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Aeriele Rivers

Position: Counselor
School: Brightwood Elementary School
School District: Guilford County Schools
City, State: Greensboro, NC

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Aeriele Rivers was nominated by her colleague, Brianne Hinz.

Ms. Rivers is an excellent role model for the students at Brightwood Elementary School. She always makes herself available to meet with students who have varying issues going on, either at school or in their home life. She truly cares about each child, no matter how their day is going. Ms. Rivers is currently a coordinator of the Kindergarten-second grade Intervention Support Team. She's also in charge of Student of the Month and the Girls Club group. She is also very patient with new and veteran teachers. Her colleagues truly enjoy working with her!

Comments (14)

Curt Posted over a year ago

I’ve known this game changer for many years and her professional growth is continuing to exceed expectations. Continue to be bold in your viewpoints of student equity and excellence.

Kevin Mayhue Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rivers is so awesome to work with. Ms. Rivers truly shows that she has the best interest of these kids in her heart. She goes above and beyond to make sure that each child has what they need. If she knows it is a lack somewhere she makes sure it's fixed by the end of the day. The last day before Christmas our Social worker was in an accident. When Ms. Rivers found out she visited the social worker in the ER and she finished delivering Christmas present to the kids in need that the social worker was unable too. She is so deserving of this recognition. -Mayhue

Joanna Pendleton Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rivers is always flexible and professional and works for the good of all of our students at Brightwood. We are lucky to have her!

Danielle Sims-Springs Posted over a year ago

Aeriele is an all-around awesome person. I enjoyed working with her in the field of Early Education and was sad to see her go. She is dedicated to children and their success. Her personality is unmatched and her ambition is admirable. Best wishes on this journey!

Don Massenburg Posted over a year ago

What a great candidate for this award!

Althea James Posted over a year ago

Aeriele is committed to make the world a better place- starting with our children.

ANTHONY HARRIS Posted over a year ago

Hope u get this award you deserve it. She does anything for the kids and for any person that need some assistance. Wish you the best.

Justin McDougald Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rivers is one of the most caring educators that I have ever met. She is genuine with her students and shows sincere care for them and their needs. Ms. Rivers goes above and beyond her required job duties to ensure that the best care is being provided to those in need!

Tiffany Tate Posted over a year ago

Wow, such a prestigious award!!!! I'm super proud of you. Keep up the great work with the children, I can tell your work is changing lives:) You deserve this award :)

Adrienne Moore Posted over a year ago

I have seen Ms. Rivers in action first hand. I am always amazed at how she truly listens to children and takes the time engage. Kids feel heard and respected when around Ms. Rivers. That kind of exchange builds confident and emotionally intelligent kids who turn into adults who will later make a large impact on their vey own community. This kind of foundation and leadership is what every child deserves. The community is lucky to have someone like Ms Rivers. She is committed to developing our youth into capable happy people!

Danielle Thomas Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rivers has a sincere love for children and their education. Ms. Rivers takes the time and patience to recognize the needs and concerns that children have.

Car’Rie Little Posted over a year ago

Ms. Rivers is an excellent role model for not only children but her peers. She has been very influential in my parenting and has been very supportive. She has made a tremendous difference being in my life and my son’s life. Another thing I admire about Aeriele is her patience!

JAMIQUE CHESTNUT Posted over a year ago

Ms Rivers is an excellent educator and her love and passion for her students is on display any time you are able to interact with her. I had the pleasure of being a liaison for the bank i work with and Ms Rivers to come and welcome the students back to school. She was very organized and professional and was quite a surprise to see the vast diversity of individuals who were present from firefighters, policemen and even the news. I think that the kids will go one knowing that someone cares about them and their education. I know that I definitely will because myself and my team had a great time and look forward to future opportunities!

Asbrelle Alston Posted over a year ago

Very wonderful person. Positive role model and encouraging person.. She will go beyond for children and lead them to be successful in life.