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Scott Swanson

Position: Social Studies Teacher
School: Hobart Middle School
School District: School City of Hobart
City, State: Hobart, IN

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Scott Swanson has been nominated by 11 of his students because he is an energetic, motivational, awesome teacher! His students have said that he always helps kids, is very kind, and has a positive attitude all the time. He is trustworthy, smart and funny. He is super helpful to those in need in and out of the classroom! Mr. Swanson doesn't judge his students, and he makes time for every single kid. He makes learning fun!


Comments (40)

Lorrie Creech Posted 10 months ago

What a amazing teacher, role model, mentor and man he has become! He has my vote too.

Sarah D. Posted 10 months ago

It is so refreshing to read so many loving comments about this man. I’m a member of the community and it makes my heart glad that this teacher is making a difference in children’s lives. We desperately need it.

Greg Gill Posted 10 months ago

Eight years ago I had Mr. Swanson, and the fact I see him nominated for an award like this shows his continued dedication to his work. This speaks volumes not only toward his character, but his ability and passion for teaching. One of the most bittersweet opportunities was being able to see him the night I graduated high school in 2016 and still hear that he was excited about my future even after the years passed. I am proud to post a comment for Mr. Swanson and can not think of another teacher I have had through the years that would be more deserving of such an award.

Jodi Daw Posted 10 months ago

I can’t think of a more deserving teacher fir this award. My daughter is in high school now and still talks about her time in Mr. Swanson’s class. I can only hope that my other daughter has the opportunity to learn from him as well!

Brooke Perryman Posted 10 months ago

Mr. Swanson was a great teachers have. He incorporates many fun activities and gives us party’s throughout the school year. He made social studies fun to learn.

Leila Castro Posted 10 months ago

I had Mr. Swanson as a teacher and he was such a big influence on me. His ways or teaching are unique in the best ways. He gives special care to each and every one of his students and is even smiling and starting conversations with students that aren't in his class. He made 8th grade easier for me and everyday I eagerly waited for his class. It was do hard making the transition from his class to high school. He has changed the lives of so many students and that is the best thing you can find in a teacher.

KENDELL BUCKLEY Posted over a year ago

Mr. Swanson was my teacher in Middle School! He was such a kindhearted, funny, and talented teacher. He was extremely knowledgeable in his content area and used his talents and passion for music to make learning SO much fun! He was the type of teacher that was so excited about learning and that positive energy transferred to us. He is so deserving of the life changer award, as he continues to make such a huge impact on his students each and every day.

Karen Robbins Posted over a year ago

Scott is an outstanding teacher. He always has a smile. The students love him. He has been before the school board for his many awards and student presentations.

Peggy Buffington Posted over a year ago

Scott Swanson is one of the most amazing individuals one would ever be so fortunate to meet. He brings out the best in everyone. Students flock to his room. While learning is his objective, the social emotional needs of children are paramount to him, He leads Natural Helpers and fosters trust and support with our youth. His clever style of hip hop and beatbox is entertaining, yet message driven. How fortunate we are in a world filled with opportunity that we have Scott Swanson leading students to be the generation that navigates the fast-paced technological changes to help make the world and its citizens better.

Sarah Quinones Posted over a year ago

Scott Swanson is SO deserving of this award. I have known Scott for many years. When I first met him, he was a college student. I have watched as he became a teacher, husband and father. Throughout all these years, Scott has remained constant in his character and integrity. He has a tremendous love for his family, friends and students. He is always looking for ways to connect with those around him. My children have not had the privilege of having him as a public school teacher as we live in another district, but they have had him as a Sunday School teacher. Scott and his wife have been amazing mentors to the youth in their class. They work hard to connect with each student on their level. They not only focus on their strengths but challenge them to face their fears, step out of their comfort zones and become leaders in areas they never thought they could. He is the best kind of mentor! Outside of teaching, Scott and his family have become great friends. This past year was kind of a rough one for our family and the Swanson family went above and beyond looking for ways to help and encourage my family and I. There is no way I could ever adequately express my gratitude for their support. In whatever role he is in, husband, father, teacher, or friend, he gives 100%. He is definitely a Life Changer and we are proud to call him our friend!

Angelina Bisone Posted over a year ago

By far one the best teachers Ive ever had. Besides the fact that he’s an amazing teacher, he is such a genuine person. He has a wonderful sweet soul and will always make you smile whenever you’re having a bad day.

diana hallman Posted over a year ago

your very kind to your students and your energy is enthusiastic. you always make students feel welcome and you even give them kind notes sometimes and that super sweet of you. I think your worthy of this award because you put effort into your teachings and make a big impact on many of your students and co-workers This could change someones day from a terrible day to a day were they are happy all because you decide to write them a kind note or letter and it means a lot to them . I remember when you gave me a thank you letter for the Christmas card and it made my day just to be recognized for it. You really and truly deserve this, Mr.swanson and I hope you win.

Anca Nalta-Cisma Posted over a year ago

I was given the privilege of having Mr. Swanson for two years in my middle school career. Three years later as a junior in high school, he is still the most influential teacher and mentor I have ever encountered in my life. He has guided me and shown care for me that I have not been able to obtain from any other adult figure in my life. Seeing him nominated for this award warms my heart simply because it shows that he has been able to touch other students hearts as deeply as he has touched mine. I believe this award is one of many that Mr. Swanson deserves. Life-changer is the perfect word to describe Mr. Swanson, as I know he has changed mine.

Branson jones Posted over a year ago

for always being a good teacher and trying to make people day better and I thank you for it. you can make someone's whole life change by saying the nice things you say and caring for others

Michael Tibbs Posted over a year ago

Mr. Swanson doesn't always have his students always in their seat, plays music to help kids that listen to music to focus, he is a really awesome teacher and deserves his nomination

Kimbra Click Posted over a year ago

Mr Swanson is an amazing teacher. The enthusiasm, energy and compassion he puts into his teaching is unsurpassed. Our children absolutely adore him and are better students by sharing his teaching experiences. He brings out characteristics and strengths that children never knew they had. We are so fortunate to have such a profound individual guiding our children here at the SCOH!

Aalyssa Cotto Posted over a year ago

Mr.Swanson is so awesome

AJ Giovenco Posted over a year ago

You are a very nice and loving teacher I believe that you do indeed deserve this reward. You try your hardest as much as possible but at the same time, you are very funny and fun. You have inspired me to do things that I never thought I could do and overall you are an amazing teacher so I do believe that you deserve this reward.

Jim Rappold Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Scott for over 10 years and I have personally seen the countless lives he has impacted. Whether it is in the classroom, on the practice field, or outside of school, Scott has had a positive influence on so many lives. His love for students is never ending. The School City of Hobart is blessed to have him a a teacher.

Jennifer Dickerson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Swanson actually changed my Son’s life- we were in an awful spot and he came through and lifted my boy up. No Man deserves this more- really. This teacher is priceless.

Meridith Searfoss Posted over a year ago

Scott Swanson has been a friend to our family for just over 2 years. That may not seem like a lot of time to some, but I would suggest that is a classic quantity versus quality argument. In just that short of amount of time, Scott (& his wife Kristen, they’re an amazing team) have made such a huge impact on our family. While I’ve only had the chance to see glimpses of his professional life (checkout his YouTube channel or Instagram profile), I can attest that he values young people. While attending church together, Scott took an interest in my oldest son. They both share a love of drums and The Office. My son was at a crucial point in his adolescence and Scott’s positivity and authentic connection helped my son rediscover his faith and stay on a positive path. He made time to connect with my middle son. Scott allowed him to form a friendship with his son and consistently gave positive reinforcement to him. My son looks forward to time spent with the Swanson family and has flourished because of their investment in him through a positive, loving relationship. While we are indebted because of their impact in our sons’ lives, my husband and I owe a huge debt of gratitude for the friendship we enjoy with Scott and his wife. We have been incredibly blessed because they just love us for who we are. Scott loves people, especially young people, and is a gift to those who know him. It is apparent that he is working in his gifting and calling. “Life changer” is a most befitting description for Scott Swanson.

Darrin Davis Posted over a year ago

I've worked with Scott for many years, and I cannot think of a more deserving person to be honored in this way. He cares. He cares about his students. He cares about our school. He cares about making our world a better place. He doesn't just talk about it, he does something every day. He is deeply involved in the Natural Helpers program. He mentors students in class, developing a culture of support. He supports students and people in everything he does, as a teacher, coach, parent, spouse, and friend. He is always uplifting and thoughtful, and works for a better world for everyone. It's a privilege, for us at Hobart Middle School to know him, work with him. Well done Scott! Congratulations!

Melissa Leon Posted over a year ago

Scott Swanson is a true mentor to all. I have known Scott for 18 plus years, he is my son in law, the father of my grandsons and the husband of my daughter. I honestly cannot praise him enough, the pure joy and passion he has for all beings is amazing. I know that what I am about to say most teachers can relate to. In this day of age how does an educator get the attention of a child with all the things pulling them anyway from learning? Phones, computer, social media, video games, numerous hours streaming movies, etc, Scott has not only figured a way to engage, he has developed a trust, which has turned into a long lasting bond. Through this bond the student blossoms with a confidence and a positive attitude to learn and emulate the mentor. This pivotal timeframe especially in the age level Scott is teaching 13-15 year olds can sometimes be the last chance to be impactful, but some how he has found the magic formula to guide these individuals to change their lives and progress to a better path of educational growth and eagerness to succeed. Think about yourself as a positive influence to people, I can speak in terms of myself, how many lives have I touch and changed, probably 2 handfuls. Scott has taken on this role of life changer and helped make a difference in the hundreds of lives for the better. That is an outstanding achievement and such a wonderful positive tally of success in young lives. I am especially proud of Scott, he truly is dedicated to his students, friends, coworkers, wife, children, parents and church. He not only applies this to the youth, he injects this out in the world towards positive incouragement to all. I am grateful for Scott and all that he is doing for mankind and making a difference.

Christine Marroulis Posted over a year ago

I met Mr. Swanson through the natural helpers program, I am one of the students parents. His dedication, humor and positive energy is absolutely contagious! Even though he isn't my child's teacher, he has still impacted my child's life in such a positive and memorable way. His passion for education and enrichment of our youth is truly a blessing to the community...

Jerilyn Posted over a year ago

I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I look forward to you teaching my little brickies in the future. My brother and his girlfriend both had you as a teacher in middle school, and said they totally see why you were nominated that you were one of the best teachers they ever had. Keep being an awesome teacher!

Hunter Smith Posted over a year ago

I cannot even begin to describe the impact Mr. Swanson has had on my life. From the first day I met him he helped turn me into a better student, leader, and person. Mr. Swanson goes out of his way to help any and everyone whether you are his student or not, he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His impact in the school systems is second to none and I believe he is very deserving of this recognition and award. I am very lucky to have the relationship I do with Mr. Swanson!

Eric Stoelb Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr. Swanson! He is very deserving of this nomination. He works hard everyday to make sure that all of his students are taken care of both academically and emotionally. He genuinely cares for each and every one of his students, past and present. He takes time out of his day for any student or teacher who needs help. Beyond that, he creates lessons that keep kids engaged in the material. Outside of the classroom he helps run the school's Natural Helper program, where he teaches students how handle the pressures of leadership. Through this program he has helped students thrive and become leaders of the future.

Chaylee Graham Posted over a year ago

Mr.Swanson is an AMAZING teacher. I loved having him. I know I could always count on him to make me laugh. I could always come to him if I needed help with something. He makes class so enjoyable and loving. And we can’t forget about his songs. As a class we make songs and then record them. It puts a fun twist on class. Anyone is so lucky to have him as a teacher. He’s always there for you even if you don’t have him. He wants every single student to come to school and enjoy it. He puts a positive message into the students daily lives. He deserves this award so much. All his students would love to see him win this. He does so much for us!

Samantha Skomac Posted over a year ago

Mr. Swanson is not only my inspiration for being a teacher myself, but also one of my favorite people ever for many reasons. His classroom is a safe and fun environment. His creativity makes learning fun! (Yes his fire music.) He lights up any room with his positivity and personality. Mr. Swanson is a fantastic teacher and you are lucky if he’s your teacher.

Autumn Turley Posted over a year ago

I can not begin to describe how truly deserving Mr. Swanson is of this award. Yet I also know that his actions are not to be recognized in this way at all, nothing he does is to be noticed by another for being a good person. He truly cares about everyone, wether it’s his student or not. As I saw he was nominated for this award it makes perfect sense, he has not only changed my life, he has saved it. There are 3 things that he has said to me that I keep very close to me, these words have made a huge difference in my life and when I am put in a situation where I no longer can simply rely on myself to give me hope I turn to those words... “strength” “ur voice is so powerful” “heroic” ... without these I could not tell you where I would be. Throughout summer and as I have moved into the high school he still checks in with me often and it is so so incredible to know someone that no longer sees me every day still take time out of there day to email me weekly. He made school worth going to, and he made work worth doing. Sometimes I forget to thank him for all he has done for me, and I could not think of anyone else who deserves this award more than him.

Christa Wein Posted over a year ago

My daughter had Mr. Swanson for 8th grade Social Studies. He was a great teacher for her and encouraged her love of history. That interest had followed her to the high school Social Studies Academic Super Bowl team. My son never had Mr. Swanson as a teacher, but he has been my son’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school cross country and track team coach. Mr. Swanson’s positive encouragement during practices and meets have helped my son believe in himself and his abilities, as well as improve his running times. Mr. Swanson is well-deserving of this nomination.

Anita Gorglione Posted over a year ago

Scott is an exemplary educator and mentor to youth. Kudos!!

Penny Rea Posted over a year ago

There is no greater honor for a teacher to be nominated by their students. This is the second such nomination for Scott Swanson. As his students stated his students needs come first. He is a great educator.

Rich Ostertag Posted over a year ago

Scott Swanson is and amazing teacher, husband, father and friend. He is also an amazing Sunday school teacher at our church. He has a passion and love for young people. He has made an impact with each and every person he comes in contact. Scott’s passion and zeal is evident in his life everyday. I have been blessed to know him for 15 years and count him one of my greatest friends. I know Scott was placed on this Earth to teach young people and make a positive impact in their lives by teaching them and leading them in how to be a wonderful person in the future. Scott truly loves teaching and finding new ways to incorporate new ideas to reach his students in all facets of their lives. The only thing Scott loves more than his students is his wife and sons. He is an excellent example of a man for his two sons and what a man should be to his wife and family. Scott and his wife are raising young men in the imagine of their father. Scott would be an awesome representative for this reward and a champion to show the next generation of teachers how to teach and impact children.

Kristen Swanson Posted over a year ago

Scott is so very deserving of the honor of LifeChanger of the Year. As his wife, I know the depths of love he has for his students and the daily commitment he makes to ensuring all the students of his school have a trusted adult they can look to for help, encouragement, support, and a dose of positivity. First and foremost, he's an excellent Social Studies teacher, finding ways to weave in skills from multiple content areas to ensure he's fostering an environment that yields academic growth in many different areas. Additionally, he places a great deal of emphasis at support the whole child. He has piloted a mentoring class with students labeled "at-risk" due to grades, attendance, and/or behavior. With this core group of students, he's provided a time to check in, provide one-on-one support, set goals, and model decision making strategies to help these 8th grade students take ownership of their situations and know they have one trusted adult invested in their success. He is a 10+ year sponsor for Natural Helpers at his middle school. This program is a student-led help group in which a "Star Staff" of students are selected by their peers. From there, students from 7th and 8th grade are invited to attend a leadership retreat that engages students in lessons taught by the Star Staff that involve communicating, trusting, affirming self and others, sharing, managing time, recognizing limits, and seeking assistance from trusted adults. Through the efforts of Natural Helpers, the adult sponsors have effectively established a culture of trust and taught students to recognize unsafe behavior and suicide markers, and provided resources and contact information if ever there was a concern. At least two occasions that I know of, students have contacted Scott after school hours with suicide related concerns of their peers, and swift action has ensured positive outcomes for the students and families involved. The program is so meaningful to the students, that the former Star Staffs appealed to start a mentoring program at the high school level to provide access to the program after Middle School. Another really great quality about Scott is he way engages and connects with his students. As an adult, I can't help but appreciate, and sometimes laugh at, his lighthearted nature. He created a Youtube Channel ( as a place to curate content applicable to his classes. He writes and records school themed music based on songs the students are currently listening to. (He currently has 12 full-length albums :).) He makes "Episodes" which include video and media to recap on class initiatives, school activities and sports, student and teacher spotlights, and interests and requests of the students. Scott uses student artwork, music, and design in this productions. He has themed days like Map Monday or Wisdom Wednesday. On Friday, he recognizes Student of the Week from each class and provides them with a homemade certificate. Other fun way he gets his students looking forward to being in his class is creating "parties". Slothmania, Ghandi Week, Leap Day Party, and Day After ______ parties have been a huge success. (Day after parties are where you shop the day after Valentine's Day to get discounted items, thus still allowing you to celebrate and show love to those around you while being budget friendly.) All in all, I think Scott realizes the value of investing in Middle Schoolers. He was once an at-risk youth and lives the success story of it only taking one person's influence to help you find your footing. His classroom environment is a place where anyone can find their niche and something to excel in. There's not a student that we see out and about the community that doesn't stop to chat with Scott, regardless if he had them in class or not. He remembers them, encourages them, and leaves them better than when he found them. I couldn't be prouder of the educator and person he is every day.

Rebecca Beal Posted over a year ago

I couldn’t think of an educator that deserves this more. I had the wonderful pleasure of being in Mr. Swanson’s classroom in the 7th grade. I am super thrilled that he was nominated because he is someone I will always have the utmost respect and appreciation for as an educator and human being in general. He has one of the most creative minds and, perhaps most importantly, makes learning fun! As one of his former students, I can honestly say that I have never had a teacher who genuinely cared about my education more. I would like to add that I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University Northwest. Not one of my college professors were as attentive than my 7th grade social students teacher. Thank you for considering him, I hope that my comments add to your decision in a positive way.

Vanessa Ellis Posted over a year ago

Great nominee! Very deserving!

Derek Hart Posted over a year ago

As a former public school educator, I can say with utmost confidence that Scott Swanson is good for kids. The enthusiasm with which he attacks his curriculum is second to none. The relationships that he builds with students will last a lifetime. I’m proud of the teacher he has become and look forward to seeing him receive the recognition he deserves.

Wanda Fielder Posted over a year ago

Scott is a wonderful man. I would sure give my vote for him!

Maureen Swanson Posted over a year ago

Scott nurtures his students in the classroom and in life. He is a wonderful male role model.