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Brooke Burczyk

Position: English/Language Arts Teacher
School: Hobart High School
School District: School City of Hobart
City, State: Hobart, IN

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Brooke Burczyk was nominated by eight students for being kind and showing she cares very much about each of her them. Her students have said that she takes time to explain assignments and doesn't overwhelm them. She is available in and out of the classroom to help and be there to listen.

Comments (33)

Dian Handley Posted 10 months ago

Brooke is inspirational. Brooke takes the time to get to know her students and help them build their own mold, instead of fitting into someone else's mold. Brooke has grace and style. She's giving and thoughtful. Brooke is a dear friend to me, her friends, her colleagues, and her students. She is devoted to helping her students be the best that they can be. Brooke deserves accolades for all of the lives she continues to influence.

Kaylee Posted 10 months ago

Miss B was by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She is a very kind, understanding, and accepting person. She’s there to be your friend, your comedian, your listening ear, and the best English teacher you’ll ever have. If anyone deserves this award it’s her.

Isabel Gonzales Posted 10 months ago

I am one of her former students and I loved having her as my teacher! She is someone that I could go to if I needed absolutely anything! She changed my life and more importantly helped shape my life for outside of high school going into college! I thank her for everything she taught me. I couldn’t have done it without her. She is a life changer!

Tiffany Posted 10 months ago

Junior year I had Ms.Burczyk. We had to write a speech and I was so nervous I was crying in class and instead of forcing me to deliver a speech to the entire class when she knew about how anxious I was about it she let me come in during my lunch and deliver it just to her. She goes out of her way to make student feel comfortable and I will forever be grateful for her.

Alexis Posted 10 months ago

Miss Burczyk was an amazing teacher my senior year of high school. I struggled a lot with writing and she helped me with it during and after school. She genuinely cares for her students and never wants to see them fail. First year in college I was struggling with writing again and Miss Burczyk was willing to help me even though I was no longer her student. Nice Job Burczyk

Karen Robbins Posted over a year ago

A wonderful teacher. Always enjoy her presentations for the school board. The students have the upmost respect for her.

Peggy Buffington Posted over a year ago

Brooke Burczyk is th emost amazing person who is a lifechanger. All of us have educators that have impacted us. Brooke is a magnet to all students, not just for academics but for the social emotional support they crave in a very connect yet isolated world. Learning is anytime for a student who reaches out to Brooke. Supporting students is her passion as she comes back for concerts and sporting events. You see students looking for her as if she were family as they hug her and thank her for the support she gives. Students have such joy from being reached by a person who exemplifies positivity and how to celebrate the opportunities given in life.

Terri Wierzbicki Posted over a year ago

Great Job Brooke, you are amazing! How could you be anything else? You have had terrific role models, all the way back to your elementary school roots, and now you are channeling all the love and support you received into your students. Keep up the good work and changing lives one child at a time. ?? I’ve got great nephews and a niece whom I hope are fortunate enough to have you as a teacher someday

Janet Kankarla Posted over a year ago

My kids love summer camp with Brooke. They have fun in a caring environment thanks to her leadership and overflowing kindness.

Heather Olson Posted over a year ago

I have been lucky enough to know brooke for almost 8 years. We started working together and then became close friends. Her humor and never ending care for kids is so inspiring. Beginning my teacher career, I hope to become half the teacher/person she is.

Madi Posted over a year ago

Miss Burczyk was one of my favorite teachers throughout my years at Hobart High School. Her heart is pure gold. She genuinely cares for her students and doesn’t mind to go the extra mile to help them out if needed. Way to go Burczyk!

Jenni Dempsey Posted over a year ago

Where do I start with Brookie Cookie?! We met Brooke at our son's camp, where she was a camp counselor. We quickly heard about "Brookie Cookie" from our son and quickly asked if she would like to babysit for us. Hard to believe that was only 2.5 years ago because it seems we have known her a lot longer. Our children love her and we love her. We trust her with anything and enjoy her so much. We feel so lucky that she is a part of our lives. From seeing her working constantly on school work at our house, to listening to her tell us about her school days, there is no doubt she is an amazing teacher. I really cannot imagine anyone better deserving of this honor!

Pam Miller Posted over a year ago

Awesome young woman, wonderful teacher, and an outstanding example of what young women should be for her students. Brooke has a sense of adventure and truly enjoys her interaction with her students. What a woman.

Ruth A Lucca Posted over a year ago

I know her parents and her grandparents. She comes from good people. No surprise there. Keep up the Great work!

Mary Fefferman Posted over a year ago

Brooke is not just our babysitter- she is a member of our family! Love you forever xoxo

Diane B Posted over a year ago

I've been able to watch first hand Brooke's pursuit of her childhood passion. She is kind, determined, focused and dedicated. The hours of work necessary both in and out of the classroom exemplifies her dedication to her students and teaching. It has been a joy watching her fulfill her professional dream.

Jerilyn Posted over a year ago

Without having the pleasure of meeting you myself, I look foward to you teaching my little brickies in the future. Teachers like you are awesome! Keep being awesome!

Brittney Brewer Posted over a year ago

Way to go, Brooke!

Michael Goepfert Posted over a year ago

My kids know “Brookie Cookie” from JCY and is one of the reasons my kids consider JCY camp a must do summer activity.

Melissa Posted over a year ago

My son has you for grade 12 English. You have been a great teacher to him as I see his grades go up. He says you are very nice. Thanks for being a motivator for him

Helen Rutkowski Posted over a year ago

I have known Brooke since she was in high school and best friend of my daughter. Brooke has always been enthusiastic, caring and an inspiration to all. It is exciting to see her positively impact the lives of her students; a true life-changer for all students!!!

Erin Novak Posted over a year ago

Brooke Cookie is my kids favorite summer camp counselor. She lives her life full of live and has touched the lives of so many kids and young adults. She is truly deserving of this award.

Jeannie Dworniczek Posted over a year ago

I've known Brooke her whole life. Indeed, she is the most kind and passionate young woman. She loves being a teacher and most of all loves young people. Her smile shows her spirit and how easy it is to know her.

Trevor Wiesemann Posted over a year ago

I worked with Brooke at JCY Camp last summer. I had to leave the camp a week early, as I was volunteering at another child’s camp. One day while I was gone, little did Brooke know, but I was having a really tough day. A child shared a heartbreaking story with me and I felt as if I was failing that child. That night after the child went to sleep, I checked my phone to a video from Brooke. She had sent me a video saying how much she loved and missed having me at camp with her. Little did she know, I was in that cabin just bawling at this sweet video. It was just the thing that I needed. I am so honored to have gotten to know Brooke. She is truly one of the sweetest, and most caring individuals I have ever met!

Jennifer Zollman Posted over a year ago

Brooke is an amazing teacher. She connects with her students in a positive way which helps them thrive.

Gail Balsano Posted over a year ago

Thank you Brooke for caring and teaching our children and future leaders..

Jhaida Posted over a year ago

Miss.Burczyk was my favorite teacher all throughout high school. She always pushed all of her students to be the best they could be and support them even if no one else would. She's very serious about her job but manages to make every day fun and involves everyone. If anyone needs help she'll explain It to you for days until you get It. She'll print your missing assignments and push you to do them until they're all done. She's always been one of my biggest supporters throughout high school and even after high school and I appreciate It. <3

Becky Posted over a year ago

Brooke is one of my very best friends and has been since we were kids. Throughout our lives she has always been a system of support. Wherever I am at in my life (or in the country for that matter) I know Brooke is there to make me laugh, listen to me cry (and probably cry with me) and support me. I also know this is exactly how she treats her students. She establishes relationships with her students that make them feel like they matter to her and they are important. I know this because I listen to her stories about them and can tell how very important each one of them is to her. My life would be significantly less meaningful if she was not in it! She is also one of the only people that laughs at my jokes... Thank you for being you Brooke, and for always being there for me! You go, Ms. B!

Jenna Yarrito Posted over a year ago

Brooke was my favorite teacher in high school! She really pushed me to do my work and many others ?? She’s an amazing teacher and role model for students and really gets involved with not only school work but students personal lives, and making sure everyone is okay. She’s the best ??

Hope Havk Posted over a year ago

Brooke is the epitome of a good, kind and wonderful motivator to all her students. Kindness and empathy for all. Her teaching skills are unsurpassed.

Alexis Brubaker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Burcyzk was my English teacher in sophomore and junior year, and she was a huge supporter for me the entire time, even until I graduated this past year. She knew I had a hard life outside of school, and always tried to work with me through both those issues and my lack of concentration in school. In my senior year she would still let me come visit and sit in her class in study hall, just to talk or have a quiet space to read. She was a fantastic teacher and a wonderful person who really cares about her students. So thank you Mrs. Burczyk for supporting me, and caring even though your job is very difficult and time consuming. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to make your students' lives and my life better.

Inessa Posted over a year ago

Best teacher ever! Helped me through school and personal problems !! Love Mrs.B!!

Mrs. Morgan Posted over a year ago

You were already a "life changer" when you were in my fifth grade class. Brooke, you have become the perfect example of what a teacher should be. Best wishes to you!