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Jennifer Filippi

Position: Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology Teacher
School: Folsom High School
School District: Folsom Cordova Unified School District
City, State: Folsom, CA

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Jennifer Filippi was nominated by her sister, Amy Denney.

Ms. Denney convinced Ms. Filippi to get into the education field a long time ago, certain that she would not only love the work, but would make an amazing educator.  Ms. Denney was right. 

This year, Ms. Filippi was chosen as Teacher of the Year at her school, Folsom High School. It was a huge honor, as she was selected by her peers.

"Teachers know things about other teachers, we know who the good ones are," Denney said. "And, I know with 100% certainty that she's one of the good ones."

Ms. Filippi is the science department chair, something she wasn't sure about doing, but took on the extra responsibility nonetheless. She is also the science club advisor, which is a job she takes very seriously, working extra hours outside of her school day to accommodate the kids who are passionate about science. If you take a look at her web site, you can see that she posts links and homework and all kinds of useful information for her students, whatever it takes to ensure their success. She even has a wish list there, so she can acquire the supplies she needs to do the best job she can in her classroom and meet the needs of every student.

Ms. Filippi has stated several times how glad she is that her sister urged her to consider teaching. It is clearly the right fit for her, and it's a job she works hard at. She always strives to be the best teacher she can be. Countless students have benefited from her knowledge and expertise. Folsom High is lucky to have her!

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Monica Prunk Posted over a year ago

Jennifer Filippi is not only an amazing and passionate teacher, she's also amazingly passionate about life! Any student would be most fortunate to have the opportunity of being in one of her classes. My husband and I have pledged to donate to her school for her biology class annually because we feel her commitment to her students and her job go far beyond anything the administration could expect from a teacher!