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Cathy Bly

Position: EC Teacher
School: Union Pines High School
School District: Moore County Schools
City, State: Cameron, NC

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Cathy Bly was nominated by Karen Keith, a member of the community.

"Cathy is one of the kindest, most genuine individuals I have ever met," said Keith. "Walking in to Cathy's classroom for the first time was like walking into my own home. She has her room decorated for the holidays, and the environment she has created is so welcoming."

Ms. Bly is a Teacher's Assistant at Union Pines High School. She is a go-getter who reaches above and beyond for her students and her school. She supports her students in a way like no other.

"After visiting her classroom for just a few minutes, I took a lifetime of insight away," said Keith. "Cathy's students look at her like a friend. They aren't afraid to ask her questions, and they laugh and joke with her in a way that breaks barriers in the student-teacher relationship."

Comments (5)

Jennifer Cunningham Posted over a year ago

It is a privilege to work with Cathy. She is an inspiration to her students. There isn’t a child she works with who doesn’t love her and trust her. She always has a warm smile and a bright hello. She is super creative and keeps her classroom interesting for her students and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Penny Bodenhamer Posted over a year ago

I have known Kathy for many many years and we were very close at one time, we even spent our younger days at each others house together more than apart. We have remained close til life took me in a diffrent direction and i moved out of town) but we have always remained in contact through social media and me seeing her when i am in town. I have never met anyone so compassionate about life and her students. She isnt only there teacher but there friend. She has built a trust among her and her students that if they need a friend a supporter or have questions about being loved and understood, then Kathy is rhere to help them take on the world. She has a balance of trust and respect from her students. Teaching is certainly her calling. .

Karen Keith Posted over a year ago

Cathy, thank you for being such s kindhearted example for so many. You a truly a life changer!!!

Elizabeth Posted over a year ago

Go Aunt Cathy I am so pround of you!!! Love you!

Teresa Salyer Posted over a year ago

Cathy is a wonderful person. She treats her students as if they were her own kids. You couldn't have picked a better person for this award.