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Laura Hudson

Position: Music Teacher/School Nurse
School: Resurrection Catholic Elementary
School District: Diocese of Biloxi
City, State: Pascagoula, MS

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Music that Describes Laura

Laura Hudson was nominated by her colleague of 11 years, Anna Stewart.

"When I first started teaching, Laura was the other 6th grade teacher. She lovingly took me 'under her wing' and helped me through my first year at a new school," said Stewart. "Laura exhibits a fair and nurturing character that is contagious. Her peers and students all benefit from her compassion and helpfulness every day."

Ms. Hudson's positivity in her everyday actions is probably the most admirable quality she has. Her children are grown, and she has a disabled husband. She nurses at a hospice care center on the weekends and Mondays, and she teaches the rest of the week. She also provides home assistance to an elderly friend of hers.

Ms. Hudson leads her school in many ways. This year, she has acquired grant money to build up the music department's costumes and also headed a fund raising event to purchase more playground equipment for our campus. She represents her school at the district level as a religion teacher, as well as the IT person for the electronic gradebook program. She also provides the music at the school's parish church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, for the 8:00 AM Sunday service and at all Friday school masses. Additionally, Ms. Hudson the pianist for her home parish at St.Thomas Catholic Church in Moss Point, Mississippi.  

Ms. Hudson greets all of her students and coworkers with a smile and a loving heart.  She shows her nurturing and caring personality in all that she does. Her selflessness is probably the most defining attribute of her personality.

"It is my honor to call her my friend and to work beside her daily.  I thrive to be more like Laura. I'm sure her friends and fellw workers feel the same way," said Stewart.

Comments (59)

Michelle Dixon Posted over a year ago

We love Ms. Hudson! Whether we are at a school function or Mass she is always there. I have often wondered where on earth she gets all her energy but I know it is because she serves the Lord from her heart. We are all the better for it, especially the students. Thank you so much for recognizing her!

Fran Bacak Posted over a year ago

I have known Laura Hudson many yeard. Laura is always doing things for the children at RCS. She always thrre to head op all the plays anything that has to do with music. Laura is always on the schools web site page reminding the patients of what is coming up with the students. The kids love her. She works well with the students ,parents and faculty. She is a real asset to RCS.

Maria Walden Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Laura for over 20 years in several different capacities and I can say confidently that she is a dedicated life changer. I first met Laura when our children started school. She was a very involved parent and volunteer at the school the children attended. She soon became an assistant teacher and became a fixture in our lives. When she became a licensed teacher, she taught all of my children. She was excellent! She worked hard to help everyone succeed and went above and beyond at every turn. When my daughter had moved on and was struggling in math, Laura tutored her (and several others ) to help them succeed. As a matter of fact, I vividly remember receiving a call from her on a Sunday afternoon while she was coming home from her father’s funeral. She was worried because the kids had a nine weeks exam and she had been unavailable to help them prepare. She had me call them all and she met them at school that afternoon. I knew them that she was an angel. Laura is the pianist at our church and works tirelessly in that capacity to provide beautiful music at weekend masses and funerals. This is a huge commitment and is greatly appreciated. Most recently I have seen firsthand Laura’s work as a hospice nurse. While I have referred people to her over the years, I never knew just how wonderful she was until she took care of my brother-in-law a few months ago. I don’t know what our family would have done without her. She knew exactly what to say to prepare us. She accepted our phone calls and questions 24 hours a day and came immediately when she was needed. She was caring and compassionate and made losing a 48 year old dad as easy as she could. It was such a comfort knowing that he was in her care. Laura lives her faith with her every action. She has many personal struggles as so many have mentioned on this page. She gets up every day with a smile and lives the life God gave her. She is a model Christian and is truly a deserving recipient of a life changer award.

Katie Hinkel Posted over a year ago

RCS is blessed to have such a wonderful music and religion teacher. She organizes all of the fabulous programs and productions put on by all of the students and does so with such grace.

Kim Keenum Posted over a year ago

Ms Hudson is kind, loving and a great leader. She teaches music and the children love her. She is an inspiration to everyone. She always meets you with a smile and is there to lend a helping hand. This award is well deserved!

Donna Dart Posted over a year ago

No one person should be able to hold all the titles that Laura Husdson does. I work with Laura and we attend the same church, too. I don’t know how she is able to hold so many positions and still be so encouraging and cheerful to everyone she encounters. She touches the heart of everyone who meets her.We would have to have several teachers to replace her if she ever left us at RCS.

Mary Ellen Askew Posted over a year ago

Laura goes above and beyond for our school in so many ways, from raising money for a new playground to playing music for every mass. She encourages so many to do the right thing and leads by example.

Renee Criddle Posted over a year ago

Laura Hudson taught all 4 of my children. Each child has their own personality and gift. Laura not only recognized this but nurtured each of them beautifully. Although vastly different, each of them now refer to her as a favorite teacher. She is patient and willing to take time to make connections with even the most difficult personalities. She is a gift to our school community. I also had to pleasure to work with Laura in a professional capacity. While filling in as an administrator briefly, she was always willing to help and kept a positive spirit through all. She is a life changer!

Tracy Roth Posted over a year ago

I am experiencing Laura as a teacher for the 6 th time and continue to be blessed to have her in the lives of my children. She has served many roles during her time at RCS and through them all she has kept the best interests of the kids in her class at the forefront. Very thankful to have her in our lives.

Ellen Matthews Freeman Posted over a year ago

She taught both my boys and was a tremendous asset to me with my son and his ADD issue. Thank you fir all you have done. ??????

Di Faccini Posted over a year ago

I have known Laura for many years. She is selfless, giving, caring, compassionate. She works tirelessly as a nurse, teacher, and musician. She is a good mother, friend, wife, and caregiver. She cares deeply for her students and patients. I am honored to call her friend. She sets the bar high.

Hudson Hans Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hudson was my 6th grade teacher. She is very kind and patient. She makes school and learning fun. One of my favorite memories of 6th grade is when she would play kick ball with us. She works very hard and makes RCS a better place!

Peggy Breazeale Posted over a year ago

Laura Hudson is absolutely the person most qualified to receive this honor. I don't know anyone that I've ever taught with that works as hard daily as Laura. She burns the candle at both ends 24/7!!! I don't know how she does it, but she is never too busy to stop what she's doing and assist a fellow teacher, a student, parent or friend. EVERYONE is always assisted with a sweer smile, comforting words, and a loving heart.

Cecilia Criddle Posted over a year ago

Ms. Laura taught my brother years ago, and remains a family friend today. She is smart, compassionate, and one of the most hard working people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Her daughter is a dear friend, and the love they share is evident and inspiring. Ms. Laura has been a much loved cornerstone of our school community for decades, and has impacted the lives of dozens, if not hundreds of students, through her dedication to her classroom and her care for the kids.

Travis Harkins Posted over a year ago

I had the honor of accompanying Laura Hudson to Washington DC with a handful of sixth graders. I was amazed that Mrs. Hudson was able to bring once and a lifetime learning to the different types of personalities. She was also able to reach me with a part of history that I was unaware of, which really impressed me. My son and I was able to create life long memories which may not have been possible without Mrs. Hudson and her teaching.

Hollea Hans Posted over a year ago

Having taught with Laura for the last six years, I can honestly say that she possess all of the qualities of a life-changing teacher. Laura is very patient, even with the most challenging students. She has a calming presence that gives children a feeling of safety, whether it is intellectual, physical, or emotional. Laura has a passion for teaching. This is not only demonstrated in her classroom on a daily basis, but in many other ways. Each Summer she takes a group of students to Washington DC to introduce them to our nations capital. Laura has an abundance of energy that she shares with others. She is a music teacher, our school nurse, church pianist, and a hospice nurse who helps those nearing the end of their lives. When my grandfather was ill, she became his nurse. I watched as she cared for him with extreme dignity and compassion. The love and care she gave to him brought a sense of peace to my family. Laura is able to do this physically and emotionally demanding job and then come to RCS and teach her students with passion. God has blessed Laura with many gifts. She uses each of these gifts to make our school and our world a better place. I am thankful to have her as a friend and coworker. I am even more grateful to call her my aunt. In closing, this humble, compassionate, loving, and selfless individual is most deserving of this award. She changes lives. I know, because she has changed mine.

Margaret Rudloff Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Laura for 29 years. At that time, she was head nurse in the pediatric oncology unit at Children’s Hospital. Her compassion and caring spirit were so evident as she spoke of her experiences with those children and you knew she was a blessing to them and their families. Yet, she seemed to have an, as yet, unfulfilled dream. She often spoke of wanting to be a teacher. I remember her saying that, in childhood, she’d line her dolls up and play school with them. She always thought maybe that was her calling. When I found out she’d started to teach, I was not surprised. Her boundless love and willingness to totally be present for her students are evident in the posts I see her make on FB. I also got to experience those firsthand when I went along with her on a school trip to Washington, DC this past summer. Laura is committed to and puts 100% of herself into everything she does. Her love of music has also always been part of our relationship. I met her in my church choir and she and I both took piano and voice lessons at that time. I can’t imagine you’ll find a better candidate for life changer of the year (#LCOY). She is truly deserving of all accolades.

Janice Carney Posted over a year ago

Laura has taught both my grandchildren and is considered the best. She always had the children's best interest at heart. She is fair, kind, and willing to help in any way. She goes above and beyond to make sure her students get the best education academically, spiritually, and musically. She is respected by all who know her. She also plays piano for our choir at St. Joseph's Church. Laura is very dedicated to the choir and church. She is one of the most giving people I know, and I should know because she is my sister-in-law, and a very loved and valued member of our family.

Sarah Stanislawski Posted over a year ago

I don’t work at Laura’s school, but my school in Wisconsin has traveled with her school on multiple trips to Washington D.C. I always request to travel with Laura because she is so easy to work with. She always has a great group of students to travel with, and I can tell that they all appreciate what she does for them.

Kathy Murray Posted over a year ago

Laura Rose Hudson is the epitome of excellence in teaching. Her care, concern and love for children is evident in all she gives everyday to the lives which have been entrusted to her. Mrs. Hudson shares her boundless energy to all the programs and activities she sponsors. Her diverse gifts and talents are freely given to students, staff and parents both in school, church and community. We are all so blessed to have Laura Rose Hudson in our school and our lives. Thank you, Mrs. Hudon for all you give.

Linda wiggins Posted over a year ago

I worked with Laura for many years and she is one of the most selfless and dedicated teachers I have ever known!

Cyndi Kouba Posted over a year ago

Laura has been an inspiration to me since I met her on a church retreat team. She always greeted me with a smile and a hug. She was amazing as our music leader and is an inspiration to me for all she does at him, at work and in the community.

Ginger Vervaeke Posted over a year ago

I worked with Laura for 12 years at Resurrection. The longer I worked with her, the more I admired her. I came to know her work ethic, her dry wit, her love for children, and her excellence as a teacher. I took two trips to Washington DC with her. Every year she arranges a trip there for her 6th grade students. It takes a dedicated teacher to be responsible for kids 11-12 years old for 5 days in DC! I’m proud to call Laura my friend.

Tracy Jackson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hudson has such a kind heart is always so wonderful to the children at our school. She has worked so hard to bring improvements to RCS. She definitely has my vote!

Susan Landry Posted over a year ago

Laura Hudson is truly a candidate deserving of the LCOY award. She is a generous, compassionate, talented, and humble individual who has enriched the lives of so many in our school community and far beyond. It has been a privilege to have had her as my child's teacher several years ago and as a colleague since that time. I applaud her nomination!

Ashleigh Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hudson is always willing to help out a child in need! She tirelessly tutors English-language learners and gives so much to her students and community!

Christen Goff Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hudson taught my oldest daughter. She is such a beautiful person that truly cares about the kids (and the parents). I have been blessed to have her others a part of my life and know that other feel the same way!

Lass Hartman Posted over a year ago

I have known Laura for more years than I want to acknowledge. When I think of Laura it brings a smile to my face. She is a wonderful person inside and out and always willing to lend a hand, shoulder or an ear. I can think of no one more deserving of this.

Robin Wilkerson Posted over a year ago

I've known Laura since she was in nursing school--a very long time--over 20 years. Laura has always been a caring, loving person who puts others' needs above her own. She always does an excellent job at anything and everything. Her elementary school students and colleagues as well as the patients she works with in hospice are blessed to be in her care.

Anna Posted over a year ago

I love working with Laura ?? please support her and our school

Phyllis Denmark Posted over a year ago

laura is a wonderfully gifted pianist. She plays at our church as well as her teaching duties at RCS. She has taught my children (God help her ) when they were in elementary school. Her dedication to our children is unbelievable She does whatever it takes to help her co workers and friends. She is the sweetest soul. Our community and our school are blessed to have Laura use her talents daily in the service of others. She also keeps the Volleyball score book. Over the years she has probably done every job on our two campuses. She is the heart of our small school. #gamechanger #rcseagles #lifecyangeroftheyear

Kim Estabrook Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hudson was such a great teacher to my children. She goes above and beyond to give them all the tools to succeed! She is truly a special person who loves our children and our special school!

Mary Beth Zender Posted over a year ago

Laura is a blessing to our community and especially to the children of Resurrection Catholic School. She not only is an exceptional teacher to the students but she is a spiritual inspiration to them as well.

Bragg Moore Posted over a year ago

Laura is such a wonderful teacher and friend to the entire Resurrection School Community. Her willingness to go the extra mile and to encourage others to do the same has been so consistent during her many years at the school. Her christian example permeates her classroom and infuses itself in the children she serves. What a blessing to me personally and to the school's staff, faculty, parents,and children.

Claire Brady Posted over a year ago

Laura is kind, smart, loving, compassionate about teaching her students and caring for her patients. A great role model for anyone! So very deserving of this award!!

Mary Jo Garrett Posted over a year ago

Laura is special friend and former neighbor. During a number of illnesses I have had and the loss of my husband to cancer she always took the time to check on me, bring food, cry with me and give big hugs. She is so compassionate and loving. I miss you Laura now that i have moved away. She truly is deserving of this honor!! ??

Amber Rigby Posted over a year ago

Ms. Hudson has always been an inspiration to me in the way that she loves and cares for others. She is a light in our community and so deserving of this award!!

Purita Redmond Posted over a year ago

My family has known Ms Laura Hudson for the last 10 years thur her work with Resurrection Catholic School. She has helped my daughter even before she was her student. My daughter was going thur medical issues and Laura was her go to person at school at a young age. She treated her as if she was her very own as she does with all students still today. We have been blessed to know her and to have her contined knowledge and love of life. God Bless her and all that get to enjoy her love.

Anne Boster Posted over a year ago

Laura is a special kind of person. Her heart is for taking care of her students, much as she took care of pediatric cancer patients when I first met her. Her choices of profession...nurse and teacher....speak to her servant’s heart. I cannot imagine anyone more deserving of this honor.

Lori Perek Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Laura forc8 years. The description provided describes her perfectly. She is very deserving of this award,because she’s definitely a life changer to everyone she meets

Jennifer Hatfield Posted over a year ago

I don’t even know where to start! Laura is brilliant and loving. She treats everyone with fairness. She is a game changer in all the possible ways. From a broken arm to a broken song, Laura will give it her best...I love Ms Hudson. I feel we do have a bond, that goes back a few years. She is a beautiful asset to our school, church, and community. ??

Melinda A. Germany Posted over a year ago

I have known Laura for several years, as we work together as hospice nurses. She is a wonderful, dedicated teacher, but is also an amazing hospice nurse. She works tirelessly for all of her patients, and we can all see what a wonderful difference she makes in the lives of our patients and families. She is one of the most compassionate, talented nurses that you will ever meet, and always goes above and beyond to make a difference. We are blessed to know her, and have her working with us.

Tonya davis Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Hudson was my sons 6th grade teacher, but our paths crossed when my son was in the 5th grade. I received a call one day from her stating she was the schools nurse and my son was complaining of being dizzy and he had a very high heart rate. She felt he needed to go to the ER and since I lived more 20 minutes away she took him herself in her car with my permission. She got him checked in gave the doctors an assessment and comforted him until I got there. He and I was terrifed, it was determined he had a heart defect most likely since birth that had went undiagnosed all those years. We were reffered to a cardiologist and was sent to a specialist for a procedure to correct the problem. She could have easily chalked it up to a complaining kid trying to get out of school but , she later told me she suspected it was a more serious issue.She went over and above that day for my son ( a student) so we were happy when in 6th grade she was his teacher. Mrs Hudson will always hold a special place in our hearts and family. She loves her job, her students and her School. She is so very deserving of this award! #Lcoy#

Kristi Cook Posted over a year ago

Laura Hudson taught my son in 6th grade and is currently my daughter’s music teacher. But she is so much more than that. My son is now a junior in high school. I recently found a letter she wrote him while he was in her 6th grade class. It was just one of the many examples of her making sure her students felt loved, noticed, encouraged and appreciated. I’m also a fellow co-worker at the school with Laura. But again, she is so much more than that. A true friend. An encourager. One of the hardest working people I know. And loves the Lord.

Lens Sanders Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms Hudson for almost three years now, and I am very impressed with her caring nature and the dedication she has for her school. As a grandparent of a second grader at RCS, I am very grateful to have this loving and caring person working with my grandchild.

Blakeny Posted over a year ago

She’s an asset to our school!

Mary Gallahue Posted over a year ago

Laura continues to enrich the students of RCS in the area of fine arts. Many years ago I too was a 6th grade teacher and enjoyed bringing theater and musical productions to the school These are the kinds of experiences children remember for the rest of their lives. Kudos to you Laura for directing you energy, enthsiasm and talent in this area.

Johann Qua Hiansen Posted over a year ago

I had the honor and privilege of working with Ms. Hudson during my first two years in my teaching career. From helping to arrange the holiday musical programme to a sympathetic ear for a first year teacher to treating playground boos boos and to getting her students excited about what they were learning amidst countless other ways, Ms. Hudson is a living inspiration. Her boundless love and devotion to the community around her helps everyone around her in becoming better people.

Tammy Baker Posted over a year ago

Laura Hudson is definitely a life changer at our school. Her compassion for students is inspiring. If she sees a student having difficulties with behavior or a big change in behavior of a student she works with that student in order to solve the problem. I have seen her change the path for the food that students with problems are headed down. She is a life changer.

Maribel Posted over a year ago

A deserving candidate, she gets my vote!

Sarah Perkins Posted over a year ago

I am a coworker of Laura’s and she is very deserving of this life changer of the year award! She is very passionate about her students and always goes the extra mile. It is a privilege to know her as well as to work with her. #LCOY

Elizabeth Benefield Posted over a year ago

I was Laura’s principal for 17 years at RCS. I had the privilege of working with her and watching her freely share her time, talents, skills, creativity and love. She served as a classroom teacher, a music teacher and the school nurse throughout those years. She was a lead teacher on campus which meant she handled the day to day issues in my absence. She was patient in handling difficult parents and challenging students. She always put the needs of her students first. She was loyal and committed to our school family and never failed to give her best effort. She helped children grow to become their best selves and prepared them for future challenges. She supported her colleagues and helped them to make a difference for our school each year. She encouraged everyone to be and do their personal best. She made my administrative role seem very easy because she was so open to trying new things and providing support that helped to ensure our success. Laura Rose Hudson is the epitome of what a life changer is. Her selfless devotion to our school family is rooted in her love,compassion and drive to build a better world one person at a time. Her example inspired me to work hard and strive to help RCS be the best.

Pam Loper Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hudson is a wonderful role model for her students and adult peers. She is a blessing to our Sacred Heart parish and my children have always said that she was one of their favorite teachers. She has such a kind and loving personality and has touched so many lives. Her selfless love and service to our school and church should be a recognized.

SHANNON VAN DUIJVENDIJK Posted over a year ago

Ms. Hudson is a wonderful woman and an outstanding music teacher. She puts so much into everything she does. Since she started as our school music teacher 4 years ago I have seen a marked change in the Christmas programs and other music programs at our school. She doesn't go for just the status quo...she goes above and beyond! She should definitely receive the Lifechanger of the year award!

Julie Jackson Posted over a year ago

Laura is one of the most selfless people I know. She is always striving to improve our school. From working tireless hours on the children’s programs to applying for scholarships that will benefit the school,she never ceases to amaze. She deserves this and so much more!

Raquel Williams Posted over a year ago

Ms. Hudson is a great teacher. My daughter started school at RCS in 6th grade. Ms. Hudson made her feel welcome. She enriches the lives of all the students giving each the opportunity to perform leadership roles during mass or during plays. She eased my worries regarding my daughter fitting in at a new school. She performs her duties with compassion

Kellea Newton Posted over a year ago

Laura Hudson not only cares and takes care of her students as if they were her own, she cares for her coworkers. She is always there to give medical advice or to listen as a friend and colleague. She has given so much of herself by teaching our students and also by teaching and living her colleagues. I have worked with her for 14 years and continue to learn from her everyday. I am so thankful for this wonderful mother, friend, teacher, nurse, musician, actress, writer, and Christian!!

Erin Willcutt Posted over a year ago

Ms Hudson gives of her spare time to always direct and assist with the children’s programs. She is loving to our children and is always looking for ways to improve on our great school. We appreciate her dedication and heart for our children.

Amy ST PE Posted over a year ago

Mrs Hudson is an amazing teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students. She has made such a huge impact on my three daughters. RCS IS LUCK TO HAVE HER. #LCOY