindness is the over arching theme and kids filmed kindness videos as a final project. We had a red carpet premiere to celebrate the viewing of the students' videos. This year she lead her students through the entire process and planning, cooking, and serving a Thanksgiving meal all tied to the curriculum. She inspires her students and she is a Life Changer!

Johnna Prevatte Posted over a year ago

Traci is an enthusiastic, loving, creative teacher. She builds lasting relationships with her students while providing quality, rigorous experiences for her students.

Bentley Christopher Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is an amazing teacher and role model for all students. I wish all students could have her as their teacher. She is dedicated to her profession inside and out.

Karen Dalrymple Posted over a year ago

My granddaughter has been in Mrs.Via's class last year and this year and she absolutely just loves Mrs.Via. That is because she makes each student feel important and loved. At the end of last year, each student was given a special award designed just for them, something that set them out from the other students. Mrs.Via called the student up to get their award and explained what made them special. I have never seen a teacher do that for every student in my 60 plus years. That one award may be the only award some of these students ever receive and Mrs.Via made them feel extra special if only for a few minutes that day but it will stay with them for a lifetime. That really touched my heart. But that is just how special of a teacher Traci Keith Via is, she wants to touch the hearts of all her students and give them the desire to learn. She is a Life Changer whether she wins this contest or not. She is a Winner to us at Cameron Elementary school.

Kim Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is creative and excited about teaching! My child loves being in her class and is doing very well!

Donna Posted over a year ago

Traci Via is a teacher that any parent would love their child to have. I have worked at the same school as Mrs.Via since she began her career. I have seen her love and dedication to each and ever child she comes in contact with. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students succeed. She is definitely a lifechanger!

Taylor Keith Posted over a year ago

It takes someone immensely caring, passionate, and extremely dedicated to be a teacher- I don't know many others who are as naturally born for a career as Traci Keith Via is for education. I've known her all my life and I can sincerely say that she is a life changer. For all the love, sacrifice, and long hours she's put into fostering young minds- our future generations- Traci is beyond deserving of recognition for her hard work!

Margaret Blue Posted over a year ago

Traci is a determined, dedicated, and devoted young lady. Her students are very important to her and she works hard to see that they have the tools they need to learn. I truly believe that she looks at what she can do for each student to help them. She takes a negative and makes it a positive by using all her resources. Traci is a very talented young educator.

Sam & Nancy Reavis Posted over a year ago

Traci Keith Via is a great teacher. She is one of the best that I know!!! She cares so much for her students, she makes learning fun, & goes out of her way to teach each child & give them special attention.

Ken Hill Posted over a year ago

I would like to start off by saying how much Traci Via means to this family. Traci came to Cameron Elementary School and started teaching a fourth grade class that had already had two previous teachers and half the school year was gone. Traci did an exceptional job with those kids that were already behind the eight ball. I knew how special a young lady and teacher she was when my son Cameron would come home and talk about Ms. Keith(Via) and how he liked school again. I told her father she had just graduated college and she was ahead of her time at teaching these kids, someone as young as she coming in and teaching like a veteran. The next year she moved up to the fifth grade and again exceeded my expectations with my son Cameron. Now let’s talk about my daughter Kaylee. Traci started teaching her in the second grade and now the third grade. Traci still has that burning desire to teach these kids. All Kaylee does is talk about Mrs. Via and how much she loves school. Kaylee comes home and plays school everyday, she reads to her baby dolls and there is no doubt in my mind how much Traci influences Kaylee. I just want to thank Traci for all she has done for both my kids. They want to learn and go to school with a good attitude everyday.

Ima Posted over a year ago

I have know Traci since she was alittle. She always seem to be interested in learning, so I knew she would want to teach other's,too. She has a loving & caring in teaching children. I wish her the best. Congrad's Traci. Keep up rhe good work. She really cares.

Sarah Loving Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is a dedicated instructor with creativity and compassion that surpass most. Traci is a valuable asset, not only to the classroom, but to the community as well. She is truly deserving of the title “Life Changer,” as an educator and as a human being.

Bonnie Gardner Posted over a year ago

Such dedication to her students!

Cayce Posted over a year ago

Traci Keith Via is an amazing teacher for the children at Cameron Elementary! She has one of the biggest hearts and cares so much for these kids. She is the type of teacher I want my kids to have one day and the kind of teacher I craved to have when I was in school. Mrs. Via is a spectacular educator and deserves to be recognized as such!

Lawanda Hill Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of Traci teaching both of my children. My son had her in 4th and 5th grade and my daughter in 2nd and 3rd. That totally shows what a wonderful person and teacher she is. Not many teachers could possibly take on the task of teaching all grades. She is always passionate and enthusiastic about her job. She has helped both my kids strive to do their best. If she felt they needed any extra help she made sure they received it. She, herself would take the time to stay after school and work with my child. That shows the love not only for her profession but for the children also. She totally deserves any recognition for her greatness!!

Jodi Kemper Posted over a year ago

Traci Keith Via Where do I start and stop? I feel I qualify as an expert on her since I’ve known her since she was a baby. Some things you need to know about her would be her ability to make you laugh with her quick comical comebacks, her big heart that reaches so many, her loyalty and love for her family and friends and her dedication to whatever she puts her mind to. I could honestly write a book on her characteristics that make her this uniquely wonderful person, but I’m sure the “teacher” side of Traci would have many RED check marks to correct my mistakes. Which brings me to speaking about her as a teacher. Since I’ve known her, she’s always had a heart for children. That’s probably the number one quality in my opinion needed to be a great teacher. But it doesn’t stop there! She definitely has what it takes to teach these children what they need to learn to move on to the next grade, but she also has a gift to teach them much more to prepare them for their lives. She’s what parents like me would consider to be the best choice as a second “mom” role for their children. And then there’s the fact that she does this all while also being considered as one of the “cool” teachers! Now that’s a hard task to conquer these days, but she does it. So she’s all these special things all wrapped up into one! So a question I pose to you is what more can you ask for? The simple answer is, nothing! She’s always been a winner in my book, let’s help her continue her success and celebrate her accomplishments by making her the winner of this award. What an inspirational and special gift to give her students as well, the ability to share this moment with her. In a small way you would be giving them an award too!

Betty Reitzel Posted over a year ago

She is Someone who has so much enthusiasm ,dedication and caring for her students and deserves the recognition for all her above and beyond hard work.

Prisca Bello Posted over a year ago

Traci is a wonderful teacher that truly cares for her students! She goes above and beyond to help her students out with anything they are having trouble with. She makes learning fun and enjoyable for her students!

Dana Wyckoff Posted over a year ago

Traci graduated from college and immediately got a job teaching with me in 4th grade. I was given the privilege of being her “Teacher mentor” for 3 years. I loved her heart, her drive, and her love for her students. She has blossomed in her years of teaching and I am so proud of her every year she continues to teach and change lives. Traci will live on in students hearts for years! ??

Tara Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is a dedicated educator, who has a passion for children and education. To be a teacher you have to have patience, confidence, dedication, knowledge and most of all love for children! Traci has all of the above and more amazing qualities about what it takes to be a teacher! Every student that walks through her classroom door will be blessed to have her as their teacher! I love me some Traci!

Sion Ya Posted over a year ago

I have known Traci Via ever since my years in college. Thoughout my time at App State, where I’ve met her, I’d probably would have never made it through college without her guidance and help. She would go out her ways to help me because she cared. Once she knows you pretty well, she’s gonna do whatever it takes to get you to either graduate or accomplish your goals. Throughout her teaching career, I have noticed that she’s really good at adapting and engaging with her students because her teaching are more modern to today’s younger generation. Traci is the person who would do “whatever it takes” to help individuals achieve.

Joanne Younts Posted over a year ago

At the beginning of the school year Traci posted on social media that she was looking for people to sponsor her upcoming new students. She wanted each student to have a new book on their desk on the 1st day of school with a note of encouragement. This thoughtfulness is so welcome and encouraging! She is an amazing asset to Cameron School and so deserving of this award.

Mary Rush Posted over a year ago

Super teacher!!

Ernie Freeman Posted over a year ago

Traci Via is an awesome teacher! I am a retired principal that would do everything in my power to persuade her to come to my school. Every student deserves a Traci!

Britney Kinder Posted over a year ago

Traci amazes me daily with her thoughtfulness towards those around her. Traci and I have known each other for a very long time and what an honor that has been. Through the years she has taught me so much about grace, love and building positive lasting relationships. She is a model educator and someone I aspire to be one day as I enter my own classroom. Traci’s leadership leaves a lasting impression. I am so grateful for her, for her heart, and for her eager spirit to help all who she comes in contact with. She is oh so deserving to be recognized and loved on for all her hard work; for raising and educating the next generation of leaders just like her. Thank you Traci for all you do and continue to do for those around you! You are a rock star!!

Joshua Via Posted over a year ago

Traci Via, my wife,is one of the most dedicated teachers I know. She spends hours perfecting her craft, as many other educators do; Although, she seems to go even further, even going to lengths to buy extra food and clothing for some of her less fortunate students. Traci is very driven to bring the best educational experience to students. Extra hours to put lesson plans or to create an activity for students has become the norm in our house, because you can see in not only the time she puts in but in the way she’s talks about her students that she takes it personally when her students do not succeed. She will do whatever it takes to help a student in need. This world could use a lot more teachers like my wife. My wife is the most deserving of this award.

Lizzie Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via changes lives. That’s a fact. I know she’s changed mine. Shes an awesome teacher and incredible human being. A friend you can really count on. When it comes to teaching she really puts her heart into it. Her entire soul. It’s honestly inspiring to see such compassion. She’s more than just a teacher to her students. She’s a friend when you need it, someone that truly listens and helps figure out the problem. Mrs. Via is teacher of the decade in my book. She deserves it all.

Karen Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mrs Via has a creative mindset to help engage her students.

Kevin Acuña Posted over a year ago

I have not had the opportunity to see Mrs. Via in action as a teacher. But I’ve know Mrs. Via for more than 5 years and she is one of the most loving, caring, and passionate people I know. Anytime I needed a helping hand, she was more than willing to offer her help in anyway she could. Her creativity is one of a kind. Her ideas and innovate thinking were always extremely refreshing. I have no doubt that her classes enjoy every second with Mrs. Via. Her commitment and dedication shines through her while she works. I am certain her students not only leave her class with academic growth, but also with personal growth. Mrs. Via is one of a kind!

Dawn Barber Posted over a year ago

Traci Via is AWESOME! She is very deserving of this award...she is a Life Changer. She always looks after her students needs and makes herself available to her students always. Traci is a giving and caring teacher and is a role model for other teachers.

Linda Tant Posted over a year ago

Traci is a natural teacher. She invests lot of energy and love into supporting her students.

Makayla Griffin Posted over a year ago

You are an amazing teacher Mrs. Via and how you teach your students and what you do for them is amazing

Debbie Posted over a year ago

Traci is very deserving of this award. Her school and students are blessed to have her !

Keelie Posted over a year ago

Traci is a remarkable person. Her passion for teaching, shows in everything she does. If something needs to be done Traci is on it! She is a go-getter that truly doesn’t want to leave one single student behind. She’s able to adapt her teaching to the level that the children need. Not only is she a phenomenal educator, but she is a great person to know.

Lori Holland Posted over a year ago

I am a Special Education Teacher of 21 years and Traci's co-worker. I have always believed the ability to teach is innate. Traci has that natural ability. She creates a positive classroom culture, she KNOWS her kids and she delivers instruction in a way that engages a variety of learning styles. I greatly appreciate (and respect) teachers that accept, and are accountable for, the identified students in her class. Traci goes above and beyond for all of her kids.

Holly Rogers Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via, was my son's fourth grade teacher, my hated to read and wasnt very happy about coming to school each day, even though I work at the school with my co-worker, Mrs. Via, he still didnt want to go. Long story short, at the end of the year, Mrs. Via had turn my son's feelings around and he even received an award for his growth in reading. Mrs. Via, made that difference, she cared, and worked hard in helping not only Matthew, but so many students she comes in contact with. Our students love her mostly because she knows how to engage them in learning. WE LOVE YOU Mrs. Via, we need more teachers like you! Holly Rogers

Carey Todd Posted over a year ago

Traci Via is a fantastic math and science teacher. I am one of the resource teachers at Cameron Elementary and I see the daily evidence of how she consistently positively impacts her students and takes the extra step to ensure that each student is achieving their goals. Mrs. Via has created a positive learning environment for all different learning styles to meet the diverse needs of our student population! She is the BEST!

Brenda Garner-Cassady Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Traci for approximately 4 years. During that time I have observed her move from a beginner teacher to one completely at home in the classroom. Daily she assumes complete responsibility for student learning and her lesson plans depict this. She is a mover and a shaker and students are actively involved in the learning process. Her lessons are designed with students in mind and she delivers instruction that utilizes a variety of instructional strategies designed to get students on task. There is evidence of a positive and nurturing environment each time you walk into her classroom. Students are happy and she is actively engaged with all students. Daily she depicts success as a life changer as she influences children to be all they can be each and every day. She is very deserving of this honor, as she on a daily basis strives to make a difference in the lives of those she serves.

Kristin Garner Posted over a year ago

Traci is a diligent, caring teacher who works hard at creating challenging and engaging lessons for her students. She is kind and supportive while also setting high expectations for her kids. Her classroom is active, yet orderly and fun! Traci is also a member of many school committees such as the school's SIT and PBIS teams. On these teams, she provides leadership and input on strategies to support and improve the school environment as well as school performance. Traci is an asset to Cameron Elementary School; we are lucky to have her!

Kathy Porter Posted over a year ago

Traci Via is wonderfully innovative teacher I work in the office at Cameron Elementary and I see how much her students love her as well as the Staff. She is compassionate and Kind a great role model for the Students here at Cameron Elementary, she is a LIFECHANGER!!

Vivian Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Via is so deserving of this nomination for life changer of the year! Her care for students is evident daily in the classroom. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Mary Posted over a year ago

I am a former coworker of Mrs. Via's (Miss Keith at the time) and she is simply AMAZING! Traci has the best attitude of anyone I have ever worked with - she loves her job but most importantly loves her students and their families like they were her own. Mrs. Via is attended Cameron as a student. When she was hired to be a 5th grade teacher at Cameron, she was simply thrilled to be back teaching at the school where she grew up. Traci is a one of a kind educator and I am so thrilled to see her up for such a fantastic honor - she is beyond a life changer!

Kelly L Tillman Posted over a year ago

Traci is an absolute wonderful teacher !!! Her students love her dearly !!! Thank you Traci for all that you do for our students and the school

Catherine McRae Posted over a year ago

It is truly an honor to show support for Traci Keith Via for Life Changer of the Year. I am a friend of the family and have known Traci since her middle school years. We also attend church together. Traci is an outstanding teacher who deeply cares for her students and their education. She firmly believes that each and every child deserves the saw opportunities no matter what their circumstance may be. I worked for our school district for the superintendent and Board of Education for 40 years and know firsthand a great teacher when I see one. Traci is a great young teacher with so much to offer.

Samantha Cordialini Posted over a year ago

I've truly never met someone who exudes as much joy doing a job as I have with Traci. I can tell that teaching is so much more than a job or career path for her; not because she's expressed it to me but because of the way that she chooses to serve her students and community. A path that is no easy feat -- caring for someone else's children a majority of the year, teaching them lifelong skills for both in and out of the classroom, and showing them kindness and love in her character are just a few ways I've watched her serve. Traci is so giving and gracious in all that she does and I can't think of anyone more deserving!

Sarah Richardson Posted over a year ago

I have a daughter who has a learning disability. She came home to me one day and told me that she is tired of being special and just wants to be "normal". Mrs. Via has not only taken some of her own time to make my daughter feel like special is ok and help her raise her scores in the areas she was struggling in. Mrs. Via has also shown me some ways I can help my daughter. Mrs. Via has helped her bring up her scores and feel so much better and more confident about herself. I will forever be grateful to her as will my daughter who I am told will now grow out of her disability.

Jessica Diver Posted over a year ago

Wonderful teacher!! Always puts her students first and always goes above and beyond!!

Suzanne Posted over a year ago

Traci spent much of her summer off setting up her room for her 3rd graders-she told me she wanted to make them feel comfortable at school. She even found a futon and numerous throw pillows for her kid's to have a cozy reading area. She puts her heart and soul into making it a great learning experience and on back to school night kids from other classes gravitated toward her classroom to "hang out" because it was so cool. Her theme this year was Llamas and Cactus -so everything in her room reflects this. She spent her summer knitting pompom rugs, painting a llama picture and getting inexpensive or donated supplies for her kids. She took her reading boat from last year (her theme last year) and got her husband to change it into an archway with llamas and cactus hanging from them. She posted requests on social media for help with an amazing idea of having a book for each of her students, on their desk, on their first day, with an uplifting and encouraging note from someone. Her theme is “Ready for a fan-‘cactus’ year” She is a truly devoted teacher! Here are some pictures of her classroom

Laura Mashburn Posted over a year ago

I am the third grade ELA teacher at Cameron Elementary and coteach with Traci. I agree wholeheartedly with all of the comments Karen included in her nomination. It is a true pleasure to teach with Traci, as she strives not only to educate her students, but works diligently to help satisfy their physical and and emotional needs as well. She is a problem solver and an educator who always gives 100 percent in all that she does. She is innovative and forward thinking in her lessons and is well respected by students, fellow teachers, parents, and community members. If she were to receive this honor, it would be well deserved!

Terry Keith Posted over a year ago

Traci is a beautiful soul who care deeply about her students. Traci LOVES being a teacher because she gets to impact her students at a level that truly matters. Traci is definitely a LIFE CHANGER

Cathy McCanless Posted over a year ago

Traci is such a caring young woman. Her choice to be an educator was a natural choice because she radiates compassion and caring. She is always smiling and is a ray of sunshine to her school and community. I believe that she is well deserving of this nomination. She has volunteered for years with programs in our community that have made so many positive changes for people and others programs. Traci’s students both present and future will be blessed with a wonderful education, but more importantly, they will remember how much she cared and supported them!

Tonya Keith Posted over a year ago

Traci has always had a passion for making others happy. She puts in more than 100% of effort and time in everything she puts her mind to. I never hear her complain, she just does what needs to be done no matter how challenging it is. She deserves this award. She is completely selfless. Her students will always know they are loved and cared for as well as educated to the best their abilities. I am so proud of Traci and I’m honored to recommend her for this awesome acknowledgement.

Karen Posted over a year ago

We love you Traci! Thanks for all that you do for your wonderful students and Cameron Elementary! ????