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Elsa Varela

Position: New Comer ELA Teacher
School: Frick Impact Academy
School District: Oakland Unified School District
City, State: Oakland, CA

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Comments (51)

Jaymie Impact Lollie Posted 9 months ago

Teacher is not her job, or profession, but her passion. She pours her heart and soul in to her students and her work. This is true when she teaching new comer students or ANY student.

Dewanna Slaughter Posted 10 months ago

Ms. Varela deserves all the love and recognition, she loves everyone, and in this school district, great teachers are often overlooked and unappreciated. She has dedicated nineteen years of her life to educating children in an urban environment plagued with drugs and violence. This school is located in an area where teachers refused to work. Please select Ms. Varela, we love her!!!!!!

Ashley Trahan Posted 11 months ago

I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Ms. Varela for the past 3 years, and in that time that I have worked with her I have admired her patience with students most of all. The strongest asset Ms. Varela possesses is her willingness to go the extra mile. We once had a student who had been assaulted outside of school the student confided in her what happened to them, and immediately Ms. Varela went into action, calling school supports, other staff and the principal to rally around this student in protection and support. When I saw her advocate for a student the same way a mother would for their child I knew at that moment how amazing she really is. To top it off and go the extra mile Ms. Varela gave the student a ride home everyday for a month until they felt safe again to travel with other students like they had been before the incident. The nurture and care that Ms. Varela provides students is evident in many more inspiring situations other than the one I shared above, and for that she should be chosen as the recipient of this great Life Changer of the Year Award.

Catherine Cotter Posted 12 months ago

This lady is literally a life-changer. She is the most incredible teacher I have every known. Any child who happens to land in this country and is scheduled into Ms. Varela's class struck gold. I know that most if not all the students in Ms. Varela's class are far from being lucky, having experienced so much trauma in their young lives but for many this class is their home. Ms. Varela wraps her arms around each and every child not only providing love, safety and a sense of being very important but also providing a first class education. I cannot admire this woman more. She is a true angel

Emma LaPlante Posted 12 months ago

I work with Ms. Varela every day, and every day I am in AWE of the love, patience, and incredible skill she brings to teaching her students. She inspires and challenges everyone around her to dream bigger and be better. I cannot imagine the school without her!

Sylvia Ndusha Posted over a year ago

The engagement and care that Ms. Varela has with her students is inspiring and marvelous. She participates fully when her class practices mindfulness! A true leader indeed. We love you Ms. Varela!

adelaida Posted over a year ago

Ms.varela gracias por ayudarnos aprender ingles eres la mejor maestra espero que gane el premio por que usted es la mejor profesora usted es muy especial para mi la felicito eres la mejor maestra "muchas grasias"Ms.varela.

Alex Posted over a year ago

MS.Varela I love you very much because you helped me with my english

Cesilia Posted over a year ago

Ms.Varela is a beautiful women she's a great teacher. she has helped me a lot ??????????????????

virginia Posted over a year ago

ms. varela es una persona amable y espesial ella me ayuda para aprender inglish graciasa por ayudarme ms. varela thank you ms. varela

kimberlin Posted over a year ago

Ms.varela para mi uste es una madre y yo la quiero mucho cuando yo yege ami primer dia de clases me apollo mucho y mesige apollando mucho y yo selo agradesco mucho mucho muchas gracias Ms.varela.

Leonardo Posted over a year ago

Thank you Ms. Varela because I can already speak a little bit of English! and for helping me with my homework.

Anderson Posted over a year ago

Ms.varela es lamejor maestra que econosido ella nos ayuda entodo porqueestoy segura que quiere lo mejor paranosotros todos sus alucnos laqueremos de mas tequiero ms varela

Rony josue Posted over a year ago

!!!!!Ms.Varela es una persona increible,buena,siempre la emos querido eya siempre a sido una maertra increible y amable!!!!!

Fernanda Posted over a year ago

Ms.Varela es la mejor maestra que he conocido ella nos ayuda en todo porque estoy segura que quiere lo mejor para nosotros, todos sus alumnos la queremos demasiado, ella es hermosa su manera de ser y siempre trataremos de dar lo mejor de nosotros. La queremos mucho Ms.Varela

fidel Posted over a year ago

ms.Varela eres muy buena. tu me ayudaste co mi ingles.

Dany Posted over a year ago

Ms.varela gracias por ayudarme por todo eres una gran maestra gracias por todo por ayudarme en ingles por los libros q as mandado en la computadora gracias I love you ms varela

Guillermo Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela es una buena profesora en mi vida porque ella me ayuda en el ingels

Ismael Posted over a year ago

Gracias por ayudarme a aprender a leer. Gracias por ayudarme con mis tareas.

Yeni Posted over a year ago

thanks Ms. varela for helping us we love you

Darinel Lopez Posted over a year ago

Ms varela eya es un buen maestra y nos trata muy vien como fuera mi Mama

rigoberto Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela esta me ayudando mucho con mi ingles. Ella ayudo a mi hermana tambien.

zulma Posted over a year ago

Ms.varela es increible y muy especial es muy buena y amable de buen corazon

Kate Wessels Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela is an incredible teacher and mentor to her students. She plans with each individual student in mind, and she goes above and beyond with engaging her students in their language development. She is an all-around rockstar and inspiration to every student, teacher, and staff member at our school. We love her!!!!

Kyle Lloyd Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela is a true life changer. She works with Newcomer students with varying backgrounds of English and education levels. They all feel welcomed in her class and are all achieving at high levels because she is able to differentiate to each of them. Ms. Varela is also a great colleague she is always willing to help new teachers plan lessons, help veteran teachers differentiate, and just be there for everyone in the whole school.

Joel Thompson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela is the best partner teacher I could hope for! She builds a loving and collaborative culture among her students through home visits, nacho parties, restorative justice circles, and more. She taught me how to differentiate instruction for English Learners of all levels and creates personalized curriculum for her many students who have little experience with formal education. Ms. Varela is like a second mom to me and to many of her students, but also is one of my closest friends. I can't imagine teaching without her and there's no one more deserving of this award.

Christina Anderson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela is an amazing educator with a wealth of knowledge. She creates the most wonderfully interactive units. I learn so much from her!

Ilse Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela is an amazing human being and educator. She provides a safe learning environment for all her students. Ms. Varela goes above and beyond to ensure that each student has their needs met, not only in the classroom, but at home, ensuring that their basic needs are also met. She is passionate about supporting our students and staff alike. Frick Impact Academy is so lucky to have her. Thank you, Ms. Varela for your hard work and dedication to making school and your classroom a sanctuary for everyone around you! I appreciate you and all that you do!

Princess Crosby Posted over a year ago

Ms. Elsa Varela, Is a teacher that has commitment like non other. She never misses a day of work, and hasn't missed one in years. Her students love her sooo much, as she treats each of them as if they were her very own. Her students learn a new language in rocket speed. The children come here knowing no English, and sometimes even no Spanish, and in months you can already see the difference in their confidence and how quickly they grasp her content. She is beyond amazing and such a blessing for the world to have a teacher like Ms. Varela!

steven Posted over a year ago

gracias Ms.varela por esforsrse por ayudarnos aprender ingles usted para mi usted es la mejor profesora que nos a ayudado para que nosotros aprendamos se que porveses nos portamos mal pero boy a ser lo posible por portarme mas bien aunque uste tambien es un pokito enojada pero es porque aveses nosnportamos mal pero la felicito por ser una profesora muy buena y estoy muy orguyoso de usted es mi mejor mejor mejor profesora siga asi y espero que se gane el premio siga adelante y yo nunca a visto una profesora como uste ustebesnla mejor waooo la queremos muchoooooo muchoo .

Edilson Posted over a year ago

Ms.Varela ella es la mejor maestra que tenido ella se esfuerza mucho para ayudarnos a aprender Inglés con las personas nuevas que llegan a la clase ella es mull buena maestra "muchas gracias Ms.Varela"

daniel Posted over a year ago

mrs.Varela es como de mi familia ami me a enseñar muchas cosas para mi ella no es una profesora ella es mas que eso usted mrs.Varela es como un Angel porque ayuda alos que ella puede y los que lo necesitan I love you mrs.varela

jeimy Posted over a year ago

Ms.Varela is the best teacher she is so lovely!!

maria Posted over a year ago

ms varela is the best teacher in the world she help me so much when I came in this school she taught me a lot of english and she learned a lot thank you for teach me I love so much ms.varela

erika Posted over a year ago

MS. varela teach me a lot of thing that I do not know she's is like a mom for me she teach me in english a lot

Jenifer Posted over a year ago

Ms.Varela es una persona muy buena ella me ayudo a aprender ingles explica bien las cosas y se ve que le gusta ser maestra y ella es muy pasiente con nosotros Te quiero ms. varela gracias por todo.

paola Posted over a year ago

ella es una buena persona y tambien nos ayuda mucho y la quiero mucho

sergio puto Posted over a year ago

ms varela es una buena persona y nos ayuda mucho y nos da muchos consejos

christopher Posted over a year ago

You are great teacher thank you for everything you did I am really great full for you. Dear Ms.Varela

Gloria Martin Posted over a year ago

Mrs.varela help me so much when I come in this school she is a great teacher aprendi mucho ingles gracias a ms.varela. tuve mucha suerte de venir en esta escuela porque conoci a ms.varela. ella es la mejor maestra que eh conocido en los estados unidos. Muchas gracias ms.varela! te admiro mucho.

josue Posted over a year ago

ms.varela eres una persona muy especial y tu me ayudas con el inglés^_^

Junior Posted over a year ago

Gracias por ser amable con nosotros y ayudarnos en todo. Tu eres la mejor maestra que he tenido.

jose Posted over a year ago

es una persona con buen corazón es una persona que me a echo que me fuerza parque después en el futuro se alguien en la vida

mamama Posted over a year ago

We love you ms.Varela

Allison Torrez Posted over a year ago

desde el primer dia q llege a esta escuela Ms.varela ,me a apollado mucho

christopher Posted over a year ago


Samuel Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela me ayudó a aprender mucho Inglés durante estos tres años que he estado en este país y me sigue ayudando para incrementar este nuevo idioma.

Magdalena Posted over a year ago

Ms.varela es una persona muy buena con ella he aprendido mucho ella es como una mama para mi.Ella siempre nos aconseja siempre quiere lo bien para nosotros y yo la admiro mucho porque es una persona muy fuerte ella nos a ayudado a aprender mucho ingles.

legandary jhon Posted over a year ago

ms.varela he help mi in inglish

cristobal jose Posted over a year ago

gracias por ayudarnos aprender inglés

Ruby De Tie Posted over a year ago

Ms. Varela is a true gift to our community. She is one of the best teachers I have ever come in contact with. She is the definition of LOVE and passion. I am so blessed to know her and have her on my team. She is changing the lives and outcomes for our students every single day. Ms. Varela, I thank you for being you, for working with our students and families, for never giving up, and most importantly for your selflessness and true dedication to your craft of teaching. You were born to do this work! WE love you at Frick Impact Academy, so mucho! Ruby De Tie Principal