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Kristina Schenck

Position: Choir Director
School: Manassas Park High School
School District: Manassas Park City Schools
City, State: Manassas Park, VA

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Kristina Schenck was nominated by an anonymous student and Maria Carter, the parent of a student.

Mrs. Schenck makes a huge difference in the lives of students in her school. She involves her students with different activities inside and outside of school. She let her "Chambers" sing with professionals for Christmas concerts in different places. Mrs. Schenck also took them to basketball games to sing the national anthem, light up the city Christmas tree, and sing carols to senior citizens. She make sure that each student has the opportunity to sing or doing something special.

"She helps all her students - especially my daughter - to believe in themselves, be happy, and come out of their shells," said Carter. "I thank Mrs. Schenck because through her, my daughter has been able to move forward in life. My daughter is now a senior and will be graduating sometime in the summer."

"Mrs. Kristina Schenck has been a LifeChanger to many students, including myself," said the other nominator. "When I first met her, I was afraid to show the world who I really was. I was just a shy girl who sat in class ready to sing quietly in hopes that no one would hear me sing. Mrs. Schenck went out of her way to help me burst out of my shell and show people what I am capable of. Without her, I would be living in a world of what could’ve been. She also has always been a shoulder to lean on, and she has always been there for me with open arms. I appreciate Mrs. Schenck so much."

Comments (30)

Becky Verner Posted over a year ago

Kristina accompanies the Manassas Chorale and works with me weekly, since I serve as the Artistic Director. She is a consummate professional, accompanies beautifully, leads wonderful sectional rehearsals and is a truly grace-fulled person. I know that she will always be well-prepared, offer excellent suggestions, improve the sound of the group she is working with and affirm them as a whole and as individuals. As someone who has been a music professional for over four decades, I've worked with a lot of musicians. Kristina is in my "Top Ten" of all those I've worked with, and she has a wonderful personality as well. I know she has touched hundreds, even thousands of lives in the various music roles she has played - school, community and church. You would do well to honor her as a Life Changer!

Pierre Bouscaren Posted over a year ago

Kristina is an accomplished musician and teacher who has mastered the ability to transfer to her students and fellow musicians a demonstrable "joie de vivre" through music. She is always interested, enthusiastic and positive with those with whom she interacts and thereby uplifts and encourages us all while, at the same time, teaching and improving technique leading to a more successful and hence sunnier outlook on life. This kind of "life-changer" is indeed hard to find. She gets my vote.

Hannah Papp Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck is a teacher who truly deserves recognition for the incredible work she does! Working with many disadvantaged and underprivileged kids, she elicits beauty, composure, harmony and self-confidence with high school children who often feel they don't have a voice. She introduces her students to a wide array of music and scores, and her performances have always moved me to tears. She has a finesse with these kids. She is able to maintain calm and poise in a way that inspires these students to work in unison and set an example for their peers. Her humble demeanor and ready smile are reassuring and inspiring to both her students and her colleagues. I heartily endorse this nomination and wish Mrs. Schenck every success.

Colin Bouchillon Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck is a consistent, reliable, and unshakable source of compassion for both students and coworkers. She daily goes beyond simply providing an ear to listen and makes every effort to promote a sense of value and importance to everyone. She seeks out opportunities for her students to shine, and creates opportunities when none are to be found. Far beyond the scope of choral music, her students leave her class daily and annually with the understanding that they are critically important and have gifts, talents, and interests that can be used to better the world. I have no doubt that Mrs. Schenck has left an irreplaceable imprint on every heart she has interacted with, which is obviously apparent in the vast numbers of alumni that flood back to her. The confidence and worth that she builds into every student inescapably changes their lives in the most positive way possible.

Bruce McDade Posted over a year ago

I have been in public school education for over forty years, and I can state without reservation that Kristina is in the top 1% of educators with whom I have had the good fortune to work. If I had the luxury of starting my own school and be able to hand select my faculty, I would ask Kristina to be part of the team. Why? She is student-centered who works extremely hard to provide a high-quality performing arts experience for all students. She is passionate about her subject matter, and shares that passion with energy and enthusiasm. Her presence in Manassas Park the past eighteen years has been a life changer for so many teachers and students and I am honored to have been touched by her class and grace.

Mackenzie Mackey Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck has been such an amazing teacher for these past two years. She has honestly made my life so much better. All of the times that I didn’t want to be in school I have looked forward to her class. I have been so stressed these past few months, but knowing that I have her to go to makes me feel so happy.

Kendall Rotenberry Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck is an amazing person and instructor, she has made my life so much better. Ever since I set foot in a class of hers I have felt so much joy and appreciation. Her teaching style really has an effect on people, in her classroom I know I can be myself and feel safe. She has a maternal vibe about her and it makes you feel safe. I know I can come to her if anything is ever wrong in my school, or personal life. I used to be very stressed and insecure about myself, but her choir classes have really helped me find myself and relieve loads of stress. I really commend her for being able to handle so many students at once. Mrs. Schenck is my favorite teacher by far and I'm looking forward to being able to be with her in the future. She truly is a blessing and has had such a majorly positive impact on my life. I am forever thankful for her.

Sue G Posted over a year ago

In just a few semi-private voice lessons, Kristina raised my confidence around singing, taught me specific vocal techniques that I needed, and shared her incredible knowledge and love of music. She's truly a "life changer" !

Margaret Smith Posted over a year ago

I've only known Christina for a few years when she became the pianist for the Manassas Chorale. She added that to her all ready busy schedule and we are the better for it. Having an accompanist that is a choral teacher gives us an added resource as we practice since she is very, very good at lovingly correcting our mistakes and seeks to help us sing the best we can. I didn't think anyone could replace our previous accompanist but Kristina proved me wrong!

Jessica Argueta Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck was my teacher for 5 years and she is definitely a life changer. She was the kindest most understanding teacher I’ve ever had and I can honestly say that she had made a positive impact in my life. She offered me a safe space to become the person I am today and for that I will be forever grateful!

Lori Esquina Posted over a year ago

As a member of the Manassas Chorale, I have seen Kristina Schenck's "Life Changer" qualities up close and personal--and so I say DITTO to the many spot-on comments that have already been posted from other chorale members. I will, however, add that I wish my daughter had had her for music classes when she was in high school....

Michael Schenck Posted over a year ago

I have experienced this woman’s life changing abilities first hand. Strong, elegant, and loving. For me she is the clear choice.

Alzira Lampropoulos Posted over a year ago

Kristina has been our Manassas Chorale Accompanist for several years now, and I have enjoyed her leadership on the piano and during the soprano-alto sectional rehearsals. She has so much positive energy; she provides great advice on how we should use our voices. She is fun, and she shares generously her love of music. Additionally, Kristina provided me with individual voice lessons and I learned so much during our time together. She gave me effective feedback, and she boosted my confidence. Kristina, thank you for increasing my singing confidence and my improving vocal techniques. I am very happy to support Kristina's nomination for LifeChanger of the Year! Well deserved, Kristina!

Judith Smith Posted over a year ago

Kristina Schenck is the accompanist for the Manassas Chorale. She is an incredible pianist and can provide accompaniment for a wide variety of music genres, often at a moment's notice She is also an incredible choral director and regularly works with the chorale sopranos and altos in sectional rehearsals. Kristina is that rare individual who can model with her own voice and also educate on how to make the music come alive. Two years ago she gave private voice lessons to several members of the Manassas Chorale. I was so fortunate to be one of her students. What I learned from Kristina has carried me forward and made me a much better singer. I indeed thank Kristina for her dedication to the Manassas Chorale, to her singers, and to our community.

Dianne Miller Posted over a year ago

Kristina is an accompanist for the Manassas Chorale, in addition to being a choir director in the schools. I am a member of the chorale, and have greatly appreciated the professional input she has in the chorale. She is an excellent pianist, and seems to play everything effortlessly. I have also taken group singing lessons from her and benefitted greatly from her ability to teach so well. She has a great servant heart, and has an amazing amount of energy to lead others to excellence in music.

Shannon Kitchen Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Schenck for most of my life, beginning with piano lessons as a child, then followed by middle school play productions, and high school chorus and musicals. She inspired creativity in all of her students, lifted us up both in the classroom and in our personal lives, and often took on far too many responsibilities at school while trying to raise a family at home. She encouraged everyone to follow their dreams even those of us who came from low in-come families. I was able to win many acting awards and participated in a national choir under her mentorship. I am forever thankful for her guidance and know many others who feel the same!

Judy Humphrey Posted over a year ago

I met Kristina when she became the accompanist for the Manassas Chorale. She is a multi-talented musician and teacher, kind, helpful, warm, caring, engaging, a fantastic accompanist, and always smiling. I've attended concerts and musicals she has directed and accompanied and they are always wonderful and well received. The great music, singing, acting, and ensemble she teaches her students is fantastic. Her students really respect her and shine under her guidance. Kristina makes a wonderful difference in many student's lives, and in the lives of so many people she chances to meet.

Jennifer Blanchard Posted over a year ago

Kristina is an amazing accompanist to the Manassas Chorale - she handles all types and genres of music with consummate skill. In addition, she has continuously shared her knowledge and instruction of vocal technique to improve the quality of our performances. Kristina truly cares about her singers and we are so happy to have her!

Allyn Bamberger Posted over a year ago

Kristina is our accompanist for the Manassas Chorale. Her superb musical talent, wonderful sense of humor, always positive encouragement, her ability to teach and her faith in God are amazing. I think she is a wonderful nominee for Life Changer of the Year.

Laura Maize Posted over a year ago

Christina accompanies the Manassas Chorale with her impressive skills as a pianist, in addition to all the other amazing things she does. We are so lucky to have her with us! Her energy is incredible, and her upbeat, can-do approach to everything is infectious. Bravo, Christina!!

Michael Winter Posted over a year ago

As accompanist and choral instructor to the auditioned and award winning Manassas Chorale, Kristina Schenck creats an excellent and accessible artistic experience at the highest level of professionalism. Add in her Manassas Park and Church choir concerts, music and voice teaching and community involvement and you have a multi talented women interacting and influencing hundreds if not thousands of singers and audiences throughout our region. She is a special person. I am proud to help nominate her for this award.

Linzy Sandoval Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck is truly an amazing woman. She does so much for the music department and deserves all the appreciation in the world! She’s taught her students more than just catchy tunes; and boy are there plenty. But she’s gone above and beyond to actually show her students how to connect and understand music in ways that are so beautiful and unimaginable. Personally, I am forever thankful to Mrs. Schenck for always allowing me to be myself and for sharing her incredible talent with our community. You truly are special to so many of us. Thank you.

Laura Lipscomb Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck is by far the most selfless and caring woman I’ve ever met. She was my choir teacher from middle school through high school. She always had a way of making everyone feel confident in who their were, not only as a singer, but as an idividual. I’ve never known a teacher to truly care the way that she does about her job and her students. She always had open arms and was a shoulder to cry on if needed. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the love she showed me and the hope she gave me when I was in school. She is truly a life changer!

Jerson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Schenck has been one of the most influential people in my life so far. Her dedication to our school's music program and involvement in the school's musical productions are unparalleled. She helped me become a better vocalist and a bigger lover of music than I ever was. Without her, I wouldn't know many of the friends I have today who are like minded individuals. She has been a great support for me and taught me to be confident in my singing and my art. I believe she'll always be someone I can talk to and an inspiration.

Milton Villa Posted over a year ago

I admire Mrs. Schenck as a teacher and an individual. Her hard work and dedication of 18+ years to Manassas Park High School proves she cares about her job and her students. There is not a day that I've walked into her class room and have seen her not working on something for her students. It is apparent that she cares about her students and wants to make choir an enjoyable experience. Her kindness and willingness to listen to her students when they have a personal issue has truly proven to me that is a life changer.

Emma Boa Durgammah Posted over a year ago

Ms. Schenck is someone consistently dedicated to the well being of those around her with selflessness, patience and incredible mastery of skills with respect to many things, especially music. She's so good she makes it look easy. She's a true gift to all and I feel honored and humbled to know her!!

Marjorie Mershon Posted over a year ago

While I may be prejudiced (Kristina is my niece), I know her to be a talented and dedicated musician who devotes much of her time and energies to her students. Ever since I first heard Kristina sing in a high school musical and then play piano I've been mesmerized by her considerable talent. Her love of music is readily apparent to anyone who knows her. She never ceases to amaze me with her incredible ability to share her love of music with her students while at the same time inspiring them to be the best they can be. Reading comments by Kristina's students and their family members attesting to her accomplishments makes me very proud of her. She is truly deserving of the coveted title of LifeChanger.

Pam Kalso Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege of being Kristina's supervisor not once, but twice, as a middle and high school administrator. I have always admired her passion, dedication, and vision for her choral program. Students are so inspired by her teaching and are always eager to sign up for her courses. Not only does Kristina make an impact in the school, but in the community as well. Her choral groups perform in the typical school concerts, but they also perform throughout the community and the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Kristina is eager to showcase her groups at these opportunities. Kristina is a leader in the building and in the school district. She empowers other educators to be the best they can be.

Britney Posted over a year ago

Since the day I step foot in class Mrs. Schenck has made an enormous impact in my life. She will give you the confidence you need to be a better version of yourself. She has made me into a more confident person, without her, my love and passion for music would have been gone. Mrs. Schenck is an inspiring and incredible teacher, no one deserves this as much as she does. Thank you for the hours of dedication you give to every single student. We appreciate you.

Megan Durst Posted over a year ago

Kristina had been a joy and light in my life and faith community. What an honor to support her in receiving this much deserved award!