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Aletha Williams

Position: Chemistry Teacher
School: Milby High School
School District: Houston ISD
City, State: Houston, TX

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Aletha Williams was nominated by an anonymous family member.

Ms. Williams is one of those teachers who is always there for her students. She has been an educator for 13 years, and she keeps in contact with all of her students. She likes to find ways to motivate her students, and she enjoys showing them all that life has to offer them. Ms. Williams listens to what is happening with her students and does all that she can to help them in any situation. She has been a role model for many of her students and has helped them when they were in college with their assignments, money for books or food, a shoulder to cry on, or to cheer them on. She is a teacher who knows everything about her students and seeks many ways to help them in the classroom. Ms. Williams will do what she can for her students. She not only does this for her students but, as the department chair, she is always finding ways to support her team. She wants to ensure things are fair and that her team learns new tools for the students in the classroom. Ms. Williams is also a part of many scientific organizations and in a policy fellowship that uses teachers' voices to support the education bills that are being talked about on the state level. She has testified at the state level in front of senators about the importance of mentors and teacher pay. She is committed to keeping the best teachers in the classroom. Ms. Williams is also finishing up on her Ph.D. focusing on the topic "Do teachers of color support higher achievement for students of color?" She is a teacher who shows her students that if you achieve it, then you can do anything.