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Claude LeGrand

Position: Band Director
School: Manassas Park High School
School District: Manassas Park City Schools
City, State: Manassas Park, VA

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Claude LeGrand was nominated by a former student, Margaret Carter, and her mother, Maria Carter.

"I believe Claude LeGrand deserves to be LifeChanger of the Year because he has shed a positive light on my family and I," said Margaret. "My brother had him many years ago when he was in elementary school and still remembers the great memories he had in band. I had him as a band director in the fifth grade, as well. Although I no longer take band, we still greet each other like brand new friends. He never fails to keep a positive spirit, which I think is very admirable. He treats all of his students with a high level of respect and kindness, giving students someone to look up to. His work ethic has stayed consistent through all his years of work, which I appreciate. He has impacted the school as well, bringing a new feeling to our environment. I can honestly say my school has improved due to his work in music."

Comments (4)

Patricia Gillespie Posted over a year ago

Mr. LeGrand was the first official drum line instructor at MPHS. My oldest son was one of the orginal members of this drumline. He lead this group of children to push themselves harder in every way. He was than offered a math position at the middle school which was not the subject that he had hoped for but took it so that he was in the school. After a few years he got to switch to the elementary school as the band teacher which was a new program for our school. At this time my other two sons had him. All this time he continued to instruct the drum line. Which was going by leaps and bonds. I have seen children change instruments just so they could be in the drum line. When the high school band director left Mr. LeGrand got the position. It was truly the right move for MPHS. He brings so much drive to the band and pulls so much out of the children that they dont even know they have in them. He is a caring and loving teacher. Even to this day when I see him he asks about all my boys. My sons were blessed to have him as and instructor and teacher and Manassas Parknis blessed to have him.

Barbara Payne Posted over a year ago

Legrand is an awesome band director. He has made major improvements to the schools band department since moving to the high school from the elementary. MP has a marching band and drumline that we all can be proud of. I’m glad that both of my kids had the opportunity to have him as a band director. He has helped my daughter majorly this year go from being shy at the beginning of the year to more confident in herself through concert band and drumline. When it comes to the kids Legrand has a big heart. The students comes first always! You don’t find that much anymore in teachers. He is the role model kids need nowadays. He can be serious and still have fun with the students. LeGrand definitely deserves this award.

Michelle Pardillo Posted over a year ago

LeGrande’s energy, work ethic, commitment to his students, and love of music is truly a magical combination for our kids. His students strive to be the best not only for themselves but for the band as a whole AND their director. LeGrande keeps it fun and engaging for the kids when teaching. As a band parent, I personally have seen a big increase in school spirit overall due to MP bands. His drumline is the best and it gets the kids so excited for football games in the fall.

Dr. Deborah Bergeron Posted over a year ago

I am honored to say I was Mr. LeGrand’s principal for almost four years. In that time I watched him stoke the fires of aspiring artists and find the spark in kiddos who didn’t even know they had an interest and turn that spark into a blaze. Mr. Legrand beautifully blends his musical skills and high standards with a passion to share his gift and a sincere desire to influence children. The result? A music program that wins awards, is invited to perform at major events (like Washington Wizards basketball games) and is the glue that binds the MPHS student community. MPHS is an extremely diverse school where the needs for students vary in virtually all ways a student body might be defined. However, when the MPHS drum line shows up, students become one, cheering and dancing - unifying around something so powerful, it is easy to forget differences exist at all. Mr. Legrand hasn’t just built a music program. He’s created a school fabric of which EVERY student can feel a part. Something that’s not always easy to find in a high school.